BESIX – Six Construct – Rehabilitation of Berth 4 in Ras Laffan

this dolphin is composed of several blocks the first clock is a reverse McClintock and underneath we have plain concrete rocks these concrete plain concrete works have been suffering tracks extensive cracking which compromised their structural integrity and that's why we had to do this project to to maintain the integrity actually to replace the dolphin with the external factor we are doing nine of them because out of the twelve nine of them needed some some repair the procedure is to build the encapsulation unit at the other side of the port to our subcontractor then it's launched in the water ballast it it's equipped and fitted with all what is required and then we throw it across the port with our with our tugboat bringing it here at the pub doors for the replacement had to be done from the outside to contain the internal concrete this was the best way that we found to replace the dolphin so we had to let's say encapsulate the dolphin and to contain the D concrete by this external structure that you see on the outside marine is something a little bit special in in construction compared to the standard the buildings or our civil wars you have the marine equipment involved which is a another separate world I would say the requirements in terms of safety for example are quite different so it is definitely something apart basically without the divers were blind in the seabed okay we have machines which give us topography and level on all the rest but the the visual inspection of the divers is the most important it's a challenging job there are sometimes working on to leave Korean loads rocks can slide many things can go wrong as you will probably notice they're always working in pairs we always have one CFD diver on the barge ready to go at any time if there's any problems it's a challenge for the diversity sometimes as well the visibility is not good they're working in murky water if the sea is rough obviously the visibility will not be good the divers are a big part of our team this project is very tough and we have very less time and this all divers who are dedicating and they have good spirit to work and they are saying we have to achieve the target and we will achieve that makes me proud very good yeah we have we are team the good thing is that with the different nationalities with the different experienced people we have we could create a kind of good spirit so that all together we could reach the target the time was critical because it's it's a type of shutdown this birth is important for cattle gas business and for the for loading the LNG vessels so we had a limited time to do this work the affirmation of now report no Alexis reason the ladders the ball rails a hand rails for doing the final touch of the painting and or coming to the end we have proved that this method which is for the first time that has been implemented is is successful and could serve in in similar situations all of us have been working so hard in so many hours without any days off and I think that's the I mean to be on time and be successful gives us more satisfaction than anything else actually when we started the project everybody was a little bit afraid or doubtful about the fact to succeed so what I would keep in mind that if you really want it it's it's always possible you you

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