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subscribe to my youtube channel so you never miss out on the video a couple of
weeks ago on my Instagram I wanted to know what you guys wanted to see next
and by the narrowest of margins it was between day-to-night outfits and
work wear outfits day the night barely scoot down with so I’ve thought that
because the vote was so close that I should still do work wear looks anyway
because it seems like that’s something that a lot of y’all really wanted so
here we are so let’s just get right into the office oh and say hi to my little
furry friend here this is Dexter he’s my miniature schnauzer
he’s a ain’t he’s obviously very busy Wednesday I know you can’t be bothered
okay so anyway let’s get into the opposite shall we I decided to do five
outfits for you because work weeks are usually Monday through Friday so I
decided to keep you business casual for Monday through Thursday and then a
casual Friday outfit so this is something that I would wear on Monday
says boss screams like getting my week off on the right foot maybe you’ve got a
big presentation or you know big meeting Monday morning and even though you don’t
really feel like being there cuz it’s fun day trust me I’ve been there you
know you want to feel good on the outside and even though you don’t maybe
you want to be there on the inside so one of my favorite combinations for
workwear is Navy and gray so I paired this gray aoc sweater which has the nice
puff shoulder detail really on trend right now and with these Navy Theory
slacks I love them because they’re high-waisted which for me I’m short
it gives me yeah it makes me look taller and then it has this cute little belt so
that I can cinch it in and then I took the excess fabric and just like made a
cute little knot so that the belt even looks fashionable too and then I had the
pants altered so that I can actually wear these slacks with both heels and
flats because some days you just don’t feel like wearing heels and you have to
have pants that are flexible I learned that the hard way I had when I was
younger and I’m just trying to be cute I have all of my pants altered for heels
and so I could never wear flats with any of them and I actually got tendinitis in
my achilles after running a half marathon and I couldn’t wear heels for a
month and I was beside myself because I couldn’t wear heels I’m a heels girl but
also because I couldn’t really wear any of my work pants without my cuffing them
and you can cover your jeans but cuffing slacks is not cute it just looks really
messy and sloppy so I learned the hard way that you should alter your work
pants so that you can wear both kinds of shoes you can wear the heels with them
and you can still wear flats with them so these ones are the perfect length
these pants are from theory I got them from sex without new theory is a great
work where brand it’s contemporary so it’s still going to cost you it’s about
you know for their spices usually in the two to three hundred dollar range but
they’re great quality they come in all the colors all the fabrics they are
really durable they don’t wrinkle easily they’re pretty stain resistant so
overall you know you’re getting the bang for your buck Thank You Candide so I
have them in pretty much every colorway in every pan type cigarette pants you
know straight legs cropped pants like pretty much all my science or theory at
this point but if theory is outside of your budget Zara is a great place to get
slacks when I was first starting out I got a lot of my slacks from Zara they
also have great flames two that can combine to make you know
kind of like students and things like that but if you really want solid you
know head-to-toe looks where you can get your Blazers you can get your dress
shirts pencil skirts and slacks that come in different colors and can be
mixed and matched Express it’s great for that also if you’re looking for
something that’s maybe not as trendy or fast fashion but then it’s still great
quality too but then it’s not going to cost you a ton also look at j.crew and
Banana Republic they make outstanding work wear as well
j.crew and Banana Republic are always having some kind of sale as well so you
know you can bring these stock up those sales too and then they also have the
factory stores which are like their outlets where you get the same
silhouettes and the same looks but the fabric quality isn’t as good it’s still
good but it’s not as good as the full retail stores and the price is a little
bit better so those are some options where if you’re still trying to get into
work wear or business casual attire that can get you started without spending a
ton of money and then also another work essential is a good pair of pumps I
prefer the Manolo Blahnik BB as my pump I’m wearing the white leather version in
the 105 millimeter heel which is the highest you can get I believe at this
point and even though they’re not flashy they get the job done they’re
comfortable they’re still cute and I love them so I cut up the white ones on
right here my black suede ones are the ones that you see down here so that’ll
be in the outfit later but that’s just a testament to how much I do love these
pumps because I have multiple pairs of them and I don’t mind investing in more
colors of the issues so this is what number one thanks ayat so for look number two
decided to keep you guys address moment this particular black dress is from ALC
but they are a contemporary friend that I truly love and they make a lot of
pieces that I like and so advise them and rinse them and this dress is one of
them I love that it has like a little bit of a cowl-neck detail at the top you
can’t really see it but it’s there I like that it’s long-sleeve because I’m
always cold and so if I wear this to the office I don’t want to make sure that
these have sleeves plus it eliminates the need for me to figure out what
jacket I’m gonna wear over it and then also even though the limp is on the
border of being kind of short I can grid us to the office but if you can’t I
would recommend maybe getting some pantyhose either flesh tone or black
depends on how you get down or even some of the fun like logo ties like the
kimchi tights that kind of just look like really cool like fishnets but then
they just happen to tiny changing logos on them I feel like those would be fun
forward to but you know whatever makes you feel more comfortable because
sometimes people prefer to dress a little bit more modestly to the office
because a little bit more of a conservative environment but I decided
to finish the look with a little pop of color since I am wearing all black and I
wanted to add my red gmv to last he pumps
so this look I love these pumps because I wanted a red swinging pump because I
do wear a lot of neutrals and I like to add pops of color or print to my looks
and I thought red would be the perfect top since I do wear a lot of white a
long black a lot of gray camel so I got these red pumps and I love this
particular shade of red because it’s not a in your face red it’s a true red it
has a little bit of blue on to it so it’s not as in-your-face as
some other red pumps that I’ve seen in the market no offense that’s how you
want to get down cold but for me and again for the office I wanted something
I was a little bit more neutral or cool as far as the undertones from my red
shoes and so I decided to go ahead and give these and then again they’re the
perfect height so I’m happy with the heel height as well and they’re really
really comfortable so here’s look number two from the
office okay so for look number three I’m giving you a button-up shirt option
because you can’t always wear dresses and sweaters season is almost over so we
need to get into the lighter fabrics and lighter colors and so this is a
traditional white button-up shirt this one just happens to be silk for summer
it’s by equipment if you can give you the equipment shirt there’s some of the
best on the market but also some other brands make great quality white
button-up shirts I have a theory shirt that I absolutely love and I like the
fact that it’s longer so it gives me that kind of when I’m wearing a sweater
layered over it it kind of gives me like clueless vibes with the shirt little
sweater and the longer shirt underneath it sorry I love them so any chance I can
make an outfit that kind of looks like it but then updated these slacks are
again they’re theory these are gray like charcoal gray
pinstripe pants for some reason I didn’t have a pair of gray slacks so I finally
decided to invest in a pair and I don’t regret it at all because it goes with so
much of my stuff like it’s a great opportunity for me to again not there’s
so much black so I’m really glad that I got these pants and these ones are be
more like cropped like cigarette here so they’re like a skinny straight leg so
that really fitted in the thigh but then they kind of taper out in the calf and
then the perfect lens for me so I didn’t actually have to have these altered
because their crop pains because I’m sure it so they came in handy and then I
added my black suede Manolo pumps they’re exactly the same as the white
ones from look number one but in black suede same height same saw everything
and then if you really wanted to get fancy and step your game up a little bit
you can add this this boot play jacket this one is by ear oh I love it because
it’s actually lined so it’s kind of long so okay throw this over your shoulders
give us that look love this because you’re getting a little extra layers of
warmth because you know the office is always cold and you’re mixing prints
because we have the historic here and then we have the clay here and it ties
in the black the light gray and if you really want to round out the look this
lean here isalean micro luggage I’ve got about five different shades of
gray here but I love it this is power lunch power being just box there’s a
little Oh for look number four I wanted to do
separates so we’re going to talk about two different situations here first is
the term neck bodysuit that I have on this one is by Wilfred again I’m
obsessed with Terminix and body suits so I’m go ahead and finally spoilers this
year on the Wolford ones yes they are very pricey but again if you wear them
as much as I do I have three of them because I pretty much wear them twice a
week because they go with everything then they’re worth the coin but also
before I got my Wohlford ones I have some from I think it was Kinkos and they
were just good they’re a little bit harder to find on ASOS down that before
it used to be able to find them plentifully but now it’s kind of like I
search for you know sir like body suits and it’s kind of like so I guess maybe
I’m just one of those rare people that still wears them but I love body suits
because they seamlessly tuck into your pants your skirts your jeans what
happened if you just want that clean finished look and don’t have to worry
about your top coming untucked during the day I’d highly recommend investing
in some body suits and then let’s get into this skirt Shelly this is a mini
limp plead skirt mini ones is of course great for the office because it’s long
enough where you don’t have to worry about people we know raised in and I
brought you for your skirt being too short
but then mini skirts also on frumpy this particular one came out in the fall by
alc donating I just love them and I love this burnt orange color and I love the
fact that he did it because it’s small pleats so even though I’m short he works
well on my body I did not know that it had this slit in it and so the first
time I put it on about two months ago I was like oh there’s slit okay
but actually think okay because I like the fact that this lid is kind of hidden
like unless it’s like really stick your leg out like I just did we would never
be able to tell that there’s a slip is there it’s not late we obvious and then
I decided to pair it in the winter when I wear the skirt I wore my leopard ankle
boots with this combination but then now that it’s spring and it’s getting a
little warmer I’ve swapped it out for these amazing Kurt Geiger pumps these
pumps are like the first designer pair of shoes that I ever bought they’re the
oldest in my closet I think I’ve had these shoes were about going on six
years now but I will never get rid of them
I love them so much they’re real pony hair diaper print but the best part is
the heel it’s a gold heel and it’s just so unique we’re trying to find a pair or
trying to you know search for them in legal they’re no longer made our we just
add a little bit more texture and also to define my waist a little bit more I
have it this leather embossed leather YSL belt
I love high-waisted belts because again I’m short I have long legs and short
torso so anything that makes me look taller
I’m all for it oh and maybe your bag so let me just grab my trusty Janell jumbo
and maybe we’ll be on our merry way so no muss no fuss okay so we made it to
casual Friday so this look is t-shirt jeans but turned up just a little bit so
that it’s a little dressier for the office so I added my favorite plaid
blazer to the mix this one is also by a LCD
I just love this jacket the minute that I sign it’s
actually a suit it comes with these cool skinny like split hem pants where the
hem is split back the ankle so you get like a little bit of a flare effect to
the side there’s sole it but I didn’t need a suit so I didn’t get the pants
but I had to have this blazer and I absolutely love it I have on a plain
white tee underneath it if you watched my jeans in the tshirt video you know
that I wear men’s Hanes undershirts ask my t-shirts because I like how they’d
fit so here’s another example of wearing one these are some Levi’s when he fit
jeans I love the fact that they have it’s just a little bit of distressing
right here and the thigh not too much for the office because sometimes they
don’t really like when you wear super distressed jeans to the office and then
these are a nice light to medium wash so they’re not super dressy addressee like
a dark wash but then they’re not too light but they look too casual and then
I love the fact that their crops so you get that nice ankle exposure that I love
so that we do wear your heels you can see the entire shoe
orange is really be it color right now and so I got these little mules that
have a little kid yo from Zara they’re like a horn suede I absolutely love
these shoes they’re just so adorable and they’re got a perfect little pop of
orange if you wanted to incorporate an orange into your wardrobe without going
too over-the-top and then to round out the look we are going to work after all
grabbing my trusty Celine belt bag this is white taupe this color right is still
made so if you think you missed out on getting a Phoebe Philo inspired bag you
can still get this color you just don’t have the accent over the e but if you
pull with that thumb cool with that so here’s your casual
they’ll take you straight into the weekend I really hope that you enjoyed
this YouTube video for all of the old work where looks it took you Monday
through Friday I wish it actually was the weekend but alas it’s my day again
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back here next time bye

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