【CUPHEAD SONG】GREEDY by OR3O (ft. Swiblet)

Listen to my advice boys If you come upon a casino, don’t deal with the Devi-de-de-vil….. Welcome to my casino lads. Are you down for a deal tonight? Let’s see if the luck is in your hands if you’re ready come on and roll the dice SNAKE EYES! Beg on your knees; you can’t flee Bring those contracts to me! { Bring those contracts to him } Pay with their souls or you’ll pay with your head…. Try to escape me and you’ll end up DEAD…… You can’t complain now ’cause that’s what you get …… That’s what you get, THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING GREEDY SO GREEDY! THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING GREEDY OH, THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING GREEDY! Oh that’s what you get Nowhere to run nowhere to go, hurry up I’ve got a bet to win The time is ticking. You move too slow So pay off the debt to save your skin Fight one on one- run and gun- long as you get it done! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha You went for broke and oh no now you’re croaked Grave situations you can’t sugarcoat If you break my contract then I’ll break your leg That’s what you get, THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING GREEDY SO GREEDY Woah that’s what you get for being GREEDY Yeah SO GREEDY Woah that’s what you get [Background] Greedy greedy greedy greedy OH BABABABADUBUBABADADASKVBDKJNHBASj [Background] Greedy greedy greedy greedy OH BABABABADUBUBABADADASKVBDKJNHBASj That’s what you get! One two three you better not flee Eins, zwei, drei go ahead and cry Beware honey, you better bee And If you die then don’t ask why One two three you better not flee Eins, zwei, drei, go ahead and cry Oh Don’t you forget Cus Thats what you get THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING GREEDY [Background] Greedy greedy greedy greedy SO GREEDY Woah that’s what you get DUHBABABDUHBABABUDUH WOAH THAT’S WHAT YOU GET DOOPDOOPDOOPDOPAKDJNFDKS (idk just some scat singing) WOAH THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY OH SO GREEDY GREEDY OH THAT’S WHAT YOU GET So listen to my advice boys If you come upon a casino
Don’t deal with the devil Why did I create captions for this? It already has captions… The real question is why you have captions on if there are already captions in the video.

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  1. I seriously love Cuphead songs and this one is a FAVORITE!!!!! Love the Devil's view on what's gone on! I've listened to this song over a thousand times (Not. Even. Joking) and it gets better each time!!!!!

    King dice: eh boss? Are you alright? You're singing again

  3. Why do all these game song writers favor Swing? Is it only because it is so catchy and easy to write? It seems like it's on the verge of a fixation.

  4. Devil”your break my contract I’ll break your leg”

    Me”wait that’s all your not gonna kill me”

    Devil”well unnn yeah”

    Me** breaks contract**

    Devil:”ok ummmm TIME TO BREAK YOUR LEG”

  5. 2017
    Nah you dont need to see this
    Subscribed who cares

  6. I Like it! And I Like how Swiblet Did a Good voice as the Devil! and please dont mind if i play this song at my school disco cause it is a cuphead disco at school in the hall and its really big and im the DJ!

  7. Cuphead: * loses bet *
    Cuphead: 0-0

  8. I love how it only shows CupHead fighting because he was the one to agree to the deal and MugMan told CupHead not to. BUT DOSE CUPHEAD LISTEN!? No he doesn't and I really loved the song too!

  9. My friend: drops a 5 cent coin
    Some dickhead: GET DA COIN LADS
    trips and gets hurt

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  11. Do you wanna know
    a fun fact they……… FAILED!!!!!!!
    Cause when it hilda birg it became night time!!!!!
    If you don't think so say on replies

  12. If someone who knows how to make a remix read this please for the love of god make one with this and other friends for steven universe the movie

  13. Listen to this song at lunch..Or anytime you eat really, And Someone asks you what is this song, You say GREEDY, About a million times.

  14. OMG! This is awesome! Talk about being different from everything else! Interesting yet kinda cool to make this from the Devils perspective. Swiblet did an amazing job with the vocals( and OR3O your background vocals are also awesome!). I saw what you guys did with the puns in the lyrics 😏. Keep up the good work!

  15. No….just the thought of people, specifically children, getting blinded by greediness just sickens me. Especially this. It makes me so upset, I feel like crying, they have no idea what they are getting their poor young innocent souls into

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