10,000 Subscribers in 10 Months! | YouTube Growth Strategies 2019

Something amazing happened yesterday, my channel went from zero to ten thousand subscribers in ten months now you might
be asking yourself dear you’ll tell us how you did it well stick around I’ll
show ya hit the subscribe button and click the notification bell to be part
of the conversation so listen I know a lot of you were creators out there
wondering how you can get your channels to grow on YouTube and I got to tell you
it’s probably easier than you think but involves a lot of hard work and that’s
something I really want you to embrace because a lot of times I see people want
an easy button just do this and your channel will grow and that’s just not
how it works a lot of creators want YouTube to work the way they think it
works instead of learning how it actually works and then applying
themselves towards that goal here is YouTube in a nutshell YouTube wants you
to bring people to the platform get them watching videos and keep them watching
videos that’s your mission the reason they want you to do that is so that they
can serve them ads along the way and make money that’s the entire process in
a nutshell this is the reason why subscribers as a metric doesn’t really
matter and I know that sounds weird from a guy who’s telling you how to go from
zero to 10,000 subscribers but it’s how you gain those subscribers that means
everything I see creators using sub4sub or doing grow with me strategies that is
just basically you sub to me I’ll sub to you and somehow that’ll make our channel
better YouTube doesn’t care about that they don’t care about your subscribers
they care how long you can make people watch videos I also see a lot of
creators trying to get bigger creators to shout them out as if somehow that
will change their destiny man you know it’s such a weird thing my channel
started based on doing a collaboration with Brian G Johnson which got me one of
the biggest shout outs you could get but that shout-out turned into maybe a
hundred 150 subscribers in the first 36 hours and then that went away I know a
lot of you might be out there thing I’d love to get a hundred or 150 subscribers
in 36 hours but the difference is a video on my channel that performs well
can drive 2,000 subscribers and keep driving subscribers as its out there
doing its thing so if the trade-off is trying to get someone to shut you out
and grab a few subscribers who may not be interested in your content or create
content that will continue to generate subscribers the answer is really pretty
easy here the biggest trick is figuring out what kind of content you should be
making I see a lot of people make videos and post them up and just hope that
somehow they’ll get discovered the real trick here is trying to find your target
audience in what videos they’re already looking for and I know that sounds
really kind of vague and hard to determine but it really isn’t we use
things like keyword research to find the topics that people are searching for and
then we try to position our content in between what they’re looking for and the
answer that they need right so in my case I was using filmora to leverage
that information I would use things like to buddy’s keyword research tool to find
questions that people were already looking for about filmora and then I
would make a video that would answer that question and try to position it to
be found so I know what my target audience wants and I make that video
that answers the question and then I work really hard doing things like
making a better thumbnail or finding a better title so that that video can get
discovered because if I do a great job at answering that question and
leveraging that information to get them to find me I have a much better chance
of growing my channel now when I talk about a target audience I see a lot of
people make the mistake of confusing their target audience with their
community the people who have already subscribed you have to understand that
you’re trying to reach tens of thousands of people not just the people who have
already subscribed to your channel if you’ve reached them that means that your
content has already done its thing and those community members are super
valuable those are the people that you talk to every day you have discussions
with people who are loyal to your channel but one of them might ask a
question that’s just specific to them and asked you to make a video about
something that they want to see but isn’t gonna do well with your overall
target audience so you want to make sure that
differentiate the two I’ll get people who will ask me how to insert a Pokemon
into a video which is something they want to do but I have to figure out if
that’s something that the larger target audience wants to see because I want my
videos to keep bringing in new subscribers and new viewers so I might
take that suggestion and look up other things that my audience is looking for
and see if that can fit into that like inserting images onto a video or
overlaying images onto another track in filmora its twisting it around if I just
made a video about how to put Pokemon into your video I might limit myself
because someone goes I don’t care about Pokemon I don’t want to do that but they
may want to learn about how to overlay images and that’s where you’re looking
to find the things that your entire target audience is already looking for
in order to make those videos another thing is you have to resist making
videos just because you can I’ve seen channels that make videos about beauty
and vlogging and diet plans and exercise and it’s so many things that someone who
Tunes in for one video may not be interested in the next video someone
might tune in to learn about a keto diet plan but they may not be interested in a
vegan diet plan so you have to be really specific in the kinds of videos you make
and the audience you’re trying to reach so that people keep coming back and
watching videos and engaging with you as a creator because if you can get someone
to come and watch one video and then a second video and maybe even a third
video that creates that binge watch session that will turn that new viewer
into a subscriber this is what we call leveraging the information right you
take the thing that that person is looking for and use it to get them
invested in you because you’re the person who’s answering their questions
in the most effective manner that you possibly can the biggest trick here is
doing that consistently making videos that reach that target audience over and
over and over again so that people keep coming back and going man I love your
channel because it gives me the thing I was looking for and that’s it in a
nutshell put the audience first don’t make it
about you I see so many creators who are making videos that they think the
audience wants to see instead of figuring out exactly what the audience
does want to see and making those videos if you’re a gaming channel and you keep
just putting up gameplay where’s the value but if your channel puts up a
video that shows someone how to get their very first win in fortnight using
the strategies that you used that will attract them to your channel and get
them watching more videos because you have something to offer you have
something that they want to know that you can give to them the better the
video the stronger the thumbnail the stronger the title and the better you
deliver the information the better chance that the target audience that you
haven’t reached yet but people who have no idea who you are are going to find
your video and become invested in you your watch time will increase your
subscriber count will increase and your channel will be recommended more by
YouTube because it’s doing the very thing that YouTube wants making people
watch longer that’s all I did here there is no magic secret there was no easy
button that I push that suddenly made my channel grow it was hard work consistent
work focused within a single path on a single target audience that I stayed
consistent to I have to say a very special thanks to this guy right here
mr. Brian G Johnson for helping me get this channel to where it is with his
patience his guidance his friendship in his insights if you have any specific
questions about how you can get your channel to grow faster join me down in
the comments section and let me know what kind of things you think might be
holding you back and I’ll do my best to answer them for you thank you for
helping me get here I appreciate you and I’ll see you in the comments section
below peace

100 Replies to “10,000 Subscribers in 10 Months! | YouTube Growth Strategies 2019

  1. Great video, you helped clear up a lot of confusion I had on what was the best practices to follow. But now I'm saddened to learn I wasted all that time trying to find the hidden "easy button ".

  2. Hey daniel I've been watching this kind of videos but still it isn't working for me… Can you please check out one of my video and help me out or anyone who wants to help… Thankyou

  3. Hello Daniel! I just found you and I think it’s great that you seem so interested in helping other creators. I have no idea that you’ll see this, but just in case, here goes. I have a new art channel, and I’m doing my best to film with the equipment I have. I seem to be attracting more and more people that want to “sub for sub” which I absolutely hate. I’ll get a few new subs, get excited, and they’re gone a day later because I didn’t automatically sub to them, and I’m in a rut because of it. I’m really inexperienced at this whole thing and to be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. I’m perfectly willing to own up to and fix my mistakes, but I just don’t know how…

  4. Great video. Congrats….you deserve it. Sorry I was late to the show. Snow is starting to melt here in Montana…and trying to get some hiking in. Keep rocking in the free world Buddy!

  5. Huge congrats Daniel. You've been incredibly consistent and done an amazing job at identifying your audiences needs. We're not the best at staying on topic and only focusing on our audience, but Brian's coaching and keyword research has been invaluable none the less. Hope you and the crew are doing well. -Sean

  6. I get ALOT of sub for sub messages. It’s endearing, however 1 and 2 minute views from them are actually hurting my channel. I will continue to make content people want to watch, and not doing sub for sub because if they are not going to be an active subscriber that’s not always so good.

  7. I started about 2 months ago and I have 133 subscribers. So not bad, but I could do better. I think finding content that is interesting and engaging is way harder then it sounds at first. Thanks for sharing, I searched a filmora effect, found you, watched 4 more and subscribed!

  8. Hi Daniel, first, congratz, 2nd and I will be honest here, I subbed a while back from Brian G's channel but haven't watched much of your stuff because I am not into filmora as I don't use it, but I have to say, this video was excellent, perfect spot on advice and very well delivered, all the best, Nick

  9. Thanks for the awesome information Daniel! And congrats on your 10K. What a ride up! Well deserved!

  10. Daniel, You are Killin it! I LOVE your videos!!!! You have only been a you tuber for 8 months!? You must be in the film industry, or something because your skills are rad! Thank you so much for the great videos. I am entertained and learning so much! Thank you for making my learning journey enjoyable. Do you recommend Filmora for editing on my iPad?

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  12. Great one Daniel. I am kinda stuck I just passed 100 subs after 1 year, I have a lot of views but no one is subbing? I feel so insignificant, I have thought about buying a channel review but at the same time, I see people do it without it I just need to find what I am doing wrong. Thanks for posting your methods.

  13. Congratulations again my man! That setup looks sooo good. I think I just have issues niching down tighter since my focus is comedy. I enjoy making people laugh and there are just toooo many topics!!!!

  14. Let me tell you why I watch the channel because there’s really only one reason. I’m an old guy who’s brand new to editing and to Filmora 9 and you show how to do the things that I want to be able to do. THE END.

    Now that said (and I’m speaking to viewers now) I reached out to Daniel on his website with a question about how to create a specific unique effect. I knew that he’s inundated with questions from people and I didn’t expect to get a reply because I understand that that’s just not possible for him to do. He not only replied but he showed me exactly how to create the effect I was after. On top of all that he was a super cool dude. I rest my case. Capish? Subscribe

  15. very cool & very genuine …thanks….. the student becomes the master… bgj …. much respect to you both. If i was thirty years younger maybe i too could have a rock star haircut. cheers!

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  18. Great,,,,I just got 10 subs inna day…..wooooow,
    this is great and its just a new channel.

  19. Thank you for this. I went back and looked at my stats and I think I have a true feel for what my viewers are responding to. I now need to respond accordingly. You, Brian and the Nimmin brothers all have helped me learn and I want thank you.

  20. Daniel thanks for the inputs. This was really helpful. Great Tips. Joined your channel so that I can be notified for future updates.

  21. What level of TubeBuddy do you use for Keyword Explorer? Are there other tools, other than a paid version of TubeBuddy to use, that are free?

  22. hi i upload gaming videos recently iv'e been doing need for speed payback videos on how to get the abandoned cars. They don't do very well but 2 weeks ago i uploaded a video for a car we had roughly 30 day before .the first video got 26 views but the second video on the same car just a different location got 113 views and climbing (lol tiny amount but i'm still quite proud) and i cant figure out why lol i did every thing the same apart from it was late i posted it 2 days before the new car came out but people still watched it lol i really don't understand this thing called YouTube i'm a new sub by the way gonna watch more of your videos on Filmora as i'm still learning

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  26. Geez that's a lot of good tips. You have a great way of communicating key factors.

  27. This is hands down the best video I've seen about growing a YouTube channel. I have made SO many of these mistakes like making videos on things because I could and confusing my channel and creating videos for my community instead of my target audience. I have SO many ideas for videos now it's refreshing! Thank you SO much for sharing this Daniel and congrats on hitting 11k! Excited to see where your channel will be this time next year! 😎 p.s. I'm going to share this with my members who need HONEST advice on how to grow their channel.

  28. Very useful Daniel. Haven't watched in a while. I loved your setup in this video! Anyway, thanks for the tips.

  29. It is in fact a great explanation as Brian says in the comments, and about Keyword Explorer, I just started to use it recently and it is a hell of a tool to get a channel to grow! Thanks for the share bro!
    greetings from Argentina!

  30. Wow men. You are great. What's the technology behind you? I'll be a loyal viewer, thanks for the nice and well done video.

  31. Great great great video! It was so well explained and easy to understand! It got RIGHT to the point and I think this is what we as creators are missing the most…we make videos by tossing a ball in the air and not actually looking at EXACTLY what our audience wants to see and making videos to answer THAT question.

  32. Daniel, your video structure is perfect. I was so focused on making a cool intro and trying to script an outro and now I'm to the point of not doing either. I have learned a lot from both you and Brian here recently. You guys are great. Oh and I am a former Filmora user. Great beginner program for sure and affordable. Perfect step up from iMovie/Movie Maker. I have since moved to Adobe and love it. Love your stuff man!

  33. Great item and completely right. I need to find this consistent video type that keeps my audience coming back to me or want to want to watch more of my content. The difficult part is with travel videos, the destinations I cover are diverse and completely different. Some locations videos are performing better than others but it doesn't make people stick because they had their information for their trip. Glad to know some creative input of video types that give value in regards of travelling and want people to stick around and learn more than only the relevant information they need for their trip.

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  35. Hey Danial I have been following your advice for a long time and I think I am doing ok, but do you have any other advice for me? It said I started 2017 but I restarted it 5 days ago!

  36. Hello Daniel, you have a new subscriber, I really love how you explain,what it takes to grow a channel, dedication is key, I say people just have to be loyal to their audience and themselves, there is no cheat codes, its just plain ole hard work and dedication, and applying the work to your channel, thanks a million Daniel💯💪😀👍

  37. Great explanation. It's funny because that's exactly the way I became a subscriber of yours. Keep the videos coming

  38. I watch both Daniel & Brian's videos having discovered Daniel through his Filmora channel.Absolutely great advice here and it's stuff I'm trying to implement into my channel. I teach and some of my students, they're only grade 5 and some younger, are asking me loads of things about Youtube and they really enjoy my channel. Daniel is spot on, viewers are interested more in you and what you offer than the edits and graphics. My most popular video, has almost 400 views, took 3 minutes and has a great watchtime ratio, compared with the most heavily edited video that is just narrated by me. Loads of strategies and different ideas, most will fail, some will work!

  39. This was a fantastic explanation. As a new creator it's easy to get confused on what's the right way to grow. I am interested in why YouTube has the like and dislike buttons. Do the amount of likes help at all? Do the dislikes hurt your videos? I always try to hit the like button but never really knew if it was something that mattered. Thank you again for all your awesome videos. 🤩

  40. Hi Daniel I started stated my channel back in 2013 I started a gaming channel and grew to about 2500 Sub and about 6000 hr of watch time/ month. Then in 2016 I had some say medical issues and stopped making videos. about a month ago I started back making Videos I have now 237 Sub, Lost my MCN. Right now I have 1.1 k/ min ( up 562%) of watch time, 259 (up 212%) of Views, Plus 1 Subscriber in the past 28 days. Things I changed a lot on YouTube since since I came back.
    I have been watching videos how grow your channel and your video was a lot easier to understand. I have been using TubeBuddy (the Free Version)
    and been doing every thing you said. I am not getting the impressions. I need help. Any ideas for a MCN or just keep making videos and hope my channels grow? Thanks for the channel you made I will watch more of your videos for Ideas.

  41. I just saw you on Nicks channel and I had to come over. You guys do a great job and I'm learning so much. I'm still new but this year is going to be full of new and exciting life changes.

  42. Just found you through Nick's video. I only discovered Brian G. Johnson this week, and have been binging his videos ever since. I love that guy! Love your channel and delivery, Daniel, and am excited to start digging into your videos.

  43. This really helped me to focus on keyword research, ive been hitting keywords that rank well then drop down as they don't get the views in the first 6 hours. Now going to focus on longtail keywords to build up the channel more. Oh and I found you from Nick's Video. In 6th Mths am asking you onto my channel 😉

  44. Hi Daniel, cool video collab with Nick, I loved it and here I am via that connection. You are a larger than life character and I love the vibe and info, thank you 👍 Excellent point about concentrating about doing your own thing, however, amicably learning from people like you along the way. I'm old boy but enjoying the journey. Are you with filmora Daniel? Because the software has assisted a creative minded dyslexic to enter the arena. I love it 😍 if you are thank you, and if you are not thank you Filmora ❤

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    This allows us to do it all over again and truly test our knowledge of the experience. 🔥🔥🔥💯

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  50. "hide this comment it just for you." Want a real laugh Daniel watch one of my first videos. I used to do a 80's hair rocker persona. Your hair reminded me of it.

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