homework & study (ミュージック)

presents homework and study ミュージック 1 hour playlist of chill study music – lofi hip hop mix Current song : Ibrahim – quiet dreams of crowns and metamorphosis Aso – waiting J L – Summertime latejune – Fall From Love aForeTime – Im Sorry City Girl – soft static sky on early mornings KEEM.THE.CIPHER – Blossom (with Sugi.wa) Silk.y. – keep It (Dream Easy Exclusive) Somar – sunny latejune – roses left behind mommy hilfiger – it rained when i first saw her (ft. meybirb) Kenai – Nobody Know Player Dave – Can’t Remember Ibrahim – sharing an umbrella Elijah who – You don’t even have to try j’san – This feels too good j’san &er the trees latejune – why bother Biosphere – morning fog j’san – soothing sh!t C O C O N O U T – Les Amoureux Artesiia – her biosphere – down by the brook Kendal Miles – Light year love (with Somar) Ibrahim – as the stars tremble mommy hilfiger – spilled milk

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  1. Hello i just start doing the study vlog and wanna use this kind of music to be insert in my next study vlog. May i know in the description box said that "submit the art work in the form"? I don't really understand actually. Does it mean that i should submit my video of study vlog? Thank you and sorry if i'm asking too much.

  2. Hey you! Yes! You! Good luck on whatever your studying for. Even if it homework, you can do this! Study for that test/exam or whatever you need to do! Please remember to take breaks and drink water and take time to care for yourself too!

  3. Its been like a year since this was released and the comments are like 6 hours ago or 10 minutes ago😂

  4. Listening because I really need something to help me focus to pass the board exam that I will take 1 and half months from now. Huuu~ By the way, thank you for making this.

  5. Most comments here are from Pilipino High School students studying for the Periodical Exams HAHAHAHAHA

  6. thanks for this, i really need to study much harder because its our quarterly. if i fail, my grades will be so affected because it covers almost the half of our grades huhu im little bit pressured ☹☹

    edit: shout out to my fellow filo, kaya yan! god is always with us~~♡ :))

  7. i have school in two days and ahahahahhah i need this to help me focus on my summer homework because my dumbass decided to procrastinate on my hw for the whole summer :DDDDD goodluck to everyone else!!!

  8. One day before class and I'm here listening while rushing doing my math homework 😅😅😅 I was just too chill at weekend

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