Attendant Pro for Skype for Business Training: Search Contacts (Basic)

In this session we’ll look at the
Attendant Pro search functionality. In Attendant Pro the search allows you to
search for contacts and there’s several ways to get into the search field. One is
you can just click in it or you can use that grab focus hotkey. (By
default it’s set to Windows, A.) So I hit Windows, A and it puts the focus into that window
in the search field, and then we can search. And this grab focus, the grab
focus to search, can be configured to be a global hotkey, so it could work
even if you’re in another application and want to start dialing. Another way to get
in the search field is by just by clicking on a transfer button. So if you
click and transfer, it will put your focus in there, and then you can
immediately start typing, an extension you can type or you can type a
person’s name like we said before just like in Skype for Business and a
little less well-known search possibility is typing the first letters
of the first name, and we’ll take a look there’s 10 results, and then the first
letters of the last name and that will narrow the results down. Another thing to
take note of is, let’s say we get out of the search field and we left a search
criteria in there and we hit Windows, A or the grab focus to search. You will
notice if we just go over here and click down here Windows, A it will select what is in the
search window in the search field, so when you start typing it will overwrite
it. So to search for contacts to make/ start a new call or to transfer just
type in the contact field. (Note that you can define what the grab focus key is and if
you click transfer it will put your focus in the contact search field.) Alright thanks for watching.

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