Attendant Pro for Skype for Business Training: Contact Details Panel (Related Contacts)

In this recording we’re going to take a
look at contact the contact detail panel, which gives you additional
information about any contact that is clicked. It is similar to the Outlook
Skype for Business contact card but with the additional benefit
that it can be used to transfer calls. So if your call you click transfer then
you can click to the voicemail of this contact or the related contacts over
here, which includes the Assistant the Microsoft Exchange Assistant along with
the other organizational people. It allows you to enter a note about this
contact, if you have Exchange Web Services enabled, and it gives you one-click access to a greater number of functionality than most of the
contacts have room for by default. So for example you can send an e-mail or you
can send an email call back reminder or you can open the calendar about this
user and of course see the department title and other information. It also will give you a visual look
quick look at the current and next Outlook appointments which you can
double-click on and open the actual Outlook calendar for this user from here.
Also there is a section of related contacts. We already noted that the
Microsoft Exchange Assistant is available here and if you don’t want to
see one of these organizational people you can always minimize it or collapse
it. Sometimes people want to see the manager of managers you can close that but any of you close
or open. Once again the related contacts can be transferred to just like
a contact up here. So for example if you’re in a call you want to transfer to
the assistant of Japheth Nolt or to his even voicemail a single click right
there will do that. All related contacts can
be used to transfer and act on calls, just like contacts. So for example i can
right click, and do a transfer, open so let’s say I can send an IM
even if the button isn’t on the contact card. I can pop out the contact
details. So for Jessica if I work with her a lot transfer calls to her, I can pop her out
along with as many as I want, can better use my multiple monitors and just place
her on there and if I want to transfer to her assistant or her manager very easy
to do. The contact details for one more you can open and pop them out and use
your extra monitors more efficiently and contact details can also be turned off
just by going either into the options or right up here on the main screen and
turn it off. Most people like it on because it gives
a nice insight into that contact by doing nothing by clicking on the
contacts. All right, Attendant Pro contact details. Thank you.

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