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press the bell icon for instant updates. The career we will be discussing today
is agriculture engineering. Our entire video would be divided into five
sections as displayed. Introduction, which would give you a brief idea about that
field. Nature of work, brief regarding the actual work one needs to perform in the
field. Eligibility and professional courses available, a list of possible
courses in a given field along with a list of specializations available.
Colleges which are offering the said courses career prospects and salary in
the future would be discussed. I would like to point out that the data given in
this video is not exhaustive in nature and has been made for educational
purposes only students are requested to perform their
own do research before choosing a career you can check the description for
additional details so let’s begin Introduction. The job of agricultural
engineers is to develop equipments and machines which can be used during
production transportation processing and storage of agricultural commodities and
farming processes field engineers deal with land resources, water drainage
systems, crop irrigation systems and their subsequent execution service
engineers are normally dealing with the after sale service support repair work
and prior installation of the set equipments. Now let’s go to nature of
work, the supervising creation and management of the agricultural control
systems like dairy, irrigation, drainage flood control, periodic research and
analysis, environmental impact analysis and finally implementation of practical
solutions are few of the roles which are fulfilled by an agricultural engineers
few of the specializations in agricultural engineering include food
and bio processing environmental sciences, power system design. Other
duties include finding innovative ways to conserve water like rainwater
harvesting and soil conservation, improving the produce and enhancing the
quality of the final product also comes under the responsibilities of
an agricultural engineer now let’s go to eligibility and professional courses
10+2 science with physics chemistry mathematics and/or biology is mandatory.
Entrance examinations are conducted for admission to be BE/B tech programs. In
agricultural engineering there are a few colleges which consider ten plus two
marks for their qualifying examination as well M Tech programs can be
pursued if the individual has completed the BE/ in the same discipline.
Moreover they need to qualify for gate as well now let’s go to the next section
where a few good colleges are listed you can check the description for the
detailed list. Colleges, New Delhi Agricultural University, Indian
Agricultural Research Institute Coim Batrre Punjab Agricultural University.
Moving on to the next part of the video career prospects, there are good career
opportunities in India for agriculture engineering considering the rising
population and the increasing need for high yielding and efficient methods of
farming, agricultural engineers would always be in demand. Few options include
manufacturing industries, water resource management, forestry, mining and
rehabilitation, food processing prei-urban and rural development, machine
development and many more. They can also work in NGOs or under various government
schemes. Few experienced ones can also work as specialists in private
consultants ‘as large corporations government and non-government
organizations or become engineering managers of large farms or estates
private sector agricultural cooperatives manufacturers of agricultural equipment
fertilizer and irrigation companies farming companies, industry service
organizations such as the sugar industry, NGOs, public sector Department of
Agriculture state as well as central government development organizations,
universities, institutions, labs they can hold the following post. Detailed lists
can be checked from the description Posts: agricultural inspector,
agricultural crop engineer ,researcher, agricultural specialist, agricultural
engineer shop manager. The average salary can
range from rupees 20,000 to 40,000 per month at the entry level. A lot depends
on the university you passed out from, the more reputed the university, the
higher your pay package. After a couple of years of experience an individual can
earn up to rupees 50,000 per month or more depending on the skillset
experience and performance with that we come to the end of our video thank you
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  1. Im an agriculture engineer and i completed my degree in 2018. I dont have any idea about my carrier and i was totally confused state . Can u please help me ..

  2. Hi! Myself Rashmi. I am working with Amity University. For any information related to Amity u can call me on this no. 6205175160

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