1. Love your page. Ever since I subscribed to your page my ideas have been cooking and live!!! Very inspirational and motivational. Helped my page a a lot!!!!

  2. I love the value from this channel! ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  3. Man. This guy is great. Iโ€™ve been listening to his advice about getting more subscribers on YouTube and it beats all others.

  4. From the day I have started watching you I have become a big fan. I'm learning so much from you. Thank you is very lessโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™

  5. I know it. and I will start it. But Now My focused is grow up. With Photoshop Learning Channel. After building enough my channel then I will start email marketing. But for now, I want to focus on my Channel and Content

  6. My list is SOOO tiny. I've changed what I am doing. I am totally lost as how I can even ask anyone for their email. My channel is beyond small. And thanks to you Roberto, I am continuing to push out content, growing myself and not being bummed that no one is paying attention. You've provided so much inspiration for me it is crazy! Conceptually I get the email list thing but actualizing it and doing it, ummm yeah fall short. Heck I am just figuring out how to make recorded videos. QOTD > biggest frustration with SM, pushy people that have no clue who I am, have never talked to me and then send me a message to join/buy/do a dance their thing/their event (which is like the antithesis of who I am) and a host of other things. I really feel MLMs have done some much janky stuff they ruined a lot of things for others. "Hey girl" messages make me want to eat my own puke!

  7. Yay another video to start my morning tomorrow. For me it's 1.19am so I'm almost at stage where my phones gonna fall and hit me in the face I kid you not Roberto it's happened me a few times before and I just laughed at myself. Off to catch my zzz then I be back with my comment on the morning. โ˜•๐Ÿ˜Š Gotta support and watch each vid you do cause I love them and your my fav YouTuber.

  8. I'm glad my youtube notifications work for at least one channel… Great video roberto, I need to set up an email list for when i Release videos, because youtube won't notify them, and one of these days niche down…

  9. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ so much information ๐Ÿคฏ thanks so much. Definitely helpful for me. I guess I can't say how limited any social media is because I know that I am not leveraging them properly, but hopefully, with more work and education, I will start to improve.

  10. Roberto you are a beast with this stuff! I started applying what you say and my Youtube channel has been growing fast in the real estate sector. Thanks for all you do!

  11. Thanks again for your amazing tips. Slowly and happily gaining recognition. Wishing you a fantastic week x)

  12. Definitely interested in growing my mailing list from 0 to 10k. Looking to launch a website and building my mailing list. I've built a lead magnet-ish. Hoping it pays off.

  13. Hi, thank you for your info.
    I dislike how an individual has to โ€œfit insideโ€ a category.
    I want to provide info for various types and categories however the algorithm of social media doesnโ€™t push content that is different from my usual. ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ

  14. I had been slacking with my email list for a while, but I've committed to putting an email out once a week again. I've never thought about what's my biggest frustration with social media, honestly. I'm not growing as fast as I would like, but that's my fault. I need to get better at holding people's attention and converting visitors to followers/subscribers. There's nothing I can think of that frustrates me about social media that's just how social media is and is beyond my control.

  15. Email marketing definitely works. We've raised about $800K on indiegogo with it. I also tell about this kind of stuff on my channel, you are very welcome!

  16. I like your focus on building out your followers beyond youtube and on the $. We need the money. It's not being selfish. We just really do.

  17. I really appreciate your channel. I re-did my thumbnails b/c of one of your shows. Thank you so much! S.R. Ridley, A Nurse You Can Trust

  18. As a novice Youtuber I currently use MailChimp, however, as I grow I will definitely look into this.

  19. I have an email list with 10k people but they signed up through various efforts of mine that I've done over the years and it's not differentiated. I have no clue how or what the signed up through. I've yet to do anything serious with it. I'm not sure what do do with it.

  20. Leave it to Roberto to read my mind to know exactly what the next project Iโ€™m working on for my business and deliver a video to get me started

  21. My biggest problem with social media is I cannot directly contact my audience.

  22. Do you suggest having a survey or a form they can fill out in the welcome email? I am a musician and I would love to know where my audience is and where they go to see concerts

  23. Mr. Roberto youโ€™re a beast bro great info especially the lead magnet ๐Ÿงฒ step I will definitely be implementing this I appreciate your energy!

  24. Thank you for this video! My biggest frustration with social media is the fact that my posts do not reach enough people. This is why I inquired about email marketing in the comments section of one of your earlier videos; I want to reach as many potential customers as I can and show them the artwork that I have. I'll admit that the email marketing field is intimidating, but I'm willing to learn more about it. I have to if I want to be successful. Thank you again, Roberto.

  25. Hi Iโ€™ve watched a couple of your videos and Iโ€™m a new YouTube( since December) and I was wondering if you could check out my channel and give me advice and feedback because I really want to grow!
    Thanks in advance

  26. Been waiting for this one. I wanted to see how far off I was… As I expected , a great video Roberto!

  27. Fantastic video, I have an email list but I have no idea on how to use it properly, thank you Roberto.

  28. email marketing is very powerful, this is something that is so important for a lot of different reasons, that and my youtube channel are my main focuses !

  29. Solid info! Thank you so much!
    Social media makes you bound by their algorithm. If you have 5 million subscribers and THAT is your only method of contact, and the social media platform glitches or deletes you for whatever reason, you lose A LOT ! When you have something like a website, it is YOURS to with what you wish. So, if you don't agree with a particular platform or want more reach or want to offer more value, a website allows you to do such. It's also awesome for proving some more credibility and back linking.

  30. Thanks Roberto for that information.
    What do you think of the new trends like Facebook bots and SMS marketing?

  31. Oh yeah baby. I can't wait until you do Email Marketing 201! Until then, I'll sign up to your email list to dissect your style ;D

    To answer your question, I've had an email list for about a year. I send emails every Thursday at 8pm. It took so much learning and trial amd error. I have around 100 people on the list. I want it to grow, but first I want to nurture this list and get some engagement! However, I met a few of my email listers and they told me they stay updated but are too shy to reply :p

    I think the biggest struggle for me is the nurturing part of it. My goal for the email list is to be less salesy and more conversational. I want my subscribers to get to know me more, so when it is time for that hard ask, they feel more inclined to follow through. Actually two of my subscribers backed my art book Kickstarter! The first email list ROI I've seen!

    I think my largest struggle with my email list is finding what to say/sharing interesting things about my art / weaving each email into a larger narriative.

    Once I can dissect a good strategy, then I can finally scale! But until then, I'll be pushing email lists at conventions I vend at~

    For the QOTD My boggest frustration with social media and it's limitations is the lack of reach and engagement. I think I have that problem with my email list as well.

  32. I think the most frustrating thing about social media and YouTube to me is how people have started obsessing over "how to reach a certain metric" instead of thinking about how they can create genuine, good content.

  33. I have about 200 in my email list. It is growing, when I actually push it. Currently, there is a monthly newsletter that goes out but that is it. I have gotten good feedback on that email and it seems to work well as far as affiliate links, driving traffic to content, etc. I am using MailChimp currently. I would like to grow that list considerably but am having a little trouble figuring out what a good offering might be to entice people to sign up.

  34. Roberto, My e-mail list is right now on 0. Havenโ€™t started yet BUT soon will! Need to figure out what platform offers the most easy way to โ€œdesignโ€ my website including having solutions for drag and drop videos and photos, solutions for paying customers (not a fan of coding for stripe, woocommerce, WordPress etc etc). I find it insanely stressful and time consuming. I seriously need a site that offers all of the above and more. Drag and drop. Any suggestions Roberto?

  35. >Hay big thanks to you in general.
    Now my plan was to work my day job and make videos in my spare time. Making money wasnt actually a part of the plan. It started as a side effect. You talked about how to make money on the side and I did it. I did it just a little bit on fiverr and from there Local folks liked my work and hired me.

    Now I was on fiverr so Cheap and my locals want that service but in bulk So I am really cheap and I actually give them pointers on how i do what I do so they can do their own photos… because most the folks i am dealing with are just realizing they need good product photos and then want to inderstand how to do it and That is FINE!

    Thats great because this id not what i was to do long Term
    >That said< i am doing it on a very large scale that scale is like 10K peices Hundreds of models

    Combo of video and images.

  36. I started my mailing list way too late (about 3 months ago) but I have a killer lead magnet and the newsletter itself is packed with tons of value. My subs are steadily climbing. I'm at around 300 subs, but I know I could be doing better. You mentioned a few tips that I have yet to implement. I think by doing them it's really going to help. I definitely want to see your video on growing your list to 10 K! Keep it coming, Roberto! Your content has been a tremendous value to me over the years!

  37. Roberto thank you for making this video. This is something I feel for sure I could look into. Be good for my subscribers. I will look into wix I'm not good when it comes to technology but I'm a YouTuber so I need to get better. Lol hopefully I will figure out and have a way of getting emails sent to subscribers with website too. Thank you again for your top notch content and idea sharing

  38. I've got email marketing set up through mailchimp, but I will probably need to move for better segmentation. Since I'm not promoting as I should, I'm pretty stagnant at the moment. In the middle of building a VA biz, so a lot is falling by the wayside ๐Ÿ˜ข I'd love more tutorials on growing email lists. QOTD: biggest SM frustration is finding time to do it all while building up to where I can outsource somethings.

  39. I was watching the live stream on TubeBuddy. You were there and I heard that you started coding at the age of 13. How do you feel confident on camera. Can you make a video on How not to stammer on camera and give good expresions?

  40. I've had a subscription box on my site, and I have a few hundred lovely folks who've joined already! I have absolutely no idea what to do with this list ๐Ÿ™ˆ I've sent one monthly round up so far and that's it. Help me Roberto ๐Ÿ˜†

  41. I tried to use mailchimp and it was a requirement to announce my address on it, so I tested it out and set it up, I signed up to my mailing list with a different email and it shows my address at the bottom. Apparently its a GDPR requirement or something? I can't go forward with it unless I rented an office or something. What is your view on this?

    EDIT: I've looked around for videos about it, but have found none.

  42. Hi Roberto! You and I and other biz owners of all ages understand the importance of email marketing. Question: If the target market is under 30, how do you encourage them to sign up for an email when they prefer to use other quick IM type platforms for connecting? Open rates for this market are often very low. Thank you! โ™ฅ

  43. I'm not going to lie. I've been avoiding watching this video because I know that I REALLY need to start a list, but I don't want to spend the time to do it. No more excuses though. Time to set it up!

  44. Excellent stuff Roberto! Liked, subโ€™d ,shared! You have motivated me to get my digital act together on all fronts. โ˜ฎ๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐ŸŒ…

  45. This is part of what I was looking for. Thank you for making this video.
    You mention tags for who receives these emails. I am wondering how to go about this because I haven't started yet, but I have two active channels, one gaming and another alternative healing. While some people will be interested in both, some will not be. I'm not sure if I should dedicate emails for gaming and other for healing, or if I should do a mix, with links to latest videos on both channels and some thoughts that could entice each audience. I'll probably need to watch more videos and figure out my plan before I begin, but I'm really wondering how to go about it for these two drastically different channel topics. My website has everything, including projects, which I can sometimes include in the emails, but most of the focus is these two channels.

  46. Hi Roberto Blake. I appreciate you for taking the time to let us know how important having an email list is to developing and maintaining communication with your social media audience. I am currently working on implementing the tips you have shared with us. Thank you so much for the information.

  47. The 7 steps are:

    00:58 1) Pick an email marketing platform.

    02:18 2) Set up your own website.

    03:34 3) Set up your main email list.

    05:16 4) Your first welcome email.

    06:55 5) Make the lead magnet.

    07:40 6) Build the opt-in form.

    09:05 7) Make and plan your content.

  48. I currently have an email list of about 200, but have never really known how to use the list properly. Still trying to figure out what my free offer of great value will be. I create vibrant landscape and seascape paintings and have lots of original images that I could share and I also do youtube painting training videos.

  49. Roberto great video thanks. You mentioned something in the video about a another video with tips on starting with zero and growing your email marketing list. I am at a very early stage of my business and would like see that video. I didnโ€™t catch where to go watch it. Thanks! Iโ€™ll look on your channel!

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