6 Weird but Real Companies

There’s some businesses out there that are
so weird they’re almost unbelievable. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good mythical morning.
– Okay, today’s pretty simple. What we’re going to do is there are some
businesses out there that are crazy, some that you might not think are real
and that gave us the idea to play a game right now, Link I’m going to test your
knowledge of real or fake businesses. – Real simple here.
– I have an acute knowledge of real businesses We come up with weird business ideas all
the time so I do think that you’ll be good at this and you may already know some of
these, I don’t know. So I’m gonna go through ten different ones,
some are real, some are fake, you tell me which ones are real, which ones are fake.
If you get seven out of ten, seventy percent, – That’s just like a D technically.
– Which ones are real? – You gotta figure it out.
– You’re not gonna tell me? – No, that’ll defeat the purpose.
– Hence the game. You get a business tie, the official
business tie. I’m not even going to show it to you. – Really? I find myself wanting an
– Whoa, oh my, whoops. Don’t look at it. “official business tie” so I’m going to
try really hard. First company! A company that produces
synthetic wishbones. – Proudly made in the U S of A!
– So you can wish without harming an actual chicken because there’s plenty of
vegetarian and vegan people who still want to make wishes and how are they going to
do that unless a company exists? I hope this is true and I’m gonna say that
it is true for that reason. (ding sound)
Ding, ding, ding, ding. Yes it’s called “Lucky break wishbone corporation” and
there’s a guy named Ken Ahorni! – Exactly, Ken Ahorni is a great inventor.
– He was celebrating his 47th birthday slash thanksgiving, guess that they’re on the
same day when it dawned on him “Why is there only one wishbone to break?” – Oh so he’s just–
– So it wasn’t about the vegans, man. Everybody should get– Every two people – should get their own–
– And he’s like “yeah, every pair of – people should have a wishbone.”
– It was a source of conflict every sunday when my nanny would fry up a chicken and
we would fight over who got to pull the – wishbone. And our family broke apart
– Yeah. – because of that.
– Like a wishbone. Fun fact: a wishbone is called a “Furcula” which also refers to
a furry Dracula. Shut your mouth. Testicular implants for neutered pets to
give the appearance that they’re dog is still his old self. Is there a company
that sells these? There may be a company that sells it but
no one’s buying this thing because the ASPCA. I mean, this business couldn’t stay
and said business. I’m gonna say that this is your pitiful
attempt at… lying. – (laughs) Fake.
– You’re wrong, Link they’re real – Noo!
– and they’re called “neuticles.” – No!
– Here they are, there’s a picture of them. “It’s like nothing ever changed”
is the tagline. – Oh my no!
– Greg Miller got these for his dog named Buck after he was neutered so that they
would boost his confidence as he strutted around the park. They come in varying
sizes and differing firmness’s (laughs) Is it– Maybe it’s not cruel if it’s part
of the same procedure but it’s cruel if it’s a different procedure. Yeah, this is a get it all done at the
same time. Same time. Okay then, alright I should
have known that. How about this?
A service where professionals talk into an ear piece,
guiding you through small talk on a first date, or at parties.
Is this real or fake? – Hmm. Hmm.
– Hearing piece. – (whistles)
– I could– I could– Okay, I’m being told right now the answer.
Just kidding. Ear piece humor. – (both laugh)
– Um– Man, this could be real.
This is believable. – More believable than the testicle one.
– Neuticles? – Testicle.
– I’m gonna go that you made this one up, – though. False.
– You’re right, Link! (ding sound) It’s fake, but if it was real,
it would be called WhisperingWingman.com. – (laughs)
– It could be real. – I mean, you made that up.
– That’s not– Yeah. – You invented a business right there.
– I tried real hard on this. – It’s only a website.
– Oh man. – How ’bout this?
– Whispering wingman. Somewhat like a dating service,
a website that matches you with an – imaginary friend.
– Imaginary friend. – Real or fake?
– So this is a novelty site. Is there– But what do they charge for?
Do they charge for that service? – It’s a business.
– This, too, is fake. – This is fake, my friend.
– You sure? This reveals your desperate need for an
imaginary friend. – You’re right, Link! It’s fake,
– (ding sound) but if it was real, it would be called,
ImaginaryMingle.com. – (laughs) Rhett,
– (laughs) you don’t need an imaginary friend.
I’m your real friend right here. – I think this should–
– Am I not good enough? I think it should be.
Imaginary friends on the side, – it’s different.
– (crew laughs) – And everybody needs one!
– Dogs need one in their– Uh–. – Rental service for a herd of goats to
– (laughs) – remove weeds from land.
– Okay, so the all natural mowing service. I was recently driving past a home and
they had put an electric fence in their front yard so that cows could be there.
This was in North Carolina. Hm. I would think that would not be in
Los Angeles. – Oh.
– (crew laughing) – What about the goat.
– And so, I believe that this– This could happen.
Yes, it’s true. – Link you’re on a roll!
– (ding sound) It’s called We Rent Goats.
WeRentGoats.com, – which can be misread as Weren’t Goats.
– (both laugh) – You don’t wanna go to weren’tgoats.com.
– (laughing) You know those goats– – (laughing) They weren’t goats.
– we found out they weren’t goats. Ayy. – What were they?! If they weren’t goats?
– Yeah, properly managed goats choose the weeds 85% of the time compared to 13% from
grasses. I don’t know how you manage goats. – Properly but when you do–
– Take 10% off the top. – An online marketplace that sells
– Entertainment humor. engagement rings from failed relationships.
Woo, this is a smart idea. So when your relationship fails you can
get a little bit more money. It’s like Car Max for a broken
engagements? Yeah, rings. Sell the ring, the
engagement ring. – Oh man. I think I would’ve seen this
– (high pitched) Oh man. advertised. Because you have to advertise
it to get people to give their rings to – then even have a business.
-True. Unless you get them from a whole saler.
No, this is fake. – (buzzer noise)
– Link you’re wrong. – It’s real, it’s called
– Ooh, really?! Idonowidont.com! This was started by a guy called
Josh Opperman in 2007 when he went home realising his en– fiance, I almost said
“enagegee” (laughs) had left but left her ring behind it was a
$10,000 ring so he started this site to sell the ring and now he just does it for
other people. – Oh man. What a sad, sad world.
– I do, now I don’t. A room set up to look like an office,
living area or kitchen where you can just – break stuff.
– Hm. Pay to break stuff. I just think that the overhead associated
with this place is just not gonna– The business is just not viable.
Fake. – (buzzer sound)
– Wrong, Link! Angeerroom.com! – Angerroom.com? Where is it?
– Dallas, Texas. – For $75 you get 25 minutes–
– To wreck a room? – To destroy real life mocked up rooms.
– Wow. Look at the person. Look at how satisfied
that person is. – I don’t know about that.
– I don’t like the decor in there. Plywood? Meals of your choo– Hey, he’s missed
three, right? – You gotta get all the rest right.
– Gotta surge. Meals of your choice are partially digested
by one of about a dozen people you select then vomit it up and sold is vacuum packed
containers. – For what? Why?
– Well. Some people are into this kind of thing.
Vomit. – (laughs)
– I can’t imagine. I can’t imagine why you would
make this up. – (laughs) Really?
– (laughs) Gosh. I think it’s false,
but I’ve gotta go out on a limb and try to – say true!
– Link, I made it up, man! – (buzzer sound)
– Dang it! – (crew laughs)
– But if it was real, – it’d be called Eeugh-Bay.
– (both laugh) Alright, I thought it was so crazy
it had to be real. – Keep ’em coming.
– A service where cremated remains are put into a concrete ball and placed into
the bottom of the ocean. I mean, yeah.
Make an anchor out of your uncle. I’ve wanted to do that.
Sorry uncle. – (breathes in)
– Alright, Link. You’re right.
It’s called EternalReefs.com. There was a guy who just had a business
where he put these reef balls down in the bottom of the ocean to build a reef,
and his father and law is dying. It’s like,
“When I die, I want you to put me in – one of those reef balls.”
– Hm. – And now he does it for everybody.
– Or you put them in a dog scrotum. – You– (laughs)
– (laughs) (southern accent) “My dog got reef balls
instead of neuticles, they’re a little heavier and he’s at the bottom of the
ocean. – (both laugh)
– He’s happy!” Alright, Link you’ve already missed four
but listen, if you get 6 out of 10 and I’m – going back on my– ‘Cause I want you to
– (shoutiung) I wan’t the tie! have this tie. If you get this one right
I’m still going to give you the tie. – The pity win.
– A writer will follow you around and document your life and write
sensationalized stories about your exploits. That’s called TMZ. (laughs)
My jokes are so bad. Yeah, today especially. (laughs) Is it real or fake, man? You better be
right about this. – Fake.
– You’re right, Link! – Yes!
– But if it were real it would be called “A blog.” – ♪ (victory music) ♪
– Congratulations! You get a business – time tie!
– Whoaa! Whoops, put it on backwards. Do you feel
like a winner? Do you feel like a business man? – I don’t know who tied that tie but
– I mean– It’s got an upside down knot on it. Here we go. – Look at that. “I mean business.” (laughs)
– Get back to work! – Thanks for liking and commenting.
– Get back to work! You know what time it is. My name is Amen, currently residing at
Den, Texas but originally from Hooper, Saudi Arabia and it’s time to
spin The Wheel of Mythicality (strums ukulele) There’s this new website called
facebook.com and we’re on there, you should go there facebook.com/rhettandlink
because we make exclusive videos for facebook people only. – What?
– Yeah we’ve been doing that. Click through to good mythical more where
we discuss more amazing businesses that you won’t believe exist. – Inspirational pep talk to moldy bread.
– Hey moldy bread, bring it in, bring it – in close and listen up!
– Oh not too close, whoa. Sorry, step back a little bit, listen,
people are gonna tell you that you that – it’s over for you.
– But it’s not. Listen, they’re gonna get desperate and they’re gonna come back to
you and they’re gonna forget that you’re moldy. And then they’re gonna realize that that
stuff on you that looks gross could – actually stop disease.
– Huah! And so they’re gonna eat you up and – they’re gonna be like (makes spitting noises)
– And then they’re gonna get healed. – And you should be happy about that.
– Yeah. [Captioned by Hayleigh and Whitney:
GMM Captioning Team]

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