5 Reasons To LOVE Working At Darwin Recruitment

Hi, my name is Ellis Benjamin. I’m the
internal recruiter here at Darwin Recruitment, and this is my five reasons
why I love to work for Darwin. So the first one is flexibility. Sometimes it can take me between an hour and a half to two hours to get to work every day and
my manager understands that as well, so we all work from laptops in the office.
It promotes a remote working environment and if a situation arises where we can’t
come to the office we’re able to work from home which is brilliant. So the second one is company culture we’ve got people from all walks of life on our
sales floor, we’ve got people that are really into football, got people that are
really into gaming and the weird thing is everybody gets along really well.
We have the cloud where everybody sort of comes to chill on breaks and lunch
times and there’s a sense of competitiveness both in work and outside
of work as well. I think that’s what works really well for the culture. The third reason is progression. One of the reasons I actually joined the company is
because I could see a clear route of progression all the way through from
junior to management in the business. On our sales floor at the moment we have
six levels of consultants all the way through from junior to lead. And if you
hit certain parameters in terms of targets and monetary deal values you
will earn a promotion. So the fourth one is growth. One of the exciting things for me when I actually started working as our internal recruiter was the fact of
how much we’re going to grow for business in the next two years. We have
four offices: obviously the main HQ here in Essex, but also in Amsterdam, Munich
and Boston. And it really excited me hearing our growth plans across all of
these individual teams in that period. The last one is why we obviously all
come to work every day. It’s the money our commission structure here is brilliant and it’s achievable, it’s uncapped so anything that you bring
in for the business you see the result of in obviously rewards in money. If
you’re interested in finding out more about what it’s like to work here at
Darwin please send me an email it’s [email protected] or you can also see our open roles on our website on our careers page as well.

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