📺 Hulu HD Streaming SALE ◄ $5.99 While deal lasts!

– Today we cut the cord. – For Streaming Savings. (claps) (bell rings)
(chime music) – Casey, that last gesture, I felt we were really in
sync and connected there. – I felt like I had to ’cause you did it. I never do it as well as you, but I just, I put it out there.
– Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite,
I find huge deals everyday. We keep intern Casey here ’cause her smile just gains subscribers
and blinds the cameras. The last cord-cutting
piece that I profiled, which was not too long
ago, had a lot of people really fired up, I
profiled the Magic Stick. It worked fine, but there
are a few other ways to cut the cord that are
actually on sale right now that I wanna put on your radar. – My house, we spend so
much money on a cable bill, and I know that we can
cut the cost of that, I just don’t know how. – I’m here to help. (laughs) We’re gonna give you a full demonstration on a great way to cut the cord that some of you know about,
some of you aren’t using, which many people don’t actually realize is at a discount right now. – We’re also giving away
a free Fire TV Stick. – If you are a subscriber with
your notifications turned on, this is coming your way
at the end of the video alongside an amazing
subscriber giveaway dance. – Oh gosh. – No, it’s gonna be amazing. – Woo-hoo-hoo, Fire TV Stick! – Thank you, but first, and Casey is gonna give
you a demonstration, I wanna show you Hulu on sale. This is the first time
we’ve actually ever seen a sale from Hulu, and for those of you that
aren’t that familiar with Hulu, this gets you most of
your major television and network shows one day after the fact. So yes, if you don’t mind watching Saturday Night Live on a Sunday, you’re gonna get it all
with limited commercials, HD, beautiful visibility,
one of the best interfaces. You also get access to
all the popular networks: Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS,
Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, MTV, it just keeps going. You can also go commercial
free for $11.99. If you absolutely hate commercials, you can watch all of
your favorite programming completely commercial free,
which is unbelievable. – [Casey] Super great content,
and now you can watch it all, right here on Hulu. – [Matt] I also love that
there are popular movies. For example, let’s see
what we’ve got here. All right, click, play this, oh, oh! Okay, play Mockingjay, people like that. – [Casey] Jennifer Lawrence. (laughs) – [Matt] This started playing right away, no ads, so that’s great,
and as you can see on an average internet connection, the streaming is
absolutely beautiful in HD. – [Casey] Especially for me at college, having the full-screen
feature is super great. – [Matt] That’s nice, I like this. – [Casey] Mm-hmm, yup. – [Matt] Obviously, whatever
content you’re watching on a laptop is something
that you could take to a smartphone or a TV. Beautiful HD streaming, which is great. I mean, look at that,
absolutely phenomenal. The cue feature on here
is similar to Netflix if you wanted to save content. Welcome back to my condo, I know many of you watching right now have seen various segments from in here, but I wanna draw attention to my smart TV. This is where I have my
Hulu app all ready to go and for those of you who are
looking for smart TV deals, if you are subscribed to this video, I promise you’ll get
them before Black Friday. Let’s launch the app using a very average internet
connection right now, we’re talking 12 megabits per second because I figured this would
be a good way to show you how quickly this loads. Let’s go over to this menu here and you can see the
menu’s very responsive. Let’s just pick back up
where we were testing this on MasterChef Junior. I apologize to my parent company as I do not work for Fox, but I just wanna show you
how quickly this loads. We are now loading, and absolutely phenomenal. The interface for Hulu is amazing. This is a great way to cut the cord. On the recent episode here
of Saturday Night Live, it loads, and again, with my average internet
connection speed, phenomenal. Sound quality is perfect, and now my parent company will be happy because their logo was just displayed. There you go! Now obviously, you don’t
need any extra equipment. The same Hulu connection
can work in your bedroom. This is the case for our bedroom TV. I also wanna point out that if you do not have a smart TV like the one I’m using right now, you could simply plug a Fire Stick for under 40 bucks into
the television, Chromecast. Whatever it is you want, your TV is automatically
made smart by you. Obviously, you can enjoy
the same HD quality with virtually any tablet
using the Hulu app. – And at $5.99 a month, this is definitely my favorite way to cut the cord. – You want that limited commercial plan, this is a great way. We’ve profiled Sling TV,
and other more complex apps that allow you to get that
live-streaming on the spot. Casey, do you know what time it is now? – It’s giveaway time, Matt.
– Wasn’t obvious enough from this box that I just keep holding which is going to you as a freebie! Using TubeBuddy’s random selection tool to find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months. Congratulations, Marcia, you rock, and just as you mentioned right here, it’s great you have your notifications on because now you know you’ve won. Just email [email protected]
for your freebie. – Yes! You won!
– Woo! – Woo!
– You won! – You’re on fire! – Ooh, good one. – Thank you very much. If you would like to grab any
of our upcoming future deals, you know how to do that. – Mm-hmm, make sure you’re subscribed and leave your comments. (cardboard box tumbling) – We’re done. (laughs) Thank you so much for watching. – And we’ll see you in the next video. – [Matt] Wanna win an
awesome item I test for free? It’s simple. Subscribe,
(mellow rhythmic music) turn your notifications on on a desktop, it looks like this. Once your notifications are
turned on for your desktop or on a mobile platform
where it looks like this, if you hear me call your name, you get that item
delivered to you for free. For those of you that wanna
buy any of my hot deals, expand the description box
right under the video window. All the links you need are right there.

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