40 Replies to “Are Cold Offices Sexist And Should ‘Hot Dog Ice Cream’ Exist? | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. I think Fall back has got to fall back. I don’t even know what fall back means. And I don’t know what you are talking about or why. Click. See you

  2. Just man up and put on a sweater, lady. 😉🤣 I do agree about the "hot dog"-flavored ice cream though.🤢

  3. Season 1 of Big Little Lies was crap and the 'twist' was obvious from the start of episode three. The rest of the season was just watching how those two characters can be kept from meeting each other. In season 2, the characters had room to grow and Nicole Kidman's plastic granny boobs stayed in their casing where they belong. Much better.

  4. Rule is made to be broke, “One’s good, two are better” as nostalgia and resentments are in-laws, premier expectations of collusion.

  5. "We're too cold." Put some clothes on, dummy. People that are warm can't exactly start peeling off in the office, can they.

  6. As men are still expected to wear a 3 piece in a lot of offices its not sexist that the airco is set lower, what is sexist is that men are expected to wear a 3 piece suit in the summer, put up the heat and women will be complaining that the men are too sweaty where women are wearing a nice thin summer dress and men are forced to wear a 3 piece and tie

  7. Yes they are I worked as a receptionist the air-conditioning vent was directly over my desk but the men in the office wanted the temperature set at 62 degrees which meant that the air conditioning was blowing on my head I should have filed a f**** complaint I couldn't get my work done

  8. I'm from the south, and I thank God for air conditioning! I have literally sweated at work, while coworkers complained about being cold.

  9. If cold offices are sexist, then men should be allowed to go shirtless at work and be provided a company fan at each desk. If you're cold, you can always put on a sweater or jacket. If you're too hot, the only thing you can do is take off clothing and/or have a fan blowing in your face all day.
    As a man who suffers from hyperhidrosis, working at a hot office would be completely intolerable. I sweat enough as it is! I don't want to be completely drenched in sweat and smelly all day, thank you!

  10. Was just what I needed📮

    Batiste: I FEEL GOOD, I FEEL FREE….
    Kenner—i so miss New Orleans’ vernacular!!!

    *chess pieces
    *it frees you
    *WRONG. Show some restraint
    *I wouldn’t bring this issue if it weren’t substantive 🤘🏻

  11. Breaking Bad just got better and better. Keep the temp where everyone is uncomfortable. Nothing's fair unless both parties get screwed.

  12. Not ate my breakfast yet, now got the thought of hot dog ice cream, screaming no at my taste buds! 🤢🤢🤢

  13. Whaaat? Wear more clothes if you're cold. I'm not going to sweat to death because you want to wear that little thin top and a short skirt.

  14. They just make anything that sells…..just greed. It's disgraceful the things that allowed to be sold that is made in China or anywhere for that matter, Wake up people.

  15. Season 1 is the show biz equivalent of the corporate job recruitment, while Season 2 is like the first day of work – for both employee and the employer

  16. Would it be considered sexist (or some other word of choice) to comment that women could dress up warmly enough rather than sexily – it's OK if a trump calls you names for that; they'll shut up after some vain efforts

  17. George Carlin said "If you nail together two things that have never been nailed together before, some schmuck will buy it from you." Ergo, ice cream sandwich hot dogs.

  18. About hot dog ice cream, there is a kid song on YouTube about this kind of stuff. I think is call "Do you like spaghetti yogurt" or something like that.

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