Active Campaign Demo + Review (Email Marketing Automations)

If you’re a small business, then
automating as much as possible will definitely help your business to grow!
The reason why is because you have limited time. You have so much limited
time, but so many things that you need to do. That is why I truly enjoy
using ActiveCampaign! When I first started with email marketing, I
was using MailChimp. It was really hard to actually tag people the
correct way in Mailchimp. Or to even divvy up your list and create segments with
out having to be double billed for the same user. So I switched from Mailchimp, and then I went on over to Convertkit. I
actually really (really!) enjoyed using Convertkit. I love Convertkit. Convertkit
was actually great for me, but the inner… “Pretty email person” inside
of me was like craving to have something that could really withstand having
beautiful pictures put inside my stuff or nice buttons that are put inside of
my automations and everything like that. So, I left a Convertkit and I went over and
I started with ActiveCampaign. Now, let me tell you… Okay. ActiveCampaign… My
heart… So, active campaign has been amazing! And if you have not used any
sort of automation inside your email marketing business what are you doing?
You need to start using automations like today. And the reason why is because
automation will help to save you so much time in your business! Instead of
having to send out emails every single week to people because they’re in a particular program and you want to send them certain emails, then set up an automation for it, and save yourself an hour of your day! It is so deep with the type and amount of automation that you can actually create
in ActiveCampaign. You have date-based automations, you can make people in your list (who are going through a funnel) to actually wait in a certain part if they
didn’t do a certain action on your site if it’s not a certain date or based off
of what type of tags they have you can start automation based on all these
different types of things you can really automate the entire email marketing
process and not even just for regular marketing purposes but you can also
automate the processes that you would normally communicate with your clients
or with your customers based on certain types of actions or dates or anything
else that they’re doing on your site it’s just another reason why I truly
enjoy active campaign I feel like I’m really able to have the deliverability
that I want because deliverability is one of the main main problems that a lot
of people have with their work with their email marketing platforms some
some of them just do not deliver that well or you’ll just keep getting put
into spam nobody wants to be put into spam no one’s seeing your messages and
the ease of actually making your automations and super easy
they have a ton of pre-made templates for automation like tons of them at
least 50 of them where you can pick from like stuff that would drive revenue
stuff that way increased customer satisfaction stuff that would help to
build relationships with your audience even re-engagement automations there’s
so many things to pick from and you don’t need to use them you just need to
use what’s right through your business what’s right for your brand but I truly
just enjoy using active campaign if you want to give extra campaign a try
click the link down below the median affiliated link so I make a little
percentage of anything if you were to actually start using active campaign and
your email marketing but I truly love it I’ve spent some time setting up my
automations right now and it’s great like it automates so much stuff for you
and even me like running my program and stuff I set up an automation in there so
that it welcomes people and then it puts them into a different one and then it’s
like ok when they are in this automation so you’re gonna get these emails this
cycle you can set up on nations that go in cycles it repeats and repeats and
repeats you can set up portions of it that just sends you an email so you can
go and update something or call your client or email a customer on your own
you can do so many things and I feel like as if campaign is one of the email
marketing platforms that gives you almost endless possibilities and that is
why I feel as though I am going to be sticking around with them for quite some
time because they give me the flexibility that I truly want and while
also giving me the beautiful emails and stuff that actually gets delivered to my
people the people are in my community and people that’s in my list so I truly
enjoy active campaign and if you’re looking for a new email marketing
platform that you are I definitely click the link down below because you’re gonna
enjoy it you’re gonna like it now although I must say when you first go
again it does not look anything like any of the other marketing platforms that I
have used so it is at a time you know adjusting to
understand exactly how things work if you guys want me to post a video about
how to understand your active campaign or any particular things that you’re
having problems with feel free to leave it down below in the comment section and
I will answer back to you as soon as possible with how it is that you can
best solve your problem or what it is that you could do so thank you guys for
watching and I’ll see you in the next one. Over and out. Peace!

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