A Better Deal for Maryland

Thank you, Leader Pelosi. And we’re for baseball from the Potomac River
to the great city of Baltimore. And let me just say to all of you, this is
— and it’s great — I will say to my friend, Mark Warner, for those of you who are Marylanders,
it is a great sacrifice to cross the Potomac River into the state of Virginia. I am glad to be here with everybody, especially
on this important occasion. I want to thank all of you for joining together
to focus on the issues that are top of mind for the American people. How can we get a better deal for hard working
families? How can we get a better deal for small business-men
and small business-women who don’t have high-priced lobbyists in Washington like the big multi-national
corporations do? How can we get a better deal for middle-class
families and those who are working very hard to join the middle class? In short, how do we get a better deal for
America? And I want to thank Leader Schumer and Leader
Pelosi and all the Democrats and all of you and people we’ve been hearing from around
the country to bring us together to focus on that question. Because people need to know not only what
we’re fighting against; they need to know what we are fighting for in the United States
Congress. And our Democratic senators and House members
have been travelling to every part and every corner of their states and their districts,
they’ve been listening to the American people, from cities to suburbs to rural areas, and
we’re all hearing the same thing; that too many Americans are feeling squeezed between
flat or sinking paychecks on the one hand and rising costs and prices on the other. Too many people are working harder than ever
but feel like they’re on a treadmill or falling behind. And that’s what brings us together today,
because it’s not enough to just identify the problem. It’s not enough to simply analyze and empathize. We have to put forward bold solutions. And that is exactly what the better deal plan
is all about. And we are going to be unveiling the specifics
of it because the American people deserve to hear what we intend to do, not only what
we are talking about in general terms. And so I want to thank everybody who’s been
part of this effort which has really been the result of listening to the American people. And as we take this plan around the country,
we’ll continue to listen to them and get feedback. But remember, our goal is to focus on how
we answer that question that is on the minds of the American people: How do we get a better
deal for America?

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  1. LMAO! Looks like these criminals have a huge amount of interest in their message. 102 views in more than 15 months. Or possibly the comments are all being deleted because they attack and reflect poorly on these scumbags.

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