A Work Force to Reflect Our Community

Hello I’m Hazara Coleman University relations manager for Fifth Third Bank I had the distinct pleasure of working with universities like Tennessee State as a part of our historically black colleges and universities Strategy which is ingrained in our university religious programs Why is this important because Fifth Third Bank has a very strong commitment to diversity and inclusion as? An organization we recognize that our workforce must reflect that of our community We want to ensure that when our customers come in our doors Or have any means that we have people who are engrained in the communities that reflect their various interests That reflects their various needs that knows their communities and are committed to making those communities better Therefore we want to have strong relationships at universities like Tennessee State and other HBCUs In addition to our overall relationship without HBCUs as part of our strategy We want to ensure that when students are hired into our programs the leadership programs have opportunities to abide them very unique experiences to ensure that their trajectory as Leaders is very fast and that our culture is one that is very welcoming Peer mentors are signed We also have a very strong focus on our business resource groups Which ensure that the culture of simulation takes place? We want to ensure that we also focus not only on hiring, but retaining top talent

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  1. Great job, Hosetta! Proud to be a part of our UR team and a company that values and makes diversity a priority!

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