8 Replies to “American Business Owner Describes Effect Of China Tariffs | NBC News NOW

  1. Everyone is disagreeing with trump approach but how can they do it otherwise ? By screaming at china and do Nothing for the past 10 years ? It is easy to criticize but what is the better tactic ?

  2. This is lame propaganda as if smart people can't see through this scripted fake news…if you want to lay blame you need look no further than your drunken Speaker Pelosi who literally held up and held back the USMCA…ya its a bummer huh…why would ANYONE do business with a known criminal nation like Soviet China and only dumb people support the party of racism, slavers, KKK and central bank usury?

  3. People who benefit are easy to find. The job of MSNBC, CNN etc. is to find complaints, it is not as easy but if you do not find them you will lose your job. Besides it is a good feeling is it not? Because you are a socialist/democrat fake news propagandist. How about we wait the agreement may be close to get signed.

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