4 Secrets to Overcoming Discouragement in Dating| Engaged at Any Age | Jaki Sabourin

Discouragement is one of the arch
enemies of single people everywhere for one simple reason you don’t have anyone
to bring perspective but I do and so this video I want to share with you four
secrets to overcome discouragement and dating hi I’m Jaki Sabourin for those of
you don’t know me I’m an executive love coach and CEO of a company called
engaged in any age and we help women deliberately date and consciously create
the man of their dreams I met and married my own soulmate match husband
Michael after being single for eight years and I’m still on the honeymoon and
passionate about helping you get engaged at any age let’s jump right into the
first secret to help you overcome discouragement in dating and the first
one is validation validation what does that really mean Jackie well validation
is so important especially when you’re on this journey to find your soulmate
because it’s easy to become discouraged and disappointed in this process but
when we validate give value to your feelings they it’s easier to release
this feelings and energy of discouragement and get back into balance
so when you give value to how you’re feeling what you do is you you don’t
allow your mind to repress minimize or deny all these feelings that you have
it’s normal natural and necessary for you to feel and release any emotions
that you have so that you can get back into balance because remember whatever
you ever you think about expands and so if you’re this energy of discouragement
if you’re stuck in that really is a negative heavy energy and so the faster
you move out of that place this energetic place the better and the
fastest way you can do it this first secret is by validation giving value to
your feelings that is normal that you’re feeling discouragement anybody’s going
through it you’re going through we feel exactly the same way so it’s really
showing up as your own best friend when you’re feeling this discouragement and
then honoring up that part of you that is feeling discouraged and then
releasing the the emotion behind it so you can get back into balance and get
back out there so the second secret I want to share
with you is I want you to hold your vision and so what do I mean by that
hold your vision I know that you have a vision by your
soulmate vision of what you want and it’s so important for you to reconnect
to what you want in your soulmate vision because what you want and even more
importantly perhaps is why you want it really helps to keep you connected to
your journey when things get challenging you really need to know why you want
what you want why do you want to be married why do you want to be any
committed relationships you really need to check in with that because this will
carry you over the difficult times of challenges and this energy of
discouragement much easier when you keep reconnecting to your vision right of
what you want and why you want it that’s so important it’s going to be intimate
to you and unique as you are so make sure that you write out your what and
your why and that’ll be your soul mate vision it’s really gonna really help you
to stay the course and things get challenging you get into that negative
energy of discouragement so just let me let me ask you to do me a little favor
really quick what I love it if you would like share and comment on my page if you
are loving the content that I produce for you please share it with your
friends and make a comment for me if you’d like me to create a video for you
if you’re facing a challenge I would love to do that so your comment is
really important to me thank you to those of you who make comments on my
page I really appreciate it alright let’s go into the third secret
that will help you move through the energy of discouragement and that’s a
plan you need to have a plan you know you really need to be honest with
yourself are you doing everything you possibly can to make your dreams come
true and so it’s so easy to get discouraged with dating or maybe a
relationship that didn’t work out and you find yourself single again but you
need to have a plan and and you need to have a plan of where you’re gonna meet
men in real life if you’re not online dating need to have a plan about online
dating you need to have a good strategy when you need to see through the the
trials and errors that you go through what’s working and what isn’t and you
need to constantly revise this into you until you start to connect and you start
to get some flow in your dating life so you need to have a plan so that you can
execute it and come up with a really good strategy for you and I know if you
watch it on my videos you’re able to do that because I cover all of this and so
many of my videos and so the the last secret that I want to share with you to
overcome this the challenge of discouragement and dating is to count
your blessings I know this sounds like it’s like a you know you probably hear
that a lot right count your blessings but I can’t tell you how wonderful it is
and how good it feels right because feeling good is the goal when you feel
good you can create anything in your life when you don’t feel good that’s
when you stop everything from coming to you and the fastest way to get in
alignment and feel good is to count your blessings start to list off the 90% of
your life that is working or 80% of every life is working in the people in
your life you have to feel grateful for your job your house your car your
clothes we’re so blessed in this country to to live in a place where we have so
many opportunities at every turn and the only reason we we stop ourselves from
taking those those opportunities and running with it is our fears and this
energy of discouragement so really make a list of all the things you’re grateful
for and I promise you very soon you’re going to realize how what a wonderful
life you have and that from that place that place that’s where you want to
attract a man from that place of energy rich you have an energy rich vibration
and it’s so much easier to manifest what you want in a much faster way if you are
in this positivity in this in this energy rich place in your life so ladies
I want to share with you something that I know it’s gonna help you it’s my soul
mate assessment so all you have to do is go to soul mate iq.com and take a quick
quiz and my quiz is designed to help you to discover what frequency your
vibrating net and how fast you are how close you are to attracting your
soulmate and it will help you fast-track your ability to manifest your soulmate
because I’m gonna give you the frequency you’re vibrating at and a an assessment
as well as the feminine exercise is gonna help you shift further into
alignment because information is power knowledge is power but taking action on
that knowledge is gonna create empowerment so taking my soul mate
assessment at soul mate IQ calm is going to help you
to take action so that you can feel better faster get further into alignment
and fast-track your ability to attract your soul mates I hope this was helpful
and just know I’m sending you all so much love today

17 Replies to “4 Secrets to Overcoming Discouragement in Dating| Engaged at Any Age | Jaki Sabourin

  1. 14 years post divorce and still dating. I have met men mostly online, but also via other means. I wish your videos were around years ago, since they are so full of valuable information. What if the area you live in lacks available men of quality?

  2. Hi Jaki. Love your content. After 5 years widowed, I purposely decided that 2018 had to be my year to feel happier. I lost 42 lbs., started tagging behind my friend (I'm introverted) to go out dancing which I absolutely love because it makes my soul happy, started to feel really good when a man who my friend knows asked me out. He came with a "warning label" that he had a bad divorce 10 years prior and he did not really date. I found out later that they call him the "3 week man"… OUCH. So we connected immediately, got along great, he came out of the gate full speed ahead, met my entire family, my adult daughter's friends, I met his family and friends, double dated and totally enjoyed each other's company and the "L" word came so easy which he used first. We both loved to dance and we are both work-a-holics, so we were totally exhaused and tried to find balance. This was all compressed within a few months. When I started feeling him start to pull away, I became aware of how anxious it was making me feel. Then he emotionally packed up and disappeared. I gave him one week of no contact then let him know I would honor his decision and move on. I have not spoken to him since. (That was June 23, 2018) It brought up so much grief again for a few months but once again I made the decision to bring joy back into my life. So today I am feeling better, joined country dance lessons, go out on Saturday nights and am trying to stay open. I want someone back in my life. I knew absolutely nothing about the "dating rules", which I have since tried to diligently learn. I only knew how to be married. He taught me a very hard lesson about men pulling away when things move to fast. I did not know there was such a thing until I googled it. He never gave one ounce of indication that something wasn't working for him. I hope to be a better "dater" now, but he was so perfect for me that I don't know that I will find that again. If I had a checklist, he would have 20 things on the plus side and the minus side would be "emotionally unavailable". ugggg. My friend told me that he is dating someone else now for the past few months. He swore he wasn't a player, and I never got the feeling I was being played. He always seemed very honest and sincere and everyone told me what a "great guy" he was. Everyone loved him. He even thanked me for taking a chance on him. (It took him 8 months to ask me out because when he saw me the year prior he said he knew something was different about me and he told his friend that night that he had to get to know me but then I only saw him a few times after that out dancing)…. I felt very loved, taken care of and feminine around him. He told me he wanted a relationship, I was his girlfriend and he would always show me. He was well aware of my 5 long years of grief but also new that I was open and ready for this new love. It's so strange to me that he could disappear but I would never chase someone who doesn't want to be caught. Thank you for your videos on dating. I'm 58 now and am ready to embrace love back into my life and hope to be better at it this time. Staying hopeful.

  3. I've been divorced 9 yrs. I've dated and have been in relationships but the men I've dated don't want to get married again they've had horrific divorces and ex-wives from hell. I'm 48, economically independent, have worked in my career for 23 yrs. I have a lot to offer but finding my soulmate seems to be getting more difficult with every passing year. ❤️🙏🏻🦋🌟💫

  4. Hi Jackie!! love all your advice! Did you date the whole 8 years you were single? Even with these great tips you mentioned today how did you NOT get discouraged? I’m 36, divorced 6 years, been single 3. I usually put these tips into action…I feel I’m a catch and really don’t understand why I’m still single. Any advice?? 🤷🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

  5. Love your video lessons. I am more and more clear about what I desire in my soul mate. I will not comprise anymore. But I know I still have work to do within myself. My manifestation of the type of men showing up are getting better and better. But I like to have all the qualities that I am looking for in ONE person instead of 4!!! I really like your advise: if they are not the one, say thank you and block their call. I can read them like a book now. Thank you, Jaki.

  6. Hi Jaki. Love to see you do a video on how to get past all of the horrible pictures men post of themselves on online dating platforms. I’m a young 65 year old widow. I totally do not look or act my age. I feel like I’m getting a do over, and I don’t want to blow it. I hate to sound shallow, and maybe I’ll never find someone like my late husband, but it just seems like men do not even try to look good. I totally feel blessed in all other areas of my life. I’m very grateful for that. Am I alone in this feeling?

  7. ohmygosh…i have been so burnt out on dating, after recently having a guy I'd gotten a month in with FREAKED out and said he needed us to "slow down', then has only breadcrumbed me with texts, since. I have been trying to do step 4, but will re-do the first three, soon. I'm taking a break, getting back to focusing on myself, and working on re-lighting my Beacon of Love.

  8. What if you're in a relationship with someone and they don't validate your feelings or are always too busy with work or their children(widower with mom living there too) to give you the time to talk with except when it's convenient for them. Whenever I try to explain how hurt I feel by not hearing from him… he twists it around saying that I am impatient and use harsh words(is not like I curse at him but just expressing how it makes me feel). Sometimes I may be lucky to hear from him once a day. I feel as if am in love with him but his actions are making me resentful, miserable. He has said that he is in love with me but his actions don't always seem like he really loves me.

  9. Thank you for your advices, I really appreciate them. I think that the best way to find a interesting man is when you do the things that you like, wherever you are…
    if the plan doesn’t run..cry but don’t be stressed..I think that to meet by chance a man is the best gift that life gives us!

  10. Hi Jaki, You are so wonderful and I appreciate all your invaluable advice. I am divorced, been single 5 years, am over 60 & dauntingly just signed onto online dating which is brand new to my world. Just slowly navigating, baby steps…will check out your other videos and THANK YOU!! Hugxxxx

  11. Hi Jaki, I would like to see a video on the topic of men that are over complimenting women….why are they doing this to the point of please don't say that again!….I am getting tired of saying thank you…that is so sweet of you! …after the 10th time or more it not longer seems sincere….

  12. Jaki, I love your videos. You are incredibly helpful with sound wisdom! Thank you for offering your gifts with the world. Much love from Texas. <3

  13. Thank you Jaki for your wisdom and unbounded optimism! Would like to ask if you have any words of wisdom about men who talk about their need for touch and affection either in their online profiles, or in their first emails. See this quite often and it is a turn off for me. I wonder where to draw the line.

  14. I can't find a reason to want to be in a relationship. I've honestly been happier and stress free as a single woman. Granted I dated incompatible people, however I notice I feel anxious while In relationships or the guys misunderstand me. Damned if I do or don't. Happier single and grateful. Was just curious so I watched this. Good content.

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