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– It’s one of the coolest pieces of tech you can put inside your home. You will not believe how
delicious air frying can taste, plus, I’m giving one away for free. (light thoughtful music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. Welcome to my kitchen. Welcome to my home, and welcome back to all
of the awesome subscribers that keep this channel going, and it’s because of you guys, and if you’re new, welcome. I’ll explain what I do in a moment. I knew that I had to search
for some air fryer deals. I started to get requests for these right around Black Friday, and if you all noticed,
I was new to air frying. Sometimes it takes me a couple of months to test a contraption
before I find what I like and what works. Air frying is a way to make
your favorite fried foods, from sweet potato fries to chicken wings to chicken fried steak
and so many other recipes, including cake, with little to no oil, all thanks to a really cool piece of tech, which I’m going to show you. If you expand the video description box, right under me, you’re
gonna find the link, and I’m gonna give one
of these away for free at the end of this video. First, let’s unbox this
and use it together. (light guitar music) Now, the deal that I found today gives you your choice of
color and two different sizes. I’m going to unbox the smaller size, but there is a slightly larger one if you have a family of six
or you really love air frying. The one that I bought is red. That is what was available. They were selling out, although the black one is really sleek, and it’s kind of like something
that I would have seen maybe from Apple a few years ago? Remember when they had the colors tied to many of their products? Very sleek. You’ve got the digital
display on the front. You also have the programmable emblem, so basically, you hit whatever
it is you want to cook, and then you get a temperature setup between zero and 400 degrees Fahrenheit with an under 30 minute cooking time, where you can fry until
your heart’s content, without the extra oil, the saturated fats, so you’re helping your
waistline in a big way, but the taste, as I’ll show you, is just absolutely phenomenal. You also get a really
nice recipe cookbook, where this includes 50 additional recipes. These on their own are worth something, and you get the warranty information, and Go Wise USA, the company behind this, I think they’re based out of Phoenix, so this is a pretty cool concept, and of course, really,
really good recipes. The basket comes out easily,
and you can actually get one with double the capacity for
$30 more if you so choose. From here, the basket, where you would put whatever it is you’re
frying, fits beautifully, and this is where the convective
heat current passes through to evenly cook whatever
it is you have inside. From stuffed bell peppers to meatballs, chicken breasts, kabobs, fish and chips, anything you can normally
do in a deep fryer can be done right in this bad boy. You can do this with sweet
potato or your white potato. I’m gonna go sweet right here. Very easy, so cut up the sweet potato. It goes right into the bowl, and the nice thing is you
use, in some cases, no oil, or in this case, just minimal oil. This is a couple tablespoons of oil. Gonna put it on, just lightly
coat what is going to be the most awesome french fries, and you could add
flavoring of your choice, from brown butter to whatever
it is you’re cooking. I’m gonna add a little bit of spice here. This will cook nicely. There we go, I’ll just put this in. Then you wanna just toss these up and make sure they’re evenly coated, but as you can see, there’s
a very minimal amount of oil, and this is, of course,
cutting down on the fat that you would have,
so let’s open this up. There’s the basket. These go right in. Actually, let’s just spill
like this, a little bit easier. This goes right back in, and then all you need to
do is hit the start button. In 15 minutes, the perfectly
beautiful sweet potato fries that I’m going to get will be complete. It’s cooking at 370 degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously, it goes up to 400, and everything that you would cook in here is done in under 30 minutes. Very quiet operation. Here, I’m putting my
microphone up right against it. Makes less noise than
even like a dehumidifier or something you would have in your home, and the best thing about
this is your whole home is not going to smell like fried food. How many times have you fried something, your clothing smells? If it’s near a coat closet
in the front, that stinks. This is all contained within
this really nice, compact unit. And now, for the moment of
truth, 15 minutes later, and again, you’ve got programmable options if you wanna go for longer
and let it do the work. Let’s get this out. Oh, I mean, I wish you could smell this. Look at the perfect color on this. Can you hear that? That’s the crispiness of these fries, the fries that even the
most seasoned fry cook, get it, seasoned? Would be so happy to get. Look at that crispiness. I don’t know if you’re gonna
hear how crispy this is, but, perfectly crispy. Let’s pour these in. I’m gonna just pick out a
couple of random fries here, and you can hear just how crispy these, listen again. I’m gonna put this right
beside my microphone. Beautifully crispy. Even the top fry cooks
would be lucky to get this, and I have no experience and I did this in a matter of minutes. Now, you could do this up with
a little bit of malt vinegar, ketchup, make a garlic aioli, whatever, but in the same amount
of time where you’d be grabbing something from
your freezer aisle, taquitos, any of those little
pizza spring roll things, whatever it is that we know and love, you can now replicate
that with less money, with less fat, with less
oil, and even more taste. Now, I would love to know, before I give one of these away for free, what other contraptions
do you want in your home that you want me to test? What do you wanna see
given away on this channel? I’m really into tech, but keep in mind, tech can be for any room of your home. It could be for your
kitchen, bedroom tech, actually, that sounds questionable, but like nightlights, things like that. Anyhow, using Tube Buddy’s
random selection tool to find a subscriber who’s
commented in the last six months. Congratulations goes to Jenny Hicks! Go you. You just got a free air fryer. Awesome. This is yours. Well, actually, not all of this. This is from my fridge, and this one won’t be yours
’cause I now own this, but you’ll get a new one. Well said. I’m so articulate when I give things away, but I wanna thank you guys for watching, and if you missed out on this giveaway or you wanna see other huge deals delivered to your inbox, very easy way to get subscribed. Click on my head right
here, slash the air fryer, and that’ll subscribe you to this channel. If you need help turning
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deals I did, right over here.

100 Replies to “Best Air Fryer – The Deal Guy

  1. Before asking this question, I went to the website and didn't find the answer. Can use use this to cook frozen french fries, or other such frozen foods, or do they have to be fresh?

  2. Thanks for show casing this air fryer. I definitely need to get one because I have burnt myself so many times frying food. Ouch!

  3. Thx, -been reading so many bad things about air fryers, I never thought of even watching a video demonstrating one. Since you make your videos so detailed and entertaining, I decided to check this video out, glad I did. I now I wish I had the money to get one 😉

  4. Great video, Matt. Thanks. Have you done anything on sous vide cookers? They are pretty cool. You may have done one and I missed it. If you haven't you may want to consider it.

  5. Matt, I bought the Treblab XR800 that you recommended on Black Friday and I LOVE them! Have you tested out their newest headphones, X2? If not, I'd love to see what they are like.

  6. I bought the Air Fryer XL Pro after watching it on tv. I have the hardest time getting the door to close. I have to slam it over and over. It is infuriating. I wish I had heard about this first.

  7. think what several are requesting is the best electric pressure cooker. Many have the Instapot but their new one has been having a meltdown, literally. (story this morning on Good Morning America) the other top seller is the Power Pressure Cooker XL, but what others are out there? And what can you do with them?

  8. Hi Matt, Thank you for the air fryer video. I've been wanting to get one but just wasn't sure if they really worked.

  9. I'm glad you did this video I was thinking about buying one of these now I know how easy it is to use thanks

  10. I've been using my Nuwave for the last 8 years. I like not having to pre-heat the oven and get the kitchen hot in the summer. Plus I can take stuff from the freezer and have it cooked just right in minutes.

  11. I have never heard of an Air Fryer until today. Wow. This Guy is amazing, the more i watch, the more a learn. Do continue the great work Mr. Matt!!

  12. Its good to have a air frying because I have acid reflux and it will be good for my children. Because they have austim

  13. I would love haveing needdrop some pound cuz love fry chicken anenjoy cooking food any kind of food this would be so lovely would have use my stove or oven so much how about breakfast like sausage and eggs and biscuitscan u cook that too thanks an have a blessful time useing ur Air Fryer make me want some fry now love it like see it Shelia

  14. Everyone's requesting review of the "Insta-pot." First of all, it's Instant Pot. Yes, I made that mistake too cuz it sounds so catchy. And it's a wonderful machine. Perfectly cooked sweet potatoes in 15 mins whereas an oven would take over an hour and a half. DELICIOUS Homemade chicken stew in 17 mins. The Instant Pot is awesome!

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