2.2 Salary Summary Report – Generate Detailed Salary Report

This Report contains the detailed Salary Report of each employee. With each & every Payment & Deduction in its own column Click On Payroll Reports, then Salary Summary Reports, and Click On Generate Detailed Salary Report The Salary Summary window will pop-up with the latest month and year processed. Click On Process Detailed Salary Report. It will start Processing the Report, wait for it to complete. After completion, Click Yes When it asks to PRINT Report This is the Print Preview. The Report contains the detailed Salary report for all the employees. The Allowances, Payments, Deductions are in their own dedicated columns. Now you can either print the report from here or you can Print this report with an option to Print Department-wise For that, Click On Payroll Reports, then Salary Summary Reports, and Click On Print Detailed Salary Report Click On Print to Get the Detailed Salary Reports for all employees This report is the same as the previous one with all the detailed payments, deductions etc. To print the Report Department-wise. Click on Department-wise and Click on Print The Reports will contain Employee details by the department. *This report should be re-processed/generated after making any changes to the system to reflect the changes in the report*

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