100 Replies to “America needs millionaires, billionaires to make system work: Joe Ricketts

  1. An appeal to Joe's daughter: When GOD said to our Premier Mother Eve, "Thy desire shall be to thy husband," this was heaven's promise for a woman's supreme happiness: to love and serve a decent man, and raise a family together, so that when you are on your deathbed with your family at your side, you know your life will live on through your children. There can be no greater comfort at the end of one's life than this.

  2. we need to TAX these crooks. I am being Robed by the California Franchise Tax Board they have taken all most everything, now they want my bank account. I have been homeless for years I can't get legal help. they don't do anything for free.

  3. You can't blame socialism for the gap between the rich and poor. We need a drastic change because hate to break it to you but capitalism doesn’t work. Capitalism is the reason for such a huge gap between the poor and the rich (is there a middle-class anymore)? Used to be in the 50s, 60s, maybe even 70s where a middle-class family had the husband (breadwinner), wife (homemaker), 2.5 kids and family dog. They had a modest home in a nice neighborhood, nice car and they enjoyed their yearly family vacation. Now the middle-class family is lucky if they own their home, have two incomes and yet are still struggling to make ends meet. Forget the family vacation. That is why we have a new term – staycation. Capitalism works for some but not for most. Wages have basically remained the same but inflation hasn't. I don't mind millionaires and billionaires but how much is enough for them before they realize that they are screwing us? I am willing to try a different system because the current one isn't working and if a different system doesn't work we can change that too but staying the same shouldn't be an option.

  4. The USA is not a true "free market" economy because of all the regulations, high taxation/trade tariffs and cronyism.
    The debt money supply controlled by the central bank has, by manipulating interest rates robbed the common people of there wealth and dignity. Federal income tax has done nothing to help the average working family. The rich don't pay any tax (they put all their money into "charitable foundations" and move their company headquarters to other jurisdictions) and only those who chose to "opt out" of society benefit from "well-fair"
    The resulting societal outcome is something closely resembling socialism/communism, consolidation of wealth and political power.
    Capitalism is the boogie man that vilifies and demonizes the free market system!
    Don't be fooled!!!!

  5. I've never gotten a good paycheck from a poor owner/ boss plain an simple the rich can afford to pay workers
    The idiots thinking just take the rich's money are very stupid why because the rich are not stupid threaten their wealth an poof their gone to greener pastures!!!

  6. Spending someone else's $$$ ends when account is empty..
    .Someone Should TELL Sanders & Warren about this phenomena…THEY dont know this

  7. Yea we need their Greed …But we need to keep our foot on their necks too….They can NEVER be Trusted….Just look at what their Globalist Ambitions have done to our country …Arming the Chinese Military is a Treasonous act…..The Ruling Class is NOT our friends ,they will sell out America and Run to another country at the first signs of trouble..

  8. Millionaires and billionaires need to start investing in America again instead of hording all their wealth in the cycle-back lobby swamp! They refuse to let it trickle-down! They're the reason the system isn't working, because they refuse to invest in anything but themselves. The demand for more stores, businesses, other civilization amenities, and jobs is there, but they refuse to invest in America. America's current civilization amenities and infrastructure doesn't service the population we currently have but the depressed population the elites want. Remember how there were like twice as many people employed in these stores locally before the Great Recession and they all used to be young? Now it's the bare-minimum skeletal staff and most are middle-aged. They're hoping we're too stupid to notice! We need a large, secure, and politically powerful Middle Class! I don't believe in a classless society, but I do believe in a secure one with a gradual incline where the majority of people are financially secure and not living from paycheck to paycheck. The Gilded Age didn't work for us in the nineteenth century, and neither is it working for us now! America was the most powerful and wealthiest when most Americans were financially secure. America is the greatest country in the world and it deserves better and its people deserve much better than for it to be rendered into a just another feudal sh*thole of the ruling class minority devouring everyone else.

  9. The harder I work, the sicker I get.
    Cavuto is falling back into his old habits from before he had his heart problems. Taking only bills is Never a good regime. All of the money he is making hurts his progression. Too many comforts weakens the drive. In the movie Rocky, Burgess Meredith said "women weakens legs." So does being too comfortable. Peace. It's not too late to get your affairs straight with God.

  10. Billionaires don't lift a finger to actually work….well, maybe they hit a link or key on their devices. This is BS to AG workers, production workers, medical professionals, just to mention a few. Dishonest and shameful commentary that actually covers the work force. I'd like to be a free-loader billionaire!

  11. Undoubtedly this gentleman did not take AOC'S Economic 101 at Boston University. About time somebody got the guts to speak the truth.

  12. The system is corrupt to the extreme…a small private group taking control of the nations money in 1913 printing currency from nothing, backed by nothing and charging 'We the people' interest on it. The audacity. The Fed should have burned to the ground decades ago. Every time the media talks about the national debt they are perpetuating the scam.

  13. Cost of living increases during the following Presidents term:
    Eight years of Bush- $400
    Eight years of Obama $1,200
    Three years of Trump $5,000
    ** Supply side economics works every time it’s implemented

  14. The millionaires and billionaires in HONGKONG better decide very soon to leave there , the Chinese communism government have plans to grab their assets if they dont bow to communism the HONGKONG issues are more spectacular than you think.

  15. Train up a child in a way he should go and when he grows old he will not depart from it. Put your children where your mouth is going and We'll wrap this Holy war up with Drafts to the Army.

  16. Should NEWS JOURNALIST HOLD HIGHER STANDARD? I think they should. However you, “Cavuto” are a Journalist and you mostly broadcast FAKED NEWS!
    FOX should kick you out of there!

  17. You know after making all the Millions and Millions of dollars that anyone could possibly need, and stiffing anyone who gets in their way to make this amount of money, they eventually DIE and leave an endowment to some charity to make them look good.

  18. Only misinformed people would want Socialism. Most have no idea what they signing on for. They don’t tell the people that they get 3rd world country free health care & education. They need to take a trip to Venezuela for a year or two. When they see the Dictatorship that the Socialists always have prove if they allow you to vote, your vote won’t really count. That’s why it takes generations to get a nations freedom back when they go to a way that works on paper but never works in practice. It’s a fact.

  19. The one in the W H is great it’s the Left & the MSM who keep spreading lies & fake news. It’s despicable that they think it’s okay to spread lies. It’s bad enough we got the Lying Corrupt Left to deal with. Who are incapable of telling the Truth. They too busy hiding their endless illegal trafficking. Too late we know.

  20. That's what Fox always asked from Trump. Now that Trump is fixing everything FOX wants to change it. Losers, FOX has joined the losers.

  21. Gov. Take more money from the rich . go ahead and vote Dem party back in and kiss your jobs good bye. Rich people will move their money out of this country and lay workers off and close factors. And then rich will move out of this country. Good luck digging and eating worms

  22. Somehow they think if everyone was poor that would be good. Wealth is created and if you stop creating it what there is will disappear. quickly

  23. We let our kids down, by not paying attention, people are teaching values in our school that do not enhance the direction of education

  24. What about the people who do want to start a business but make less than $15 an hour? Upward mobility is shrinking. If you dont want young people voting socialism in, pay them more money.

  25. In essence, he's right. Billionaires are usually responsible for driving large businesses employing sometimes thousands of people. Tax them out of existence and employment stops. It just does. Alternatively, as is happening now in California, they move away, taking their money, businesses and skills with them.

    To go after them is economic suicide. Socialism has never worked, and will never work-PERIOD.

  26. Free enterprise? Yes. Personal investments? Yes. However, we don't NEED millionaires and billionaires. They divert a larger percentage of wealth than would small businesses. More small businesses would succeed if they weren't run out by the wealthy. If you just decided that wealth is more important then you are shutting down the real process.

  27. Dear young people, we love you, you are our kids and grandkids. Socialism brings quick decay as soon as the operating money is dwindled by leaders with banks in other countries to tuck their stash into. Venezuelan citizens had to resort to killing animals in the zoo's for food. The animals were starving too. People had no medicine, antibiotic. Socialist Leaders promote sharing while they horde for their chosen people, out of the common dish.. Before you choose socialism, study what happened to incentive, populations, and opportunity in the socialist systems.

  28. It's not the policies that are terrifying, it's the same dumb people espousing these ridiculous concepts. Their ideas on progressivism will never work, and they wil NEVER attempt real progressive agenda, they will just allow institutional rot like Nancy Polosi's district.
    Do you want the USA to look like Nancy's district or like a Trump Tower?….well not quite but it is a standard to strive for.

  29. Socialism gives more control to the government. This is never a good thing. It makes politicians more arrogant. Why do people think a politician can run the economy better than people with businesses. The richer the people at the top of the pyramid, the more money those at the bottom have.

  30. A millionaire and a billionaire talking about how poor people need them😂 Hope you got an escape plan. Or a safe room.

  31. Ask Bernie. His is a good capitalist. Spends his money how he wants. Donates what he wants and has stated it himself that he wrote a book, submitted it to a private company and it got published. With the assistance of Amazon he has made himself a millionaire. Great supporter of capitalism.

  32. America needs affordable healthcare. A survey found that 26 percent of Americans age 18 to 64 struggled to pay medical bills. According to the U.S. Census, that's 52 million adults. The survey found that 2 percent, or 1 million, said they declared bankruptcy in 2018.

  33. That wealth needs to shift from millionares and billionares pockets into the lower and middle class, but this isn't going to be achieved by anything but governmental action 🙂 greedy people run society.

  34. I ask anyone complaining about wealthy Americans who do business here and creat jobs if your crybaby and self deluded stupidity has ever created a job for some crybaby who refused to work but wants someone else to pay for them to sit around. There needs to be better checks in place so assistance programs are not abused and then due to it, those truly needing help can't get it because the reverse actions became too extreme.

  35. 👋Only if they use their money to build in America’s.
    Our country was not created by millionaires and billionaires. It was made by hard working creative people

  36. Cavuto is a hack. He obviously doesn't like Trump and never gives useful information to the public. I don't think he knows F___ All.

  37. Wealthy corporations (regulated) in the USA are yet another separation of powers. They create jobs … and if we had socialism instead, the one, corrupt government would control "ALL".

  38. When you are super rich, It doesnt matter how much you give to charity, what matters is how well you pay your employees. If you can afford numerous homes then the people who work for you should be paid enough to afford a decent place to live. Transportation to get to your job and how about 1 lousy vacation a year. That is NOT too much to ask for. It should be expected

  39. Ill step up …! The very word socialist means government is god !
    The very word socialist means the end of private anonymous charity the God rule that builds nations !
    Take a look around what nation would this be without John D Rockefeller , John T Holt of Caterpillar tractor company , and thousands of others blessings of private Charity that built a nation with entrepreneurs in a free capitalist Society of free enterprise that went from Kitty Hawk to the Moon in 66 years ..!
    The IRS was supposed to be the end the Socialist end of anonymous charity obviously not so ..! What's supposed to be the end with the reporting of 501 c 3 and 501 C 4 ..! By God's own rules in the Old Testament and put out by James brother of Jesus reporting to the United States government of your Charities is forbidden in Christianity ..!
    Are billionaires like John D Rockefeller John T Holt Donald John Trump understand these charity Concepts and that's why they're billionaires ..! the minute you go down the Socialist Road Anonymous charity is over ..! God blessed Anomious Charity the nation builder ..!
    my ancestors came here indentured servants before this was a country none of their socialist Colony survived they left their land they sacrifice their life for the ones that survived they left their land in hordes to go to an English Corporate Capitalist Colony just survive off their Christain Charity. ! What ever way you look at History the acronym CCCCC built the USA on Gods Blessings ..!

  40. Remember America's Golden Age the 1950's? The top marginal tax rate was 91% Excess concentration of wealth corrodes our republic. We used to know that.

  41. Millionaires and billionaires already exist and the system works for them-as it was designed and intended. So telling people to be part of a system not designed for them is a waste of time. There are rich and poor, there are workers and employers. This is why any real serious rich person isn't into pushing capitalism on the masses. There aren't too many of those now.

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