Amazon wants you to start a business to deliver its packages

new this morning a big announcement from Amazon the online retailers now giving people the chance to launch their own delivery service Amazon released the details overnight the program allows entrepreneurs the chance to lease vans and uniforms and deliver packages straight from the retailer the company says business owners will need to invest ten thousand dollars to get started but could end up making up to three hundred thousand dollars a year we know everybody’s shopping on Amazon all the time yeah I just bought Direct I just bought my first outfit off the Amazon I’m scared I get it tonight I’ll let you know if it worked out I’ll be waiting

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  1. I have a feeling also…..those number are if you have enough (money up front) to buy a large market city…. Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles…….etc. Those will be the first markets that people (other shipping companies) will grab and make the best money.

    Basically franchise purchase for the smaller locations in your areas that are not already taken..

    The cost and liability will be WAY more than the return for the money… Amazon is just trying to find away around UPS for there shipping now that they have gotten so big..

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