2007 VanHool C2045L – Remarketed by Chelax Industries

okay this is an O seven C coach one owner from California on the west coast so it's an O seven C with a lift gotta live there's the vin 47 335 I think this interior color was called around town that was the name of it don't ask me why but it's clean inside it's definitely clean inside Slyder seats because we're a DA I don't see any outlets they use a a hub on these as an allison be 500 does have a DPF install it is a caterpillar engine so this is a cat but as the Oh for admission engine which has been a little more reliable than the region which basically are 2008-2009 your model coaches so sup 2007 van who'll see 2045 lifts l with a be 500 you're looking for something economical this could be a great option for you please reach out to slacks industries a remarketing source or the ground transportation industry

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