A business by myself | 自分でビジネスをしたい

hey what’s up everyone typhoon is approaching I didn’t get out of my apartment So, I worked on English subtitle on my video which is about Meiji Shrine that I told you yesterday I will upload the video earlier than I expected yeah, that’s it no, wait I wait patiently that a typhoon past Can you hear the noise of rain? Sorry, if it is noisy Tonight is heaviest typhoon I wish that we don’t have damages One more thing I want to say is I am on job hunting right now In short, I don’t want to work let me explain more ” I don’t want to work” sounds weird I don’t want manual work anymore I had 5 year experience of working in a company with lots of manual works My personality didn’t match to the company so It was really really tough experience about mismatching When I think about it It is nightmare So I want to establish my company called ARRIVAL NOTICE Co.,Ltd But I don’t have business model nor business idea Just looks good on paper It’s like a child But as my mission, I want to crossover the cultures around the world this is my mission I want to express different culture I want to explain them briefly I want to connect the people who are interested in different culutures I want to make it possbile via films or the platforms As I told you before It is so fun to hang out with the people from different country It is fun to explain japanese culture, too I learned a lot of things from them I like these stuffs and I handle English It is my strength I want to make use of it I look for something that I can monetize my skills I don’t want to chase only monetization I need money to survive This is what I think recently I want to make work by myself I want to create works with my laptop As you know, I keep uploading videos on Youtube It seems difficult to monetize It seems difficult to monetize soon at least Therefore I want everyone watch my video to know my personality and skills I want to express it If someone need me, I want them to offer the jobs direclty this is the style I want For example translator for the foreign guests it sounds cool If someone want to learn Spanish no, if someone want to learn English I want to teach them And I want to earn money this is my idea Well that’s it It is October…(It is 12 Oct) I’m sorry I will end this video Thanks for watching!

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