3 Million Trees For Brazil

Hi, I’m Christian the founder of Ecosia. During the last week, installs of the Ecosia app have increased by more than a 1000%. Following the devastating fires in the Amazon, people around the world are looking for ways they can help and with Ecosia, they can. Last month we pledged to plant one million trees in Brazil in response to Bolsonaro’s damaging policies. Thanks to all our new users Ecosia now has enough resources to plant an additional 2M trees Brazil! So over the next year, Ecosia will plant an additional 3 million trees with our reforestation partners in Brazil. These trees will add to the 2.2 million trees already planted in previous years. The trees will be planted in the Atlantic Forest which stretches along Brazil’s coast. This forest – or the 8% that remains of it – is, above all, a warning of what will become of the Amazon Forest, if a different path is not taken. Severino Ribeiro, Director of our partner organization in Brazil, told us that “The trees Ecosia will plant are more than just trees, they’re a sign that in times of crisis, we all hold together – Brazil and the international community” And that’s what these 3 million trees stand for. Thank you for making it all possible.

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  1. Nice app, thank u very much ecosia for planting more trees. Spread this app guys so that we can help also our mother earth by searching only. Because ecosia will plant trees for us. God bless and thank u for protecting our environment.

  2. Finally more and more people are joining. I'm so glad to see that we take action and plant trees instead of proposing actions to the president of Brasil because we know he won't do anything

  3. Let’s rush to plant trees witch yah I know they’re important but let’s not come together for 3 million homeless children. Let’s not come together to give jobs to the needy with family’s. Trees are way more important than people.

  4. Habe ich gerade geweint? Ja.
    Danke für euer Engagement und ganz viel Liebe.

  5. guys i love what u r doing but please add features to ecosia like instant converting tab of currency just like in google to make it better and competetive

  6. It was a long journey and I am so happy ecosia finally gets the credit and influential impact it deserves and needs. In the beginning it took an eternity to reach new milestones and now the numbers sky rocketing like crazy. Keep it going!

  7. Been using Ecosia for a month or two and have started promoting it on my SM accounts as well, thank you for all that you do!

  8. We started with 1 million trees planted, then installs increased a ton, so now we’re planting 2 million, now 3 million. Incredible.

  9. We redditors add up watching videos on pornhub and searching them on ecosia to double the planted trees…
    Thank you ecosia


  11. Wonderful work, guys! Say, can you please start programs in places like the United States, or
    Australia? Thanks for giving us hope!

  12. Greetings from the US! Thank you for giving us some kind of option to help despite being so far away. I also appreciate the regular updates. In trying times like these it's good to know there people working to help as well as ways to get it done.

  13. I've shared your website on faccebook. I even explain the benefits of using ecosia and the fact that it's FREE AND EFFORTLESS!

  14. Worldwide more trees
    Less concrete & tar asphalt more plants and 🌲
    In all countries
    Roofs of houses can be green
    Walls can be green with epyfithes
    Good job

  15. Hallo Ecosia.
    Es gibt momentan die Diskussion in Deutschland, dass ein Wald dann am stärksten ist, wenn sich die Samen schon im Boden natürlich selektieren.
    Das heißt, keine Bäume pflanzen, sondern den Wald sich selbst überlassen.

    Bestimmt gibt es hier auch Modelle, die beide Ansätze miteinander verbinden.

    Ich würde gerne wissen, wie ihr dazu steht, da ihr ja hauptsächlich bäume pflanzt.

    Ein BUND Mitglied meinte, man müsste die Waldbesitzer dafür bezahlen, dass sie eben nichts am Wald machen und ihn in Ruhe lassen.

    Wäre so ein Geschäftsmodell auch möglich, in Staaten, in denen die illegale Waldrodung sowieso nicht so eine wichtige Rolle spielt.
    Oder man finanziert Wald-Ausichtspersonal.

  16. Christian hi you guys can't do it alone so I think you guys should partner with WWF The Nature Conservancy conservation International and SolarCity and RSPB you're also going to need a lot of protesters and donators so encourage people to protest or donate and good luck you guys are doing something good and I hope you achieve it

  17. I dont think this is political, dont get me wrong but in the years before ( 2004 – 2007) fires were much higher than in 2019 (and Bolsonaro wasnt there….). Forget about politics, Bolsonaro is not the main cause, just plant trees and help the environment 🙂
    Facts: http://queimadas.dgi.inpe.br/queimadas/portal-static/estatisticas_paises/

  18. 3 mln trees is nothing. It's a nice gesture but does nothing to actually solve the problem and what's worse- it will make people think like they're doing something or like the solution is coming, but it's not true.

  19. Epic work! I just hope the Brazilian farmers see what you are doing and change their ways rather than just burn down what you planted

  20. Ecosia could also implement this technology.


    Thank you for doing this work, I am extending your mission and also my donation by buying your shirt.
    and of course using the ecosia browser.

  21. Please could you do a before and after episode on every reforestation project, along with a counter in the app that shows km2 now covered by forests ( including expected growth through assuming the area of each tree canopy after x years).

  22. Hey mate I was going to subscribe your channel for the environmental crisis, but as soon as you mentioned about Jair Bolsonaro, I give up straight away, because that means you don’t know much about him and about his policies towards that, sounds like you don’t know much about Brazilian history of Amazon Preservation!!!!

    From the period of 1988 till 2016, when the left (1988- 2002)and extremely lefty (2002-2016) political parties, it was the worse deforestation, logging, bushfires, devastation on the Amazon Forest 🌳

    It’s numbers and statistics, and you should know…I mean to post video saying about it, and mentioned Jair Bolsonaro’s name, you should had investigate better, so don’t be another person as take political side, be neutral, and trying to understand that as from that period mentioned above, the only Brazilian President that is Patriot, honesty, and loves Amazon, it’s Jair Bolsonaro, he loves The Amazon as much we do…so perhaps you are a French leftist that wants to take a piece of Amazon too!!!

    Macron it’s a ridiculous Presidente ever, cannot deal with his own problems, on his own backyard, and together with a few traitors in Brazil, had create a RIDICULOUS FAKE NEWS ABOUT THE AMAZON!!!

    The Amazon belong to only 1 Country, Brazil!!!

    ***Why you haven’t mentioned about the Environmental Destruction, misery, and devastation that the French has done in their Countries Colonies around the world, specially the one beside Brasil….yes French Guiana 🇬🇫, go there or go online to see what the French has done to the part of the Amazon on that Country…the biggest Environmental Destruction with “mercury” in all rivers, and no much Rain Forest 🌳 there!!!

    So you really sure about Brazil??? Or Jair Bolsonaro!!!????

  23. Please be honest and mention about what French has done to Destroy of French Guiana 🇬🇫, as French Guiana it’s one of their Colonies, just please tell your subscribers what French has done to the piece of Amazon on that country!!!

    Everywhere, or countries that France passed, colonized … left traces of destruction as such as Environmental, Economic, Social, among others.

    French Guiana 🇬🇫 my friends it was a beautiful country when Brazil gave to the local indigenous, on the past centuries, then French had broke into and robbed the country of the locals, and made one of the best Environmental Destruction on that country, the highest Mercury Contamination on the planet!!!

    However I don’t see any French person, or any leftist followers say, or post anything on social mídia!!!!!!

    About the Nuclear testes on the French Polynesia, One of the highest radiation in humans history, but I never heard no one say that, specially French, European people, or any leftists around the Globe….we humans need to look our tails before accusing other nations or another nations leaders!!!!

    I work with Sustainability like Developing, and I love the Mother Nature as much a lot of people do, but we need to know our own history, before judgments!!!

  24. I suggest people withdraw their financial funds (BRIC funds..Brazil, Russia, India China) that are financing the Beef industry and its destructive policy.

  25. Why planting in Brazil if true to begin with? So that they burn it again? Why don't you plant it somewhere else where it will be cherished. I'm just so skeptic about this Ecosia no solid proof whatsoever.

  26. How long is care given to the area after planting? Do they ensure most make it to sapling/ young tree phase at least? Or do they just plant and leave?

  27. good!!! it is better than nothing,still …..trees takes decades to supply the oxygen necessary! the older the tree the better.the key is not to cut down old trees

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