✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Roulette Table

How to make a Working Roulette Table Some time ago, I saw Sethbling’s working, but pretty complicated, roulette table.. I then later saw Grian’s roulette table, which was more decorative. I’ve tried taking the best of both worlds and came up with a design! On my channel, I try to keep the builds simple and this one is no exception! :] However, in my opinion this is both functional and really good looking. The hardest part is actually to get the rails to go in the right directions, which they are now. These rails will control the ball in the roulette. The cool thing about this, is that you will only see the top of the helmet through the carpet. The visible part of the roulette table is almost complete, soon I’ll make it work.. Here’s what the table looks like.. Now it’s time to make a lever control the powered rail.. You can place the lever wherever you want. If you want an employee to do the spinning, you could place it on the side instead of at the end. You! Rate and comment. I appreciate and read! You can hear the minecart going around.. Pretty cool looking, huh? :] Soon it will be functional too! Now you can turn it on and off! Obviously, it isn’t random where it stops, so you need to be random when turning it off instead. Red won! These two fields are used to bet. Place the bet on the color you want to bet on. I’ve just bet my shovel on black.. I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to rate the video and comment anything you want, I look in the comments almost every day! Feel free to click subscribe for more like this Thank you to my patrons! You can support me on Patreon or support single videos for free by following the guide in the description

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  1. Hello! I am Japanese.Your work and videos are very unique and wonderful,so I always refer to them.I love Your work and videos! please keep trying your best!

  2. You can make it random by using bats in a small enclosure that’s 1 tall, 2wide and 1 long with one pressure plate on either of the two available blocks.

  3. You could have put one green carpet and then, one black, one red, one black, one red…
    Not 2x red and 2x black…
    Anyways, pretty cool, thanks for this! (That's just my opinion 😁)

  4. 2009:no
    2015:of course not
    2017:still no

  5. Incase anyone is wondering this works in bedrocks 1.12 ik it's simple but redstone changes sometimes in bedrock and likes being weird just made it works great

  6. I like this video, but would there be a way to make this random? Like a dispenser + gold/stone pressure plates that determine how fast the roulette slows down? I'd like to use this design on a prison server but don't feel comfortable with it actually being a skill game, lol.

  7. if u made a wall between the lever and the betting table then u wouldn't know which one the helmet landed on and that would make it a lot fairer.

  8. You can make randomizer system with 2 blocks of space and chicken in the chamber, do when chicken walks on a pressure plate, spin stops

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