An Introduction to Skype for Business

With Skype for business, you can keep
track of your co-workers through presents indicators. The three most
common are green, red, and yellow; which mean available, busy, and away. Skype for
Business automatically changes based on your activity and your Outlook schedule.
Because Josh is available, I’ll send him an instant message. When I hover over his picture these
buttons appear. I’ll choose the first one to begin the IM. We will cover the
following buttons in a future video. You can also see more information over
here. Next to the users name it looks like Kim is in a conference call and
Mariah is inactive and can be accessed on her mobile number. Two other
indicators are DO NOT DISTURB and OFFLINE. Skype for Business automatically
sets your presence to do not disturb when you’re presenting, so that your
presentation does not get interrupted by an IM or a phone call. If you sign out of
Skype for Business you will appear Offline. One more thing you can set your
presence manually by clicking this arrow next to your name. This is helpful if
you’re busy want to appear away or don’t want to be disturbed
Skype for Business also allows you to send files documents and photos easily
between users to send something you simply need to drag and drop a file into
the conversation box receiving a file is just as easy simply choose whether to
open the file or save it to your Documents. We appreciate you taking some time to
learn more about presence and IM in Skype for Business.
We at DGS are excited about this new tool, and hope that you are as well. Thanks for

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