5 High Paying Careers in China

Are you interested in starting your new career
in China? If yes, then take a look at these top 5 high
paying careers. China’s economy has been growing strong
for the last few decades and now many people from different countries are starting their
careers here. So, let’s jump right into our list with
number 5. There has always been a lot of money in managing
people’s money. So, number 5 on our list is financial management. According to Glassdoor, financial managers
in China can make around $55,000 to $75,000 USD per year. This is considered really good in China, especially
when the average annual salary is only $8,000 to $15,000 USD according to different sources. Overall, the financial industry tends to pay
better than other industries in China. If you don’t like math and finance, you
could always consider helping people with their personal problems. Number four on our list is psychologists and
mental health professionals. With China’s large population and high stress
work environments, many people are turning to professionals to help with their personal
issues. This means high demand and high salaries for
people working in the industry. Many psychologists work in schools or hospitals
and the average annual salary for Social Care providers, according to PayLab, ranges between
$40,000 and $50,000 USD. Engineers and Scientists are up next on our
list, because they are highly sought after here. China has long been a manufacturing hub and,
as more companies shift to innovation growth, they need more engineers and scientists. According to Glassdoor, salaries notably range
from $30,000 to $80,000 USD annually, but despite the pay range most engineers and scientists
make well above the annual average. Along with general engineers and scientists
for manufacturing and bio sciences, China is also recruiting Data Scientists and Software
Engineers. With its push into AI technologies and being
home to the largest internet population in the world, China needs software engineers
and computer scientists to keep the country’s digital economy running. This means demand and salaries are high in
these fields. According to Glassdoor, jobs in these fields
can bring salaries between $30,000 and $100,000 USD. Again, the range is wide, but salaries are
based on skills, company, and years of experience. That brings us to number 1 on our list: Airline
Pilots. Right now, China is experiencing a shortage
of pilots, which is pushing the salaries through the clouds. According to CNN, “Some carriers are advertising
salaries of more than $300,000 a year and they say they’ll cover the tax bill, too.” Analysts estimate that China will need between
4,000 and 5,000 new airline pilots every year for the next two decades since Chinese airlines
are among the fastest growing on the planet. Pilots top our list, because that is some
serious cash! With such high demand and lucrative packages,
we can expect to see many young Chinese and foreign pilots flying high in China! Hope you enjoyed this top 5 list about some
of the highest paying jobs in China. I’m sure we missed a few, so be sure to
leave a comment below and let us know about them. Also, if you are working in China leave a
comment to tell us what you are doing and don’t forget to subscribe for more great
China content.

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  2. yes friends China’s economy has been growing strong in recent years , more and more people come to China and work in China. I am also surprised to find out that the top 1 is pilot hahaha. However, China has more than the listed top 5 jobs open to expats like copywriter ,marketing manager, designers and so on. if you want to ask how do I know these job info, I can tell you it is this website www.hiredchina.com where I get these hiring information

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