ABB in Hanover: What Integrated Industry means

for us in the process industries on process automation as a vendor integrated industry means a integration of the value chain from practically the upstream part all the way to the downstream part the whole value chain of an industry to be integrated next steps for us means that we go from optimizing a part of this value chain to connecting all the parts of the value chain so the whole value equation is one flow in the big picture one of the main advantages of integrated industry is that process equipment and process systems can exchange data in real time this means that ABB can provide information about how the efficient the processes are running and allowing the plant operators to run have energy efficiency as a key performance indicator just like they have with with the production volume and quality today for electrical motors the biggest cost during its lifetime is the cost of electrical energy the outcome that we see is this minimum efficiency standards being implemented across the world the coexistence and the played together collaboration between our control system and our drive systems is more optimized than for any other player in the market this is why we're leading in every workout that deals a lot with industrial motion whether it's grinding crushing drilling or even power generation as soon as you turn something and have higher thorak upwards then typically we have a leadership position motors and generators is really one of these fundamental building blocks of industrial automation so when you walk around in a process industry you will find these products more or less every meter along your path what we contribute here is providing more and more energy-efficient products from a business point with you this means that energy efficiency is more of a qualifier today not really differentiated anymore actually it's quite interesting in process industries we have been looking at big data for a long time we have collecting data as a habit our historians are collecting terabytes of data about batches about production about all the optimization steps that the operators do on the shop floor in the control room and we have been analyzing this data for a long time what integrated industry or industry 4.0 does for us is to make that a more real time thing so in other words decisions can be taken on the spot different parts of the plant communicate with each other devices communicate with each other and that allows to speed up the whole process and make it a real-time process

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  1. Would you see a role for ABB's process automation experience in a potential Saharan Forest Project roll out?   

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