Alright! Office Ka Mass Bunk ft. Ambrish Verma, Anushka Sharma, Rohan Shah & Mehek Mehra

Guys, please do SUBSCRIBE to ALRIGHT Award for the “Best Employee of the Year” goes to.. Rishi Ranjan This is Rishi Ranjan Since the past 6 years, he has maintained the record of “Employee of the Year” His life has become a joke All he is concerned about is winning “Employee of the Year” Yes, will do that sir! Absolutely Thank you for calling Yumiko 5G, this was Rishi Ranjan Have a nice day sir Yes sir Yes sir! But.. Yes, yes sir… Sir, why are you abusing me? Hey you! Why did you disconnect the call? Should I complain about you to the TL You dissatisfied a customer He was abusing me a lot! Fine, I won’t take this forward Just stop with your overacting Are you sure? I won’t say a word Was he actually abusing you? Come on! Hello? Hello, who’s this? Your mother’s husband! Now listen! Who do you think you are? Thanks bro! You turned out to be quite cool I’ve a new found respect for you and you know what.. YOU ARE INVITED Where? Are you out of you right mind? Why would one go on a mass bunk for India’s match Sir, are you anti-national? Vimal, tobacco has not only ruined your teeth but your mind too Think about it, it’s India and Bangladesh’s final match It would be so exciting to watch……………. Let’s go all in, order some Pizzas & Burgers to enhance our T20 experience No, Pizzas & Burgers are way too overrated It’s a matter of T20! Let’s order some Biryani Let’s order from “BIRYANI BY KILO” They send fresh Biryani in their huge vessels Yeah, other restaurants just reheat their food Please order some Kebabs for me Their Mutton & Veg Galouti just melts in my mouth Order a Lucknowi Biryani for me I knew you would get convinced Guys, mass bunk is on It’s on guys! Wait a second Listen, the supreme worker of laziness! I’m in for Biryani not for a mass bunk I have a 100% attendance track record since 6 years I can’t just break it Okay then Your loss Guys! Be ready with your excuses because our mass bunk is still on! IT’S STILL ON! Why does your grandmother have to die all the time This time it’s my grandmother’s turn What’s your grandmother’s age? Seventy three Seventy four! It’s obvious, my grandmother will die first I’m not sure about your grandmother but you’re definitely gonna die right away Yeah, kill each other! We have to attend a match not a funeral You girls just keep on fighting every time Just try building relationships Sir, we are cousins She is a grandmother tpo both of us I mean, “was” Yeah, “was” Sir, she is no more Guys, you… take care please! Stay strong Stay strong Hello sir Hi Rishi Actually.. Their grandmother got expired today Can you take their calls for the day? Okay sir Thank you Rishi Thanks a lot! Stay strong! Baby I’ve ordered Mahi’s jersey The moment he’ll play his helicopter shot, we’ll dance together But baby, Mahi is not even playing What is this! I’ll break up with you now No baby, Mahi will definitely play his magic Can I work now? If I go & tell our boss that you’re planning a mass bunk Your romance will no longer exist Congratulations sir! Get off me You’ll leave a tobacco stain on my shirt Sorry sir, I got carried away because of my emotions I just had a baby boy What do you mean by “it’s hanging”? (classic case of miscommunication) What’s been hanging? I’m saying, me & my wife just had a son Oh wow! Yeah, a baby boy Congratulate me Congratulations Thank you sir Sir, please grant me a half day;s leave But, you just got married 2 month back Sir, I got married 2 months back But before that we were in a relationship for 7 months Vimal, there’s a lot of work in office You can leave in the evening Sir, you’re not understanding My wife’s given birth to a very mischievous child If I don’t show up on time… he’ll end up calling someone else by the name of “daddy” It’s a critical situtaion, try to understand Okay fine, go! Sir, you’re an A1 person! Thank you for calling at Yumiko 5G I hope you have a great day We also wish the same for you But you yourself are not ready for it What do you mean? We mean.. You are our senior Why aren’t you coming along with us? How will we cheer for the team without your guidance My targets will not be complete Look at you! You had a target of becoming a singer and now… You sing a repeated song while talking to a customer “Sorry for the inconvenience caused, sir” “We’ll try and fix your problem” So what should I do now? I guess, it’s not compulsory for you to complete all your targets Exactly! It is not compulsory for you to complete all your targets Will you be happy if one day you become like him What do you mean by “you’ll become like him”? I meant.. just like you Why are you getting so irritated? Why would I be irritated? Because you don’t have a life I don’t have a life? I’m receiving “Employee of the Year” for past 3 years Do you even know what it is? More like “Annoying Person of the Year” You neither have a friend nor a girlfriend You just keep hearing abuses from customers And for the escape you abuses the other person from unknown numbers you think you are being savage But you are annoying Bro why don’t you just go and mind your own **** bunk Bunk is planned Anyways, I won’t be able to work in dark So, all the best! and I hope you become employee of the year this time also just.. when you will say I am so happy smile a little! Lights are out I called BSS they said light won’t come till tomorrow Let’s go and have a cigarette and tea break!! Office is over…let’s go! over? Who said office is over? Lights were out for like half and hour, see everyone left So called loyal employees But you stayed You are a valuable employee to the company Rishi should I tell you something interesting You will be employee of the year this time also Don’t tell anyone I am happy sir I am sure you are Rishi as I was saying? Pass the biryani Please pass the kababs also keep it all with you Don’t you think you said a lot today? Annoying person of the year You are not savage you are annoying It just came out in the heat of the moment Otherwise you know I respect you as a person When will Mahi come? Mahi is not playing only today Well you track record of 100% attendance is ruined now Now what? It is ok if 100% track record of attendance is ruined Life should not get ruined!! just one second guys, boss is calling me the number you are trying to call is busy in celebrating mass bunk Please LIKE & SHARE our video and if your office is also having such issues than do tell us in the COMMENT section should I tell you something? Yes Biryani by Kilo has completely satisfied me it is so delicious Just give it to me, obviously it is tasty because Biryani By kilo cooks fresh biryani Give me this and they don’t give you stale food so guys SUBSCRIBE to alright and be ALRIGHT!

100 Replies to “Alright! Office Ka Mass Bunk ft. Ambrish Verma, Anushka Sharma, Rohan Shah & Mehek Mehra

  1. For ordering delicious fresh Handi Biryani & Kebabs please visit – Or Call 9555-212-212 👈😅😍

  2. Loved it , really from core of the heart.#trueexperience #can relate it. 🤣😂😂😂😀🤣

  3. Koi naa karta mass bunk… Kuch log boss k kaan bharne me vyast rhte hai… This concept is purely fictitious and there is no resemblance with reality.

  4. Video is faad 👌👌 but biryani by kilo ki biryani is worst , ese hi office party k liye order ki thi sabne gaaliyaan hi di ki kya ghatiya biryani mangai h office walon ne 😐

  5. I used to work as a Customer Support Executive in Domestic process. I have seen all these things there. But, from last one year I'm working in international process and interacting with clients directly and working on their projects. Not taking to customers anymore. And guess what, I got a life as well. Which is Saturday Sunday off.😁

  6. Hann yaar boring office h kuch karo yaar yha akr in bc ko batao yar life bhi kuch h bc mazburi na ho to inke g pe laat mar kr chala jaun… Itna perform krne k baad sala 2-3 leave tak nahi dete bc

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  9. Love u Ambrish…. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  10. I really want to Bunk College 😋😋😋

    Who is with me …..?
    Hit Like 😍😘😍👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  11. अखंड चूतिया ।
    तू खुद देख के आया क्या biryani का kitchen।

  12. Gndi gndi galiya de rha thaa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. I am sorry but can you guys put subtitle english on it or like enable the subtitle option cause I cant understand the whole but i like the shortclip you guys made. 👏🏻😆😁😁

  14. I ordered biryani and kabab from Biryani by Kilo after seeing this video and believe me its amazing 😍😍😍

  15. What a message to the young generation!
    Shirk your duties and be paid for it! If you cannot "get a life" "after" fulfilling your obligations at work, you need to improve your speed, efficiency and determination levels.

    Lastly, one CANNOT REALLY enjoy anything after neglecting work. A sense of guilt is bound to prevail.

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