3 Social Media Marketing Tools to Grow Your Linkedin

LinkedIn’s no longer just the forum for
jobseekers and recruiters to interact at the platform has evolved into one of the
most influential b2b channels out there And today I’m going to give you three of
the best social media marketing tools to grow your Linkedin. So whether you’re
using the platform for personal or business use you just need to know how
to use it to your advantage and these tools are going to help you
build your brand and grow your influence online So welcome to the channel this is
the Tomasco project where you’ll discover marketing strategies to grow
your brand. If you’re new here I’m Tom and I’m a marketer with experience
growing some of the biggest brands in the world, as a client and a consultant.
So with over 600 million users on LinkedIn and 260 million active monthly
users, LinkedIn is a serious place for business development everyone is just
sliding into those DMS. Of course, it’s not just about those unwanted DMS
LinkedIn is a great platform for branding content but also the leaders of
today and tomorrow sharing thought leadership in their
respective areas of work. And the good news is the platform is still growing
with a goal of 3 billion people it’s no wonder many people see it as a goldmine
for lead generation. Now if you’re just using the platform to push branded
content you’re missing a trick and these tools are really gonna help you build
your brand but grow your influence on Linkedin So number one crystal knows now
this tool blows my mind it can tell you everything you need to know about
communicating with somebody else it’s scary. Now this tool is so useful because
for the most of us we’re just using LinkedIn to communicate with other
business professionals and for a lot of us that just means social selling and
when you get it wrong it can cost you It can be failing to grab someone’s
attention on the opening message losing attention on that first call or even
having warm leads go cold we all know the importance of good communication Crystal users of personality AI to analyze millions of online data points
to recognize extensive personality traits. It’s going to act as your coach
and guide your communication with anyone on the platform. It can provide do’s and
don’ts for every conversation including meetings phone calls and email and even
make suggestions for communications and styles based on their personality
behavior and motivations It’s really my favorite
tool for getting those insights that can make the difference for connecting with
someone for the first time Number 2: lumen five. Now lumen five is another tool that’s been around for a while but advancements in AI have really meant
that this program has come on leaps and bounds. It’s a content creation tool that
allows you to turn old articles into engaging video content for social posts
stories or ads it allows anyone without any formal training or experience to
easily create amazing videos in minutes Which also can be a huge time saver for
those of you who just got no time in a week to create new content. Not only does the platform offer the tools to turn old posts into videos but their built-in
media library offers access to millions of stock footage photos and soundtracks
this means you’ve got access to everything you need without having to
record or purchase anything externally It’s as simple as copying and pasting
that external link into the algorithm using it to populate a storyboard drag
and drop the assets into place and boom you have yourself a video So number three Resume Worded, now if you’re not using LinkedIn to share branded content
or lead generation it’s likely you just want to get noticed. Now we’ve 600
million users it’s a busy playground and it’s
important that you stand out. Whether you’re hunting for a job, leads all of
opportunities so it’s really important to make sure your profile is optimized. Resume Worded provides instantly tailored feedback on how to enhance your
profile for free so that you can be found by the right people. With the
LinkedIn review feature you can get an indicator of how well optimized your
profile is already based on 200 different algorithms and insights. Your
score is going to be made up of components of your LinkedIn bio
including headline summary experience and education. All you need to do is head over to your LinkedIn page download a copy of the PDF bio and
upload this to the resume worded website and get a breakdown of how well
you’re performing instantly So let me know in the comments below which tool you think is the most useful for growing your LinkedIn. Now if you like this
video be sure to subscribe share with your network and turn on those
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those of you looking to connect more professionally there’s a link to my
LinkedIn in the description below check it out until next time peace

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