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This time we will start our journey, travelling by Mumbai Metro. Our stop is here, we will get down at JB Nagar. This locality ‘JB Nagar” is named after a
freedom fighter & an Industrialist, Jamnalal Bajaj, the founder of the Bajaj Group. The origin of the company dates back to 1905,
when Bachhraj Bajaj started a small cotton factory in Maharashtra, India. The factory was later taken over by his adopted
grandson, Jamnalal Bajaj. In 1926 Jamnalal Bajaj established Bachhraj
Factories and started expanding the business, this company later became the Bajaj Group. Now Bajaj Group has grown into a worldwide
conglomerate with a market cap of over $25 Billion. Their company Bajaj Auto is the world’s largest
three-wheeler manufacturer. The launch of their scooter ‘Chetak’ in the
1970’s provided the first mass personal mobility to Indians and played a key part in creating
India’s aspirational middle class. Now over the decades some of the family businesses
have been split, but still in this video we will take a look at Bajaj family’s complete
business empire, as started by Jamnalal Bajaj. So without any further delay, let’s pull the
clutch, start the engine and take a ride across the world to witness the massive business
empire of Bajaj family. We will start our journey in North America
and reach Mexico. Here Bajaj is the second highest selling motorcycle
brand, while Bajaj’s three-wheeler, locally called Motocarros, is the market leader in
the country. In Mexico, Bajaj also organises a racing event
called Pulsar cup. In nearby Colombia, Bajaj is the highest-selling
motorcycle and three-wheeler brand. Here the company has also created a Colombian
reality series called Pulsarmania. Moreover in Latin America, Bajaj is one of
the top-selling motorcycle brand in Guatemala, Argentina and Peru. Furthermore, Bajaj three-wheelers are the
highest selling three-wheeler brand in Central America and Peru. From Latin America lets move all the way to
Africa. Bajaj Boxer is one of the top-selling bikes
in the continent. We are right now in Uganda’s capital, Kampala. Here motorcycle taxis called Boda Bodas, are
a common mode of transport. Bajaj is the highest-selling motorcycle brand
in Uganda. In nearby South Sudan and Nigeria, Bajaj is
the highest selling motorcycle brand, while in Kenya Bajaj Motorcyles are placed on the
second position. Bajaj is also the top-selling three-wheeler
brand in Ethiopia, Sudan and Nigeria. From Nigeria, we will move to Europe and reach
the picturesque Austria. We are right now in the peaceful town of Mattighofen. Here we will find the factory of KTM AG, the
biggest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe. KTM AG sells more bikes than Germany based
BMW and Italy based Ducati and also owns a MotoGP team. This billion-dollar company is jointly owned
by Bajaj Group. Moreover in Europe, Bajaj motorcycles are
sold across eastern Europe including Ukraine, Russia and Belarus where recently Bajaj festival
of speed was organised. From Europe, lets move to Asia and reach Egypt. Here Bajaj motorcycles are the highest selling
two-wheelers, while Bajaj auto-rickshaw locally named as ‘Tuk Tuk Hind’, is the highest-selling
three-wheeler. In nearby Oman, Bajaj Electricals has completed
installing lighting solutions in three football stadiums and the coveted Salalah Free Zone. Moreover, Bajaj motorcycles are also popular
in nearby Iran and Turkey. In Turkey, Bajaj has also released Dominar
400 Istanbul Police Edition. From Turkey let’s move all the way to Indonesia. Here on the streets of Jakarta, Bajaj three-wheelers,
locally called ‘Bajai’, have been part of Indonesian roads for around four decades. While Bajaj family also owns coal mines in
the region. Moving to Philippines, Bajaj is a market leader
in the three-wheelers segment. While in nearby Cambodia, Bajaj three-wheelers
are also gaining popularity. Now lets move to Sri Lanka. The island nation is the largest international
market for Bajaj, as Bajaj is a market leader in both three-wheelers and motorcycles. Furthermore, Bajaj’s four wheel quadricycle
Qute is also gaining popularity in the country. Moreover, Bajaj is also one of the leading
two-wheeler brands in Bangladesh, While in Nepal it organises an adventure reality event
called Pulsar Dare Venture. Now after our world tour we will finally reach
India. Right now we are back in Mumbai, lets take
a seven hour drive and reach Waluj. Most of the Bajaj three-wheelers we had seen
across the world have been manufactured in this very plant. In India, Bajaj Auto is the largest exporter
of motorcycles and three-wheelers. Meanwhile, Bajaj Electricals is one of the
market leaders in lighting products, manufactures a large range of consumer products and owns
Nirlep, the leading producer of non-stick cookware in India. Moreover, Bajaj Electricals has undertaken
major projects across India that include, rural electrification of remote villages in
over 7 states, development of 3000 circuit kilometres of transmission lines and has also
been involved in executing lighting solutions for Wankhede Stadium and Bandra Worli Sea
Link in Mumbai. The group also operates a financial services
company, a travel agency, a material handling equipment company, jointly owns a general
and life insurance company, Bajaj Alliance and also a leading alloy and stainless steel
company Mukand Ltd. Moreover, Bajaj family’s holding includes
Asia’s biggest Sugar company, Bajaj Hindusthan, a thermal power project in Uttar Pradesh,
a real estate company, a comparatively small aviation company with Falcon 2000LX fleet. Furthermore, Bajaj family also holds a stake
in Bajaj Consumer Care, that owns popular brands like the leading hair oil brand Bajaj
Almond Oil and skincare brand Bajaj Nomarks. Not only that, Bajaj family has also been
involved in establishing numerous institutions that includes Commerce Colleges, a Science
College, a Nursing College, an Agriculture institute, a Rural Institute, an Engineering
Institute, a management institute for women and also the reputed Jamnalal Bajaj Institute
of Management Studies in Mumbai. Their charity foundations have also jointly
set up a public library, a science centre, a general hospital, an ophthalmology research
centre, an award for promoting Gandhian values and has even aided in the establishment of
Department of Sanskrit at the Mumbai University. Looking back, it is amazing to see how Bajaj
group has evolved from a small cotton factory into a global conglomerate. So to end it, All I can say this is Bajaj
family’s massive Business Empire.

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