Actuary Career Information : Actuary Salary

As in any job the amount of money that you
make depends on your skill and your experience and actuaries are in the same category. Actuaries
require quite a bit of training in order to become qualified in their profession. There
is increasing amounts of money that you generally make as you progress along the professional
path. At the time that I took the exams there were ten exams that you have to pass in order
to get your full qualification as a fellow of the society of actuaries.By the time that
you are a full fellow you can expect to be making over 100,000 dollars or when you get
out of school and start your first job the jobs are generally competitive with other
college graduates. As you progress in the exams then your salary increases as do your
responsibilities. Salaries go hand in hand with responsibilities generally and people
are willing to pay you for more than you are able to provide. Actuaries can earn lots of
money. I mean many actuaries are Presidents of insurance companies or principals in consulting
firms it really depends on your skills. The field of financial analysis has generally
been exploding. There are lots of kinds of financial analysis that have been increasing
recently. The actuarial profession is just one of the financial areas that somebody might
pursue. The particular assignments that you have will determine the kind of work that
you’ll do.

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  1. for passing exams, it really depends on yourself. the first four exams are offered >= twice a year. some people pass all quickly, some pass some and give up, like myself. These exams are extreme hard and you need to spend your life on for each eaxm, since exam adiminstors are trying to keep the pass mark @ around 40%……But they will eventually pay off. if you decide to become one, tell yourself you will have to pur in a lot more effort than any other professions…Good luck! comment if ??

  2. For passing all the actuarial exams you can expect it to take around 5 years minimum. This does depend on the student and how capable and dedicated to studying you are. The SOA recommends around 400 hours of studying per exam. I've passed the first two – P and FM. Sitting for MFE in May 2009. Someone hire me pleaasee!!!

  3. @MrShadeviperx LMFAO that was the best description of a person I have ever heard! *Stand up and Claps*

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