100 Replies to “Andrew Yang: Iran Escalation ‘Heightens Urgency’ To Get Trump Out Office | NBC News NOW

  1. hmmmm,, so you would rather have a bad terrorist running around ANDREW YANG??? seems like it..you should be called LITTLE WANG YANG WITH NO BRAIN.

  2. He was placed into that Corporate seat by Vatican Rome, which owns D.C. property and business. If you desire him out. Well then without a doubt, his employer has to go as well. 2Thess.2:3,4/ Rev.17:5,15

  3. yang: if we get distracted by trump he will win, we need to focus on the problems
    trump: hold my war mongering tantrum

  4. This is what NBC does, disrespect Yang then have a good interview after. Cycle goes on. Next stuff another disrespect then expect another interview after that.

  5. It's the Deepstate black sites in Iran Mr lying yang that your part of that are saying this NOT IRAN ITSELF and millions of Iranians are being FORCED to Protest AMERICA to make it look like they hate AMERICA and our great Winning president trump but there really CELEBRATING and this was Caused by the Obama administration and John Kerry who VIOLATED THE LOGAN ACT many times and the demonrats in Congress are mad because there Laundering money days are over. We are at War with the DEMOCRATS in Congress and the deepstate black sites in Iran and other countries. THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE WORLD WAR 3 period. Trump is DRAINING THE SWAMP PERMANENTLY 😠

  6. I agree with him on these points. "Established" and "experienced" politicians have given us terrible decisions and outcomes as well. Yang has degrees in political science and economics from Brown, and went to law school at Columbia and passed the bar. He then took an education company from 0 to number 1 in the country. Then he started a national non profit to create 1000's of jobs across the US. He was recognized and awarded by the Obama administration for this work.

  7. The Biggest Threat to America and its Citizens are the Stalinist Democrats and the Fake News Medias.. How many Americans has Mexico/Drug Cartels Killed? How many Americans have been Killed by Sanctuary Cities and Stalinist Democrats who Protect Illegal Alien Criminals over Americans? These Stalinist Democrats Hate Americans and This Country so much that they now Defend Terrorists. Think About That. Do You want these Lunatics Running this Country? 
    Political correctness is just cultural Marxist crap designed to make white people
    guilt-ridden cowards who won’t resist their own destruction

  8. Why do we go back and forth with insults. Why don't we just talk about the real issues. Why don't we just run down the things that are wrong and then go over them like a test you got a bad grade in. What Andrew has said about the future most likely will come true. Yes it's not going to play out exactly like he says but it's going to have some similarities. So let's prepare ourselves for the future. The old ways don't work anymore or they're starting to get phased out. It is now 2020 and things are going to move with us or without us being prepared. I don't know about y'all but I don't want to be left behind. So we should consider with Andrew has to say. We shouldn't get caught up with this I'm a Republican or I'm a Democrat type of stuff anymore. We just need to pick the guy right for the job. That's what everything comes down to the right person for the job.

  9. There is a main reason popular vote doesn't count even to Elect the President. Most are unqualified in World problems and how big the problems really can be for Israel our Alley today. Iran is not our Ally so why the popular ppl going to show mercy where there is none!!!

  10. It’s either Yang or trump. Regardless of my opinions on either of them, that’s just reality of this next election.

  11. Where does he get his info about 70 percent of people do not want a war? Where is the vote for that one? This guy is a loser!

  12. andrew yang isn't a politician or billionaire like the others. he focuses on the real issues facing americans and that's why I'm voting for him in the primaries

  13. headline should be : Iran Escalation ‘Heightens Urgency’ To Reelect Trump.

    Iran's destiny is to be a sea of glowing glass for the next 10,000 years.

  14. Wars are not faught in the historical way. Drone strikes are the new norm. Micro-drone strikes are the future.

  15. Yang just gonna pay Iran like any other president. Go Trump. Climate change my azz. People have nothing to do with climate change. It happens if we're here or not. Been like that since the beginning of time.

  16. The idea that putting an extra $1,000 into everyone's pockets to spend isn't gonna cause any kind of inflation of regular consumer goods is completely asinine to even suggest. Any sort of increase or decrease of money in circulation has some type of swing to it and the idea that it wouldn't is just putting aside the problem rather than addressing it. WHY wouldn't it cause an increase in consumer goods? No answer to that just saying "No, I don't think so dude, don't worry about it" isn't good enough to justify the plan, but this is a two second interview in comparison to how long it would take to explain all of that and for all I know maybe he did and they just cut it short.

  17. I'm a rabid Yang supporter but I didn't like Yang's answer on UBI. UBI doesn't cause inflation because the funding for UBI doesn't involve printing more money, which is where inflation comes from. UBI comes from a Value Added Tax where we tax the purchases of luxury items such as cars, boats, TVs and etc as well as taxing the profits being made by companies who are using automated labor as a replacement of human labor in order for humans to benefit from the job loss.

    UBI will only raise prices temporarily because prices only gets raised when the demand increases. In a capitalist system, the cheaper alternative always wins, and so if you're a business owner, the last thing you would want to do is have enough supply but limit the amount of people who would be willing to pay for your goods by raising prices while the rest flocks on over to the billion dollar corporate chain and buy from there for cheaper prices.

  18. #Yang2020 🖖🏿🖖🏻🖖🏼🖖🖖🏽🖖🏾💵🧢put the money in our hands🧢💵🖖🏾🖖🏽🖖🏼🖖🏻🖖🏿🖖 #MATH #HumanityFirst

  19. New Mexico just got polled with Yang at 10% and climbing. Additionally he has 35+% on Trump voters in New Mexico that plan to vote for Yang this time around. Crossover support is huge and he has a better chance than people give him.

  20. We all know Trump was considered a "long shot" in 2016…..DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT PLACE HE WAS IN THE POLLS BACK THEN WITH LESS THAN 29 DAYS LEFT TO VOTE??

  21. Yang sounds like a mf tape recorder. He says the same scripted sh|t. Yang has no foreign policy to get us out of war.

  22. Andrew Yang it's the only one I trust to cure America and the World from the plague that Trump has brought upon us. 😜

  23. Trump is rising tensions with Iran and Iraq this man is a dangerous president especially dealing with north Korea what is wrong with people not thinking about our world and children's future I'm telling people wake up stop just thinking about yourself and thinking on our future we could have a nuclear war nobody is doing anything to get this president out I'm furious because I know he is no good for our nation

  24. N.H. Native and Registered Independent voter here. In 2016 I held my nose and voted Trump over NASTY, HIDEOUS Hilary…..
    I woulda voted a Clinton/Sanders ticket, tho…. In 2020, Warren's ok, but the 3 B's?…. NO WAY!…//… YANG GANG 2020 / YIN YANGS 2020
    If the Dems run Bernie, Biden, Buttigag,or Klobuchar, I'm voting Trump again….Unless YANG is still running….
    YIN YANGS 2020 / YANG GANG 2020

  25. If you do your research your figure out that Yang is backed by the communist..
    and on the 5th debate you can hear him speaking of the New World Order…
    DT 20 ❤️ 20 🇺🇸

  26. We do not want to replace our wonderful president…he's building us up and the so-called fake US Democratic party backed by the United Nations to everyone down the path United Nations one world order which begins in 2021….right along with their other embedded leaders throughout the world….pushing a new democracy of Nazi communist socialist Marxist ruling…
    and should they succeed 1 out of 18 in the world supposed to survive….
    Thank God for our President Trump….
    DT 20 ❤️ 20 🇺🇸

  27. Yang is by far the best candidate in the field. If you want to know why, you should visit WhyVoteYang.com for the 12 best reason to vote for this once in a lifetime candidate. So many people never involved in politics before are dedicating hours a day now for this wonderful human being.

  28. When I hear people say money can't solve all your problems, those problems must not be necessary to your survival then lol.

  29. with 56 killed in tehran during the funeral stampede, we may safely presume that this high-casualty war will require forced conscription on both sides; just like us rambo's viet nam debacle/crucible back in the stressful sixties.

  30. Up yours Yang. Just because Obama stayed in bed with Hil-liary doesn't mean Americans are cannon fodder. None of the snowballs is asking what was Iran doing in Iraq? Iran thought this raid was going to be a cake walk. Trump at least showed back bone. Do any of you blowers know what a back bone is?

  31. I hate the inflation question. It's not been proven that even printing money out of thin air raises prices on everyday consumer goods. Didn't Trump just tweet about dumping two trillion into the military? Honestly! Why is it, when someone wants to address poverty does everyone suddenly clutch to their wallets? On the other hand if a nimrod want to go blow up a whole society of poor people no one asks, what about the price of milk? Give me a break!

  32. On the brink of war?
    No. Iran avoid a war if the US shows a determination to wage a total war with Iran and destruct it into rubbles if Iran attacks the US.
    If president Trump warns them of use of hydrogen bombs if needed with Putin-like brutality, Iranians will realize that the US president has a far greater and fearful power than their God Allah and calm down.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp4itKzY3zo続きを読む 一部を表示

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