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Hi, I’m Allison and I just became eligible
for Medicare so I signed up for a Humana Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan. I’m excited because it covers my medical
and prescription needs all in one plan. I take medicine for high blood pressure, so
I need a plan that covers my medications. And since I’m new to Medicare, I’m making
sure to look through all the information I receive from Humana, so I don’t miss out
on anything. Let’s look at what I got from Humana as
a part of my new plan. Pretty soon after I filled out my application
with a Humana agent, I started getting my items in the mail. First, I got this letter about a week after
I submitted my enrollment application. It basically says they got my application
and were processing my enrollment. This letter says, “Details of Your New Humana
Coverage” and it says my enrollment was approved and it has my member ID number and
plan effective date. I got this letter about a week after the enrollment
verification letter. Here, I’ll set these aside for now. And this is my Plan Coverage Package. Inside I find my Evidence of Coverage and
other important documents. It also says I can set up a secure online
account called MyHumana on and choose to get some of my plan documents online
instead of mailed to my home. Let’s see what’s included in this book. This page gives you a list of the documents
included in the book: Evidence of Coverage, Summary of Benefits, and Medicare plan rating. Now, let’s look at the Evidence of Coverage
section. On page five, it says this booklet gives the
details about my Medicare health care and prescription drug coverage. It explains how to get coverage for health
care services and prescription drugs I need. And it also says this is an important legal
document. I’ll keep it in a safe place so I can find
it when I need to. Around the same time I got the big book, I
got my ID card. On the front of my card it has my new member
ID number and on the back, there’s the number to Humana customer service if I ever need
to call them. And next to my card it says, “Call today
and let us know you received your card.” Let’s do that now. I reached an automated system. They asked me to enter my member ID, just
the eight numbers. No need to enter the “H” before the eight
digits. And they asked me to put in my five digit
zip code. Now, they’re giving me information on how
I can activate my online account called MyHumana and that’s where I can view most of my plan
documents online. It sounds pretty easy and judging from this
stack of paper on my desk, getting all this online might be just the way to go. Oh, and I forgot, in the envelope with my
ID card was this Benefits at a Glance document. It shows a list of benefits and costs, like
how much my monthly premium is and what my copays will be for a doctor visit and lab
work. And on this other page, I can see what my
prescription deductible will be for the year and it shows me this comparison of costs if
I go to my pharmacy or if I use a mail-order service. So looking at this, I can see where I can
get medicine the cheapest. Looks like if I use mail order, I might be
able to get a 90-day supply of my medicines at the best price. This is really good information to have. I’ll definitely look into the mail order
option. I hope what I shared with you today was helpful.

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  1. Me gustaría que para combeniesa de las personas de la tercera edad que no entienden mucho Inglés que escribieran algo en español de los documentos interesantes. Muchas gracias

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