American Eagle: Building a multi-terabyte marketing data warehouse

We've got 20 million customers, we sell
60 thousand different items every year. You can imagine the interactions if you
start multiplying all those numbers together. That's a big number. We do run a big business
and we're proud of that. BigQuery makes it possible to reason
over all of that data Taking your vision of setting up the
entire enterprise marketing ecosystem on top of Google Cloud. That kind of helped us think
outside the box to leverage, you know, technologies like BigQuery, Dataflow, Dataproc, Cloud ML, to derive those artificial
intelligence and machine learning to create those real-time sales dashboards that your
organization was looking forward to. that's what we are actually looking for, to kind of, create those type of
disruptive solutions in the market and help the wider community. combining those digital capabilities from the core marketing side backed up again with all this
powerful database technology powerful AI and
machine learning technologies so that we can have this intimate
understanding of our customers, and things that they expect from us as brands. I think it's incumbent
upon us as brands that we talk to people as individuals and that we understand people as individuals. I think one thing I would like to highlight though is in six months what we have accomplished. Yeah. bringing in data from all these
different systems, And then having a marketing data
warehouse up and running and actually something business useful, some business value coming out of it. Can only be possible through the stack that Google believes in. Which is fully managed services. Yep. And we could be productive from day one, from hour zero, Yeah, I totally agree. And, through our personalization program in particular, we estimate about a 4X conversion increase, based on the work that we've done on
Google Cloud. Based on work that we've done with Merkel we've seen massive increases in customer lifetime value, which we're now measuring because of all our customer data being on
Google Cloud by the way I mean, If you think about how Google runs search, ingesting the entire web, and then giving us the capability
to search anything. leveraging those services to
power your own organization. I think that's the power
Google brings to the table

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