China Conflict Creating Lucrative Investment Opportunities- Bob Kudla

everybody this is dave hodges host of the common sense show we are the show that is freeing America one enslaved mind at a time we're gonna focus on economic issues in this particular segment and we've got one of our economic experts back on the air with us today Robert cudlip from trade genius and we're gonna be talking about how China is really going to either intentionally or inadvertently set the tone for economic issues we're going to face both positive and negative Baba glad you could join us thanks for coming on with us and I'm really looking forward to our discussion about what lies ahead so people can best prepare yeah thanks for having me okay so I do agree with you about the China bit and looking at this and and we just keep bumping heads against China and just kind of an aside Before we jump in I I've read recently that Trump is now going to schedule another round of economic meetings with the Chinese government so I think he's recognizing the fact that we've got to come to some kind of resolution to calm things down yes so he's gonna meet with President Xi at the g20 meeting but you know from my standpoint I'm not too sure that it's not in in America's best interest to keep the pressure on the the Chinese but having said that people are looking at the wrong issues here with with China the US and the economy they think everybody is under the mistaken point of view that it's gonna be trade issues that are going to cause the United States and and China in the world to walk into some economic problems but I want to give you some numbers here that will disabuse people of that notion and tell you what the real issues going to be okay so China and try that China is only 11 percent I mean our exports are only 14 percent total in the whole world and our exports to China are only 11 percent to China so even though these we're the two biggest you know animal on the block neither one of them can sink each other because of trade however what's happening with with China is that they are creating so much debt inside of their country to keep their their growth going but at the same time as they had what is captured inside the country and all of a sudden now over the last 60 to 90 days they're having bank failures and and the only way that in which they can get a hold of foreign currency is through Hong Kong and now they're having issues with Hong Kong and and the banks in Hong Kong are totally committed to the Chinese real estate market and this is the contagion you know their calling is a potential laman moment you remember from 2008 when our economy got sunk because of Lehman Brothers well this is the potential Lehman moment for for the world economy in 2019 2020 is that the Chinese Bank start to default and the Hong Kong banks start to suffer from it the Hong Kong banks are the ones that are connected to the outside world and that can start a domino effect primarily fart first through Europe and then circle back into the United States and so that's why there's been no accident have you seen the price of gold and the price of Bitcoin rising pretty strongly over the last 90 days and incredibly strong over the last 30 people are starting to sense a financial contagion brewing out of China and people are trying to get their money out of the banking system as fast as they can so their own people are taking their money out of the bank what are they doing with it well they're putting it in things that that could protect it of China implodes everybody's worried about China devaluing their their currency significantly to take pressure off the banking system you have to realize in 2015 I don't know if you remember is that in eight weeks we had an 18 percent correction in the stock market because the Chinese started to devalue their currency and coming out of that gold and the gold miners and the silver miners and cryptocurrencies rocketed in the 2016 and I think people are seeing that and so what they're doing is they're moving their money out of out of Chinese devaluation scenarios and putting it in assets that can absorb and step out of the way out of the way of a of a currency crisis in in China so what does this mean to the American investor so they know the Chinese are sidestepping their own mess how can American investors take advantage yeah well we've been taken advantage of it because we've been buying gold miners silver miners and cryptocurrency and the next thing that we're gonna be able to do with this Dave is that the Federal Reserve's been trying as hard as they can not to lower interest rates because they know once they start lowering interest rates once they start lowering interest rates they're going to they're gonna have to take interest rates down into negative levels like what's happening in Europe already and so they've been holding off holding off and holding off so the opportunity there is gonna be for people to put their their their money and actually safe Treasuries and and then gold and silver in cryptocurrency people are gonna get max defensive once this starts but it's gonna be a tremendous opportunity for the astute investor to make a lot of money like a lot of people made during the financial crisis of 2008 can you give us an example of what someone could do I know there's many strategies but just one so the average person who are listening is not really an economist could kind of kind of sink their teeth into this yeah you buy an ETF called TLT and that I would probably double in price as the Federal Reserve reduces interest rates and that's just one of many strategies that you can use and you also gold silver the miners will all do well in that environment and then in the beginning real estate ETF will go up but they'll eventually collapse so there there are what's called short ETF funds for real estate for people take advantage of commercial real-estate will not will not do very well in this environment at all and so there's ways in which you can play against that move and and and and do really well and and other than that you can decide step the stock market and let the stock market come back down but in the beginning it'll look like it's really positive we'll probably get to all-time highs in the stock market over 3000 and then you're gonna see a pretty good pretty good correction in the stock market that you know can rival what we've seen in 2000 and 2008 that's just amazing that we're gonna relive this again but what I'm hearing you say is what we've talked about before that there are challenges ahead but in every challenge opens up a different opportunity from which to make money yeah you know I mean look you know if you if you see what's coming you can always profit from it and and so that's what we've been and you know we you know I've been talking for a long time I think we've been pretty right on where to put where to put your money to make money over the last two and a half three years that you and I have been talking and and we're gonna start seeing that shift now accelerate into what's called the non banking assets that those are the assets that are gonna survive the bank issues that are coming and that is you know in the precious metals and the precious metal miners in crypto currencies and then ironically of all things you know US government bonds are gonna be a safe haven around the world and and people are gonna make a lot of money on that as the Federal Reserve takes the ten year down to zero just like what's happening in Europe people don't realize I think twenty eight percent or thirty percent of all bonds now have negative yields around the world Dave and and the US is gonna have to follow suit in that they're not going to be competitive in terms of of the the cost structures of in the US versus what's happening over in Europe so that's going to be a tremendous opportunity for people that want to refinance their homes and also for them to get long what they called the bond funds and you decide step the stock market and you get into precious metals and cryptocurrencies and and you can let the carnage go right on by and you're gonna make money to boot yeah it that's such animal concept but it's been proven really to be effective for you and I hear this from people in our own our own audience here at the Common Sense show who have gone your route what I'd like to do just for a second here so people really understand what it is you do because what you do is unique can you talk a little bit about the education process and when someone comes to trade genius exactly how they are making money from start to finish yeah so what we do Dave in a nutshell is we educate and we inform so on the information side is that we provide trading signals for people in the stock market ETFs and in the cryptocurrency market where we actually will well tell them and show them where the buy signals are and where the sell signals are on on a number of different stocks and ETFs and a cryptocurrency coins in addition to that we have two trading rooms operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week in which you can be in with other traders and then we're in those rooms too and in which we are discussing trades and and the macro in the micro environment and there's a lot of new people that come in can ask any question they want and and you know if I don't answer the question or my partner Phil doesn't on the crypto side is that there's experienced traders people who've been trading with us for years well jump in and and provide good answers on the education side is that we offer a slew of training courses and you know ranging from basic stock trading to advanced concepts all the way through private coaching so that's kind of our platter and if you will and then we put together bundles for people depending up their basic or you know stock or crypto work buying or advanced and that we can appeal to all audiences and and our goal is to make people confident and in the how to trade and then that way they know when we're providing signals they can be confident taking the trade and eventually they'll get to a point where you know they could trade on things that we don't trade and be an effective you know investor and and learn how to you know fend for yourself and fish for yourself in in addition to that we provide software indicators on a platform called training view it's a it's a software program that's out there and which literally will say buy and sell on it and we wrote those codes and then those who trade with us can get those codes and it matches up for all stocks and futures and crypto currencies and so people could trade things that we don't trade and they can see how it works and they're quite effective I shot you our latest trading results over the last 18 months and you know humility aside they're they're pretty darn good and and we're pretty proud of the fact that we think we we we have a system that that works very very well you know it's not the Lambo get-rich program it's to grind it out every day take control of your your life and your trading and and we help you do that see this is what I really like and this is a hard thing for people to understand because they'll say to me do you if I have to educate myself I'm just not a financial guy I don't have the background and what I explain to them because I'm real familiar with how you do things is that yes there is education that goes on but there's coaching at the same time in these chat rooms where you're getting expert advice while you're learning and you can make money while you're learning do you think that's a fair assessment absolutely as I just did a coaching session for a person who has a full-time job and he said you know at some point I think I'll grasp all these concepts but in the meantime I'm happy that you're sending out the trade signals I can just take those and see how you came up with why should I by that and why should I sell that and that's exactly why we did what we did we want people to be successful and make money it's an art best interest that people do obviously because they'll stay with us and for them it's a kind of exciting that you haven't disempowerment where you can make extra money beyond what you do for a living if hypothetically let me ask you a question if the walls were to crumble somewhat on the stock market would your approach still be effective in the midst of a dramatic decline like what we saw in o8 yeah absolutely it's um you know like I said the things that we just talked about a couple minutes ago is that you know you you you just shift out of the stock market and you even if you shifted everything you had into the into the bond fund called TLT you're likely to double your money over 12 to 18 months just and do nothing else so there's always a full market somewhere Dave and and we just keep people at tuned to it our algorithms are looking for where the money's flowing and that's what you do you don't always have to ask why it's doing it the fact that it's doing it is it should be enough to get your interest and then you try to understand the ramifications of why are people moving their money and that's how we see it with China now you know when cryptocurrencies first started to move everyone's like why we thought these things are gonna go down to nothing we're like guys are something happening in China right now and then all of a sudden two three four weeks later you start seeing the news come out Chinese banks are in trouble you know China industrial output is falling you know projects aren't getting completed in real estate and but we saw the what before we saw the why and we didn't care we bought you know and look at Crypt look at Bitcoin I sent you a chart just to show you just in that six week period of time how much Bitcoin moved higher and it's primarily because of what's happening in China and the next move for it's gonna be once we start reducing our interest rates in the US people are gonna get even more defensive and currency's is going to be a play specially Bitcoin where people are gonna find safe haven and then they're gonna also move into the precious metals and they're gonna move into bond so that so that's the play and let's say that doesn't happen Dave and president Trump comes come to some sort of conclusion with the Chinese and and we start a big stimulus package well there are infrastructure plays that we're ready to unleash once we start seeing the money moving into there – and we're starting to see dips and DAB's in that and steel and in in copper and some of those stocks as well so we're just watching we see where the money is flowing you got to realize there's always inside information happening out there in the marketplace and and so the big money they can't hide their footsteps so you just you just follow along and you go where the money goes and and you know we always call ourselves seagulls you know we'll let we'll let the the baitfish up to the surface and will profit from it yeah this is there's the concepts are simple but and they're doable and I hear this from people that are doing it but what I'm wondering about the China situation though is it as simple as we've got them boxed into a corner because here I think is an unknown variable what would you say as to what China's breaking point is militarily and I know you have a military background how far can you push the wounded animal until they strike back militarily you know it's hard for me too it's hard for me to foresee a situation where the US and the Chinese will go to blows and because if you think about it this way is is China well if they attack us a little tack us locally in their environment and then we would simply cut them off from their ability to get oil and food and export markets because they don't have a Navy that can confront us yeah so we don't have to fight China locally we just will simply let them we'll just simply let them try to survive without any ships coming into the into their into their port so you know I just can't foresee that happening you know now you know China may react and try to do something with Taiwan or do something proxy related but I don't think they're ready to do that either I think they have too much to lose and I don't think the president of China has everything firmly in control so I think there's competing factions that aren't interested in his approach of ultra-nationalism and so there's other people that would rather have a more economic relationship with us and I think we're pressing on on Jie to see if he if he if he folds internally because he definitely screwed up strategically here and I don't think that he expected the president Trump do – just keep doubling down on him knee they're not used to people pushing back you know dictators aren't used to people saying no and I think it's throwing the whole Chinese establishment off the mark do you think that G is facing a possible coup i think i think he's having problems because they're not growing enough food right and and i think they that they have a lot of issues they have a lot of issues internally because their industrial activity has fallen significantly and i think if we if this if the global solar minimum is happening as we we we foresee it is that the chinese will suffer some sort of catastrophic failure and they're in there and they're AG products beyond what's happening now David look they have the swine flu thing that 40 50 percent of their pigs are being destroyed and they have this they have this pest that is eating about 30% of their grain crops so if you if you throw a climate thing on top of that the Chinese are gonna have to come hat in hand for food and and at a time when I think global supplies are gonna be at a minimum and that's gonna be a real issue for them and and look the only place they're gonna be able to come back to they're gonna have to come back to the United States because Brazil is already going to be exporting full out and we have a spirit over there in terms of a center-right government that I'm sure would be amenable to to you know listening to what President Trump has to say about things and and I think I think China is gonna be in big trouble and if he can't figure that out that ie the president of China then he may lose his position to somebody else and in the in the past that always has knocked off the Chinese a Chinese Empire is is is food food famine so I'm not predicting a famine because now we have worldwide supplies but I'm predicting I'm predicting pretty much a lot of huge stress in China on a go-forward basis it's an amazing set of circumstances we're living through right now and I'm glad to see that you're actually kind of like lighting the way for people to follow to make money there's so much complexity in the world but you've laid it out here in such a simple fashion I see China as being in trouble too and I agree with you about the military aspect of it I don't think they have the capability to strike much beyond the regional there are regional power more than they are global power and I think you hit upon it when you said that they don't have a real formidable Navy absolutely and now that Trump is armed space or his arming space and there was an article about that with regard to NATO he's got the high ground I mean he's got China and a vise there's no question about it so let's talk about how you're taking advantage of this situation again is kind of a lead-in and let people know how they can join the successful movement or average people off the street get educated and earn money while they learn yes so it's no accident that goal flow out of a two-year high you know it may consolidate here for a little bit but within the year a gold will be at an all-time high so you look at you look in those areas you look where the money's flowing and then you look for opportunities within that that's what we're doing their number one gold and silver and then number two is is there's a reason why the cryptocurrencies are getting their their their breath of fresh air again and it's all around people bailing out of out of devaluing currency banking systems and when China starts to devalue in earnest you'll see you'll see Bitcoin go to all-time highs as well if not if not two to three x that and and then once we start reducing interest rates in the United States you can put your money into these these bond funds that are that are long-term bonds you know they look at TLT is the one I keep bringing up and you're gonna make money there and initially real estate will be good but then real estate will be really bad and there's opportunities there and then off to the side day we're just watching food prices so we have a number of ETFs and stocks that we watch and as soon as we start seeing money go into there and if we start seeing them start to break out to new highs will shift our attention over to there because that that will be the that will be the endgame for the Federal Reserve systems around the world and it'll be a topic for us to talk about over the next year well thankfully we're talking a monumental change I think as strong as an event in 1913 when the Fed was actually created well let's kind of sum this up here you've got your situation where you're saying hey I can show you how to take advantage of these world events that are going on right now educate guidance while you're being educated and just follow the plan and then you eventually you'll walk away with the experience and knowledge you need how do people get started I know you've got some specials here with trade genius let's get those out in the open so people can take advantage yeah so go to trade like a genius calm we put together bundles for your listeners Dave and they just have to go ahead and select one that's appropriate for them we have beginner level and we have advanced level they get pick and choose whether they want to trade on the stock side of the crypto side we have bundles that let them trade everything we have bundles that allow them to have access to our software signals algorithms that are on trading view and then they can pick and choose from packages that also provide personal coaching if they don't want that they want to buy things unbundled if you will ala carte they can use the promo code Hodges and then they get 40% off anything that's unbundled but the things that are bundled are already pre discounted for your listeners Dave but that sort of trade like a genius calm the app until Saturday night midnight to take advantage of it and and and join us I think you'll find what we do versus what we charge is uh imminently in your favor okay so we've got sixty percent off the bundled and forty percent off the non bundled smorgasbord type of purchases did they use the promo code my name Hajus in both of the bundle non bundled now just just a non bundle just the other ones already bundled up okay and that sale is good through the 29th of june at midnight and this is such a great deal because the time is right now to do this what i like you do though is you don't have to be an economics guy to make money with you most of these education courses out there Bob what I've seen is okay here's your book read it okay and then then will tell you when you can start and what you do is just the opposite it's like okay get started learn it and while you're learning at get in our chat rooms use our software and make money that way and you're getting guidance while you do it that's what separates you in my opinion from the bulk yeah look we're real traders here you know I'm trading alongside of everybody else yeah and the minute you join you hop in there with me the next trade that shows up you can take advantage of it you know we're pretty clear you can see how clearly I speak here we're that clear in the room so we'll tell you it's a good trade or a bad trade or we did a good trader we did a bad trade and and you know we're very transparent and you know we think we know what we're doing and we definitely can help people make money trading that is for sure and like I said I threw out my results to you sure those if you wish and then also some of the trades we just took in the past month and we see the things that we talked about we think that's gonna be guiding us over the next 60 to 90 day sounds fantastic we've been talking with Bob people from trade genius Academy the address to go to to take advantage of this is trade like a genius calm for that 60% off the bundled 40% off the non bundled coupon code hodges and the sales good through the 29th Bob did I leave anything out no you didn't thanks for I'll give me the opportunity and folks it's gonna be really interesting next twelve months and this one you can make money when things are disrupted exactly well Bob thanks for joining us we look forward to having you on again and much continued success with what you're doing great Dave thanks for having me have a great day you too

Magic Arena: Ravnica Block Constructed Event: Gate Decks Still Viable!?!

hey everybody doctor right here it is seven hours before Gideon sacrifice the Ravnica block constructed event going on with the thank God rotation out of the counters event which I really didn't enjoy and didn't do any videos on it because I did not enjoy that format and just cheese to it with a spur control with this one this one gives us a little bit of a taste of what's to come once it's rotate out of course we will have core 2020 to play with when that actually happens but for now we're just gonna be taking a few little backs I found around on the internet see what we can put together so in this case we are actually even with the removal of gates ablaze I do have a gate deck set up here for you a Simic ramp and I don't know as arias prison is the right word for but we have Anna's always being here way up for this first part we're gonna be looking over a gay deck and yeah let's just take it from here while we're loading up as usual like it if you liked it comment if you have anything you would change to the deck of course that I mean it's just thrown together willy-nilly and subscribe if you don't hate the sound of my god awful voice all right so of course as far as gate payoffs we are definitely running as many of them as we can we are running our guild summits this is our engine if we can get this resolved we can draw through art-deco very quickly it's fantastic we want to see this in our opening hand and be able to curve right to it running our gate breaker ram same thing big scary trampling boy and of course we have our gate closets it's an eight eight four eight that gets cheaper the more gates we have can't be blocked my little dorks fantastic if it dies assuming it wasn't exiled you can shove that boy right on top draw it again if we already have guilt summon oh it's fantastic love this boy nothing is guild gates inherently or slow they enter in tapped we're gonna have some RAM period to help us get past that little hump we're running a bunch of growth spirals they put a land down what more do you want I enjoyed Crassus if we get the man out with your ramp fine Google big boy comes out draw the SIM card gain some life big trampoline buried electro dominance is a weird one but it lets us cast a card at instant speed with the cost of whatever we have X being so potentially that could allow us to get a circuitous route at instant speed we can get a gait breaker RAM on their end step we can if we're just trying to clear the board and we don't have access to a Clarion we can basically shock a thing lava coil another target it's a pretty neat little card I don't think it's quite fan of town but we're gonna see if we can find anything cool to do with it and yeah lands are what you expect we are running a basic just a forest and a couple of shock lands so in this case Jack land would be the breeding pool here now the thing is ideally we want to curve out into growth spiral as soon as we can let's we can see why we're leaning a little bit heavy on blue and green you're breeding pool plaza of harmony what's this uh getting some life get are fixing out a little bitch gateway Plaza same thing blah blah blah Zak you don't pay the cost add one man of any color it's a gate so we get the payoff better from plaza of harmony he also works with all of our other gates and anagen cards oh yeah I guess I'll see you guys in like 10 seconds video time and in like eight nine hours mine so let's see how this video goes see y'all in a second okay so let's jump in you played against a barracks before just thinking of the name that I know your name isn't unique so it's not a big important deal and depending on what we're up against I think we're gonna start with a guild gate and then shuck in spiral with stomping ground so we can get the third land drop and get guild summit down early yeah I'm really fine with this hand looks like they're gonna be doing something slow as well yeah good gates oh man respect bud so we are just going to shock this in technically we're going to be doing it on their turn and blahdy blahdy blah just fine looks like we're up against their own field gate brother yeah so what do we want to throw out I guess the azure ezo gates not the worst option for us yeah I don't hate it I have at least we have the amnesty yeah let's just get this something around it climb down guild summit there we go oh wait there's this pay button down here just to automate some of this manually tapping fun shenanigans no what are we missing yeah nothing really so we're definitely get we have our engine going especially against the mirror match which is good they're gonna circus route they put one man out so let's see what can we do I think it's worth our time to get her fought a body out so we are just going to be playing for five it's gonna be a wee little baby Crassus but I'm getting some bored presents out soon later is always good another guild summit it's fun and silly and they love it especially when they have a big 8/8 goat we don't have a really strong answer to that except finding our own goat it has definitely put us on it's means if o'clock no what could we do and get another guild summit down tap a couple more sorry about that beautiful dog barking noises let's see it's probably good way to do it you don't want to tap any of our gates if we can so we are going to go like gonna have to tap it Green little UI which anything we really need to apply for to mana now just submit these two and then we are going to slam down our own is it guilt gate you get a couple more card dress I think I just swinging from basically get some damage going what isn't super important to me I don't see us needing a third one it's not like we're gonna have any issues drawing two more so let's just stop I kill gate here so yeah we're definitely gonna be looking for okay we're gonna be getting some help out of that which is a shame didn't throw down their own killed be a proper here which is good for us and they're scooping the thread of me drawing everything I want out of a field summit want me to game perfect what I love to see thanks okay so first game first win I love it let's jump into another one where we can actually hit their face and win ideally okeydoke so we're jumping into the game tube against chaos my man see the angry red grandma which one you know always is a good sign they say that because at the start of every event where there's people doing slow fun strategies there are people playing low to the ground hit your face dreads so then yeah that's totally fine I've done it like hell with the last event I didn't enjoy whatsoever so I displayed not a grope a desperate control which I can put any higher on the list of cool things to do but it felt better for me maybe how important is it that I kill this is germ we can get away with not doing good I think we can get away with waiting it one more yeah so yeah we can just grow spiral will have Clarion up next turn okay my kind of guy looks like they might be missing a land drop yep net looks like it is the case I'm just gonna grow spiral myself here sure I would love to throw this out and yeah we were kind of losing some interaction here huh so we are going to get our pizza of harmony out we are going to do this side down guild summit to tap our gates draw some cards get a lot of land which isn't something I'm really keen on and like to have something on the board probably in a clarion next turn hundred percent they are yawning next train Oh thousand percent Claire yawning next day perfect and we'll have our hydroid presses to follow up another routine so let's just get this one part out of the way yep yep like Gilda game is a decent chance they scoop now not guaranteed of course but wouldn't have surprised me we're gonna have one two three four five six because we definitely have to keep our Crassus above two rows I count again we're gonna have six manner in this chair and seven that's a decent size grasses yeah find that seven so Crassus equals five about Clarion we have access to some cool toys I'm assuming opponent is just going to be whipping out their biogenic who's here curious what they'll be fishing for Tami oh they can't imagine them down taking for anything in here right now anything nice and organized the place is anything I want to do weird about your dominance shenanigans I suppose we'll see what we draw into with our draw step and our throw down guilt gate step you know what I can respect looking for a cooler right now okay and our guild gig shows there a pizza for me I think boring money is just Clarion ting now otherwise they're just gonna get too big to deal with the sweepers I'm currently running so yeah you can do that do that bop bop bop it's a sweet sweet life link going do I want to get rid of Tammy oh yeah let's hear this family I don't like it I don't want them planning this or something actually scary will be needed and this is the fun part where suddenly we have 21 damage on the board I'm not gonna lie I am missing gates ablaze as a scoop perfect just as God intended jump to the next one okay rep against Fernando Jimenez probably butchering that but what can you do I actually do not hate it the only weak part about this is there's only one gate currently to make the RAM better I think it's worth keeping and a slow board we can just play Guild summit if we need something to just block we'll have access to gate breaker RAM which is more than fine it's late my buddy here there we go Damir or espera something or other alrighty we're gonna be going guild gig guild gay forest honey on what they do build some out what are they getting rid of I'm many guests are getting rid of guild summit here and there it is that's fine it's not great it's fine yeah so it looks like they're just running straight up to me right now toll of the invasion are you running demure discard I mean I respect it but so what we have no playable we're just gonna be slamming our guild gates okay Betty get rid of the lava coil theater at least you know better than to get rid of gate Colossus it actually wouldn't be too bad of an idea reading now as it currently stands but yeah let's get some plaza of harmony action going for us next year and we can start gate Colossus and if we start flooding just keep drawing them from occurring threat area we can ignore the toll the invasion token whatever we draw it's not too bad because we have a backup Colossus in hand let's see definitely running forward wipes so I'm I'm fine just keeping the board state as it is right now I might be a predator it big about all it is and more importantly it dies to clear him I don't have to target this boy opponent is test out then you get our pizza of harmony out do I not have red nuna I don't interesting okay so let's see what opponent does here I think he's gonna block and trade which is fine cuz like I said back up gate Colossus I'm just a little salty I found a red man I mean it is what it is but doesn't make it any less frustrating Michael I think this is the first time I've been missing the colors I've needed in this deck for a specific action can you please stop checking out my hand family thank you and we win cool fantastic didn't even need red get out of my yeah it's gonna be a shortish video oh man so excited to get the whole lot Lee mostly because I'm as usual crunched for time I'll try to do a video out a day I'm not gonna hit you with like three uploads in the single day like I did with the route event that was singleton probably yeah thanks so much for watching like comment subscribe sorry I sound like I'm dying and tired because both are true yeah catch y'all next time bye for now everybody

Construct 2 Tutorial – Platform Game Course

hello everyone my name is dead and i'm here to introduce to you my new course for construct 2 platformer games in this course you will learn how to build a basic platformer level similar to Super Mario Brothers you will create a hero and an enemy with animations you create basic enemy AI you will create breakable and bonus blocks you'll create a tunnel to a bonus level and so much more if you're interested in this series the first video is free for preview to see if it's a good fit for you once you've purchased a course you will have access to any add-ons that I put out for this course in the future along with access directly to me with questions so I thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the preview of the platformer series click here to watch it now

Doudou – The Green Businessman: Energy Wood Reforestation in Madagascar

without charcoal most of the stoves in Madagascar's kitchens would stay cold urban households are especially reliant on it cooking in the northern city of an Syriana is still 85% charcoal based few changes can be expected in the foreseeable future amia 14% of Madagascar's ourselves are connected to the power grid gas is not widely affordable and at just under 1% the number of solar cookers in use is negligible at the same time many people in rural Madagascar boost their meager income by making charcoal and selling it to the townspeople the wood they need to make this charcoal they chopped down from the forests illegally the negative impacts on the environment are plain to see tree stump stick out of the scorched earth while erosion cuts its way across the landscape city achievement battalion affair with each of our zing would meet my pika-movie lhasa mandate Bhutanese in turn re cannot komali Rica tangible ruining Ambani metal emblem integrant and Bahrain are you able to elicit a new official cannot CC key such a fun top current using dual MOOC Bell also worked as an illegal charcoal maker for many years then in 1996 he heard about green mat in the meantime this project has become part of the German Malagasy Environment Program that is being implemented by GI z on behalf of Germany's federal ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development Abdul Mook bell and his wife our debt have been involved from the start green rod said itself the objective of reducing the use of charcoal in urban households furthermore it aimed to develop sustainable production methods that would open up alternative sources of income for the impoverished rural population this was the only way the project could get people to see why it made sense to manage forest resources sustainably some 4200 households have since got involved and reforested an area covering some 9,000 hectares in diana in the most northern reaches of the island for the most part they have used eucalyptus trees as these grow very quickly and are particularly good for making charcoal people decide together which areas are not far before crop cultivation and can be reforested this is a particularly good way of reusing soils that are already degraded while safeguarding against any further erosion GI z advises mainly on technical and administrative matters but also supplies the people on site with the tools and seeds they need don't owe me tyranny Astro comes in front of an epiphany era from a face job has a 2000 window for using mr. perky Ronnie assessing in the neon to obtain the mean do better on do to give people greater legal certainty the environmental program is helping to fast-track a non bureaucratic and affordable procedure for issuing land titles Abdul Mook Bell and his wife were able to take possession of their title deeds after just two months NEFAs owner keratin Mooney tantalising mechanical domain service car Kerala is terminal domain is Kevon of zing lay funnel of keratin tome Kamini Cheney jazzy are at Aulani with wallabies insane and inanimate le character Abdul MOOC Bell now makes his coal using a modern dome-shaped furnace which the environmental programme helped develop this new furnace allows him to make twice as much charcoal from the same amount of word as of traditional furnace and up to four times as quickly the environmental programme is not just limited to the eco-friendly production of charcoal but encompasses the entire value chain with GI z support Abdul MOOC Bell therefore got together with the owners of other plots of land to set up a cooperative with their own sales point now every month they sell up to 1000 sects of sustainably produced charcoal in the city craftsmen have been specially trained to make fuel efficient stoves urban households are now not only saving money but by using so-called green charcoal they are proactively helping to preserve the forests of Madagascar today Abdul Mook bell is a successful entrepreneur as a trainer he shares his newly acquired knowledge with others it is his wish that the people and the forests in Madagascar will have a future together milah phenomenal Omni asset oh no Jerry Miller mangoes you do not see me like even Andhra photographer is common anchor a nominee who lhasa patron – flock Arango Ellison although Monica by ok grow Monica

UNBS pledges special support to SMEs

since the compulsory product standards were instituted by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards last year small and micro enterprises continue finding challenges to acquire the standards due to cost the UN bs says they can bend backwards for you if you only register with them once you register with us then we are supposed to work with you until you get certified if however you don't register with us then you get in trouble when market surveillance team goes into the field he was speaking during a visit by the parliamentary committee on trade to you and BS headquarters in where gallery where it emerged that one of you NBS his biggest challenges is tough numbers now at only 306 compared to the tasks they have to undertake I'm supposed to deploy that stuff on two fronts one and a metrology the weights and measures to ensure that measurement systems in this country are accurate and on the other cutter were to ensure that the standards over 1,000 products in this country meet the necessary requirements both important and locally produced what the UN bs boss was doing is called lobbying the budget appropriators we have had the the appeal that you need more more stuff with unbelievable that an institution like this is not compared to ura in numbers now your as like 1000 numbers so you should be the two thousand following in their footsteps we should be following just right behind him the UN BS is better funded today and the interest of the MPs is a good thing for them because if they get more money and people maybe your chance of consuming substandard products from vanish they shall be more accountable without excuse irony come , an TV business

Tropico 6 Season 2 – Ep 13 Industry Emergency

and welcome back to flexible games where we are playing Tropico 6 picking up right where we left off so I need a college I need to hire an immigrant and then I have to have 41 right you want a challenge the u.s. national baseball team to the Tropico series have tourist accommodation buildings okay it's hard to do that without money so I think we're gonna need to fire up a cigar factory think right in here like that well what was that exports Prez who doesn't love exports Goods leaving port money coming back I'm just gonna discard this for now I don't need them to remind me I need hydroponics tobacco I don't have any money we can't bank oh my goodness sure it's just constant the the the demands are just constantly coming in tourist accommodations like there's there's a little bit of money but it just quickly disappears okay I mean cars are our big export right now where's our rubber ass there's rubber right there where is everybody 20% increase in the efficiency I can probably get a little bit more out of increased revenue all right there's some rubber coming in we have lots of Steel all right our first rubber delivery there are some more cars and yeah we need we need we need an industry that pays good money and industry these are these are not cheap at all so I need to somehow hire a college educated person so apparently the intellectual standing was timed out that's unfortunate hey there's some foreign aid I like that yeah we're we're hurting right now we are hurting we might not make it I mean yeah we're we're putting tobacco out but I'd rather like if you look at the costs here cigars are 11,000 tobacco's are 2,000 so it's a huge difference and I don't have any money we might we might have to restart this one I think we're on our initial funds oh that might be enough to fire up a cigar factory something like right here that would be a perfect spot for another hydroponics bay oh that would have been a perfect spot for this if I wouldn't have built the watch tower right there so let's demolish this and hopefully we get a little bit more money follow less money a little bit of meat the Palestine eyes any truth to global warming climate change or ozone layers changes in sea levels oughta merely the result of large mutant lizards I need more products coming in here than out there we go yeah not cheap at all to build hoping let's take trade and we're gonna take off tobacco so I don't I don't lose this supply in here until this is this gets done here and go a little bit of money hopefully yeah we certain we start making some cigars let's drop them off do we have any possible trade any possible bump we have a little bit here let's sign this one and hopefully start seeing some more cigars in here there's some more there we go bingo a little bit of money that'll help us ramp cigar creation up a bit let's boost our efficiency Stadium stadium I should have expected that of course but yeah sure health care happiness we're gonna praise intellectuals we're not gonna blame anybody happiness is where it's at tobacco more cigars more sales who I thank for making me what I am today I am proud to be your president we're gonna get the Brandenburg Gate I like doing the Liberty immigrants are one person happy but that's and I did do it I did do a search on the Great Sphinx apparently that really doesn't do anything unless somebody knows exactly what it does so the Colosseum overall happened to citizen only takes into account their food and fun happiness this will be vital I think in the next mission that we do where there are no homes that is if we can build a spy Academy I'm not sure food and fun happiness kind of curious let's just do mmm not really not really sold on that yet dollars that's amusing all right we got a few cars a little bit of foreign aid that helps I want climate control that'll give us more more money or more return on investment because before I can build all of the things that they want over here we need we need a steady supply of income that is that is crucial so I think let's do another hydroponics of tobacco keep this thing running full speed all the time and then with the excess we'll build another cigar factory and hopefully pump out even more cigars there's a little bit of money so stadium leaving a modernize Department Speedway do I have any research okay I'm I'm researching Speedway at the moment we need to bribe the delivered gold or spend 10 grand well if I deliver gold let's say go to trade we are not going to sell gold outright I think there's some gold at the very end here should grab that and the other nearest stuff is way over here it's quite a lot of mining potential out here I'm sure the good citizens of tropical no let's let's let them vote freely for now what's my Almanac look like yeah no unemployed need pineapple corn do I have a grocer over here what's my power surplus 248 May yay we're gonna do this I think I think we've got all the stuff that we've got Presidente I know you always keep your promises but the citizens okay so we want a hospital oh that's gonna hurt so close looks to me as though people don't much want to visit your dumb island pal there's some money I want to hire a foreign worker that was one of the things I needed tourism skyscraper hotel trying to trying to you know cater to a lot of different needs and a lot of different people not easy I might need some well let's see what we can do decreases the job positions that's just 20 tourists ratings of a hundred club yeah sure health care happiness should be getting a lot of people in here can't afford the hospitalization wing until now that'll allow a lot of people to seek health care okay so we have quite a lot of ooh look at that filled up nicely both of those okay now you've got plenty there I think yeah can't can't afford let's increase that efficiency now we've got plenty of tobacco you can see they're just chewing through it now the efficiency I want to bump that up there we go now with all of that we're gonna want another cigar factory right here as far as the stadium goes this might be a good spot for a stadium back here although yeah we're not we're not quite there yet I don't know what that was but I like that it finished let's do yeah we don't have any money at the moment what are we gonna get decent amount let's look at tourism again to our office Paul you got one right here okay souvenir shop sure entertainment yeah see that's 31,000 just to build that thing once we might need another skyscraper Hotel deliver gold we still haven't delivered any gold I wonder yeah pirate is the only one that can go out and get gold so we're gonna need gold it's around here somewhere there it is like that now as far as electricity goes there we go all right College I'm gonna need a college are we doing on money you got cigar factories let's give you some climate control bump you up so you're over a hundred percent at least we need look at all the people working they didn't have anything to do there we go there's some cigars now we're talking how's the trade going we're available okay anybody else want cigars nobody else nobody else wants cigars well that's just unfortunate jewelry I'm not gonna import jewelry that would be a bad bad thing I could now that I have a gold mine I could get some jewelry going like gas cars I mean that all I don't help boost us up a little bit not really much else I can do we are producing we are producing a few cars sold is that there's the ship there's a little bit more money I think that is good all tourism let's look at it no it's looking entertainment rich I don't know if we want to maybe put in a theater and a nightclub I want to do a nightclub – that should woo but all the little people running around so I like to see all right this one's going in this should help us get to that magical number plus if you know a few things to do never hurt a little bit of money how are we doing on our unemployed do we have a heist we have a high school 4,500 for that now available on the Tropican health service laser eye surgery for those who simply must have laser tourist accommodation hopefully this will be the eighth what do they mean specific hotel rooms Hey look at that big look at that big payday that was good I like that all right our first gold has been delivered so a tourist accommodation that definitely looks like it needs to be hotel so we could do Beach villa these are nice and cheap trying to beautify it a little bit more here whoa where's that where did that come from I don't remember ever seeing this thing I mean am I supposed to put that somewhere let's just put it right there why not all right cigars are starting to starting to roll in ha ha all right tourist accommodations are good let's get a college 3,000 oh man that's expensive right right in here somewhere okay and then the stadium is the big the big ticket item left these all poor people think there college-educated 29 I'm actually drop I've actually dropped in the number of people how is that possible what sir we're only a net gain here a little bit how are we doing on how are we doing on gold our drill you might want to modernize these soon but pineapple I'll give us a lot more corn iron mine I mean yes I would definitely like to do the power drill but we don't have you'll have nearly the uranium mining that we're gonna need in order to make up for that we might have to go coal really don't want to do that but yeah you never know alright there are some people in here getting educated a little bit of money okay we're we're looking pretty good as far as money goes I mean you can never get too much but but anyway that's a good spot and so yeah that's gonna do it for this episode and I thank you for watching and I will see you next time