Alice Eve On Working With Keanu Reeves In Her New Film “Replicas”

What’s wrong? I don’t know William, but something’s not right with me. I don’t remember what I had for dinner last night, I don’t remember leaving the clinic for Christmas break. And didn’t we go on a boat trip? I don’t remember going on a boat trip. William, something’s not right with me. Oh, baby. Where are the kids? Asleep. Sophie has a fever but she’s okay. Maybe you have what Sophie has. Maybe. Why don’t you go lie down and see how you feel in the morning? Ooo! From the new movie Replicas, please welcome Alice Eve. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Oh my God, I love that dress! You look amazing! It’s so nice to meet you! Welcome, welcome! Thank you! Here you go darlin’! But speaking of awesome husbands, you get to go to work and be Keanu Reeves’ wife, that’s not bad. Yeah, that was really easy. (audience applauding) Hello, John Wick! (laughs) Yeah, there he is! So, I love this type of movie. I love thrillers, and I’m fascinated with the concept of this because my dog is getting older, she’s 13, and people very often now clone animals, and so we talk a lot about what if you could clone people. What are your personal thoughts on that? Well it’s a complicated one, you know, in the movie, Keanu does make the decision to clone me and our kids after we die in a crash, and then, of course, is the fallout. I mean, I actually was having a conversation earlier about people who clone their dogs. Yeah. And sometimes, the dogs aren’t the same temperament. It looks the same, and maybe has the same color mark
and they do it with polo ponies, the most successful
Oh, do they? polo team in the world is all one– I used to play polo! Really? Yeah, I was a lunatic. It’s very dangerous. It is a very dangerous sport. Yeah. The most successful polo team in the world is actually now all one animal. You’re joking. No! It’s all one animal that they’ve bred over and over. They’ve cloned it over and over and over again. You see, this is the moral– It’s weird! Yeah, it’s weird!
I don’t know that I would do it, because I feel the same. Even though it looks like that thing, that thing if it had a soul or developed its personality based on whatever your beliefs are, what are the odds that that would be the same? And they aren’t the same, and then also what are the psychological traps that the individual who is cloned are stuck in? You know, and that’s kind of what I went through with my character is, she knows something’s wrong and something’s constantly wrong and it’s that feeling of suspicion, that as a kid you think there’s a monster under the bed. She kind of is living with that, and who knows if that’s what would be the result of this? Exactly, like you feel trapped within yourself. Exactly.
You know something’s not right but you can’t fix it. And we know that’s the worst feeling to have, when you’re like, something’s not right, but you don’t know what it is. I heard that you actually have a ghost story. My mom thought that we lived in a haunted house when I was a little girl. I don’t know if I believe in ghosts or not, but I do think everybody has a soul. Like, I know my dog has a different personality from my former dog. And babies, you can so tell the difference just with babies. They can’t speak, but you can get their personality. Their energy, it’s energy. Right! And where does energy go? Because we only have this much energy in the universe, and that’s the energy we have, so there’s got to be some kind of afterlife. It’s some sort of cyclical thing! There has to be! Who knows what it is? I don’t know, but I definitely don’t doubt my suspicions. Like if I think I see something, I’m like, “It was definitely a ghost.” I love her! Oh my God, you’re so fun! (laughs) I’m like definitely, something’s going down around here. But I don’t know. I get those feelings too. Yeah, they’re feelings. Sometimes, right, things come together that you would never have foreseen happening and you’re like, “Huh, how’d that happen?” And fate as well.
Oh, absolutely. And as much control as we try to exert over our lives, often something else comes in, and you have to resign to it and follow it and do it. And all of those things are difficult to navigate, but I quite like the idea that there are ghosts and that the people that we’ve loved who’ve passed on are still around in some way. Yeah, I feel that presence a lot. Yeah, I do too, and I like that. I miss my grandpa and I wish he could have met my husband and sometimes I feel like things happen, and I like to imagine that he’s hanging out. I think so.
He’s a cool guy. Right, my guy was really cool too. He had ‘mom’ tattooed on his arm. He was a sailor. Awww, I love that! I do too. Yeah, my grandpa used to play cards with the Runzo boys and they let me be one of the fellas, basically, so as a small child, I thought I was a 70-somethin-year-old Sicilian man. (laughs) Oh really, they were all Sicilian? Oh, yeah, drinkin the homemade wine. My first word was vino. Your first word was vino! Vino, cause he’d hold up by ba-ba, and it was all water and wine so I would go to sleep and be quiet. (audience cheering)

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  1. Great acting it was really good, only the effects on the end were too simple, it lacked a bit of polishing, the stroy is was very well toldl, but it's neede more acting instead of the seffects, if they have managed to avoid the computer effects, it would have been a great movie.

  2. Buddhists'understanding about cloning is clear. Even you clone humans the souls are different.
    PS. Keanu also had the close encounter of the ghost and also Alice! They both have the similar experience.

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  4. One morning while filming my cat and dog play fight I caught a bunch of mysterious floating flying orbs all around them. I have no idea what they are but if anything they are very intriguing. I uploaded the video to my YouTube channel if anyone would like to check it out.

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