Best Full Christian Movie “The Price We Must Pay” | The True Story of a Christian

Go! Go! Go! Go! Bastard! You wanna run? Then you’ll die! – Stop right there!
– Get him! – Stop!
– Stop running! After him! – Stop!
– Stop running! Get him! Stop running! Stop! – Don’t you run!
– Stop! – Don’t run away!
– You can’t get away! Stop! Stop! Where is he? – Take your team and search over there!
– Sheep, my sheep! Everyone else, split up! Okay. Quick! Dammit! – He runs pretty fast!
– Where is he? Where is he? Dammit! – Where did he go?
– He has to be close. These believers in God are criminals! We must catch him! Now let’s search everywhere! Yes, sir! – Come on, let’s go that way.
– Dammit! Dammit! Captain, there’s movement over there. Quick! After him! Yes, sir! That was a close call! I’m glad you were able to escape. Brother Song, put this on. Thanks. The CCP is utterly detestable. They’re starting another
arrest campaign against Christians. In the last three days in Liaoning, I heard they caught more than
700 brothers and sisters. Right. It’s true. They’re doing these mass arrests in every province. They’ve even demolished many churches and crosses. Yeah. The CCP wants to completely eliminate religious faith. Right. They’ve tried so many times, but they haven’t succeeded. It’s just like … Hey dad, what was trying to cut the tree? Oh! An ant. Right, it’s like an ant trying to cut down a tree— it doesn’t know its own strength. Yeah. I think the CCP has gone crazy. They are so mad, they might collapse soon. Right. They have problems inside and out, from every direction. Ordinary people are in dire straits, and the CCP doesn’t care. Yeah. The CCP resists and makes itself an enemy of God. They are going against the rules
of morality and Heaven, and God will punish them one day. Right. People always say, “You do yourself in with too many evil deeds.” The CCP can’t escape God’s punishment. Yeah. I think, within a year or two, it will be completely dead. The CCP is crazy right now. They’re after Christians. You must be very careful when doing church work. If something happens, pray to God and rely on God. Yes. Don’t do anything blindly or rashly. If you’re arrested, it will be too late. Dad, I know. – Yeah, we do have to be careful.
– Okay. But, the crazier they become, the more loyal we should be to God. That is the true testimony of overcomers. Right. And it’s how we gain our share
of the kingdom of heaven. That’s right. Yeah. Brother Song, the noodles are ready. – Eat while it’s hot!
– Alright. – Eat while it’s still hot!
– Brother Xu. What time is it? We’ll make it to the meeting. Let’s eat first. Okay. Look at this. It’s important
to record this data accurately. If it’s not right, we’ll have big problems. So this is the one. Hey, Xiaojie … Right, pay special attention to this number. Xiaojie. Secretary Li wants to see you, right now. Alright. – Get going.
– I’ll be right there. Alright. I have to go. You keep an eye on this. Xiaojie, we received orders from the government
to investigate believers in God. We ask everyone to fill out this form and report their family members’ religious beliefs. If anyone’s family believes in God, we have to fire them. Hey! Your father … Doesn’t he believe in God? Wasn’t he arrested and put in jail
for missionary work? Is he still a believer? If he is, it will be a major problem. Right. Secretary Li, the car is downstairs. Thank you. Xiaojie, you’re an intelligent, capable employee. We’re thinking about promoting you. Go home, have a talk with your father, and convince him to stop believing. Otherwise, never mind the promotion, you won’t be able to keep your current job. Give it some thought. The CCP is very hateful! As long as they’re in power, Christians can’t meet without risking their lives. Yes. Thankfully, we all escaped this time. God was protecting us. Hey, you have a police record. The police could come looking for you here. You should leave the city and hide. That’s what I was gonna do. I’ll pack some clothes and go. OK. I’ll go pack you a bag. Alright. Xiaojie, you’re back? Yes. I was just asking your mother why you weren’t back yet. Today I … Dad, what happened to you? What did you do to yourself? The police showed up at our meeting. I escaped but got a few scratches. You … Dad, can … can you stop going out to perform your duties? Can’t you just believe quietly at home? Xiaojie, you’ve followed our faith since you were young, and you know that as believers,
we walk the right path. It’s our responsibility, our duty to work for God. We can’t let fear of being arrested stop us from doing our duty. Xiaojie, you’re home? But … what if they put you back in jail? Hey, Xiaojie? Look at this. What is this? It’s … You lost your job for believing in God. Is that what you want for me? The CCP is evil! It’s despicable! Xiaojie, the CCP is holding your job hostage to force us to give up our belief. It’s one of Satan’s tricks. You need to have discernment. So don’t fall for it. Xiaojie, you’ve read the Bible and God’s word. You know that God dominates the heavens and all things, and directs the fates of mankind. No matter what the government tries to hold over us or what tricks and schemes it uses to make our lives impossible, as long as we rely on God, we will be able to survive. That’s right, Xiaojie. A few years ago, when I was in jail, your mom found a part-time job, and with the help from our brothers
and sisters in the church, we got by just fine. Do you remember? We need to have faith in God. I knew I couldn’t convince you! Hey, Xiaojie? Xiaojie. Are you okay? Are you feeling sick? I’m fine. I’m fine, mom. Xiaojie only cares about his job. He rarely reads God’s word, he doesn’t have time for meetings. Even now, he doesn’t understand the truth. He doesn’t have faith in God, he can’t stand firm in his faith at all. True. Try to read more of God’s word with him and bring him to meetings. I’ll do that. Then I’ll go. Hold on. Xiaojie bought this for you a few days ago. I have to go. Okay. Be careful! Nuanquan Town! Nuanquan Town!
We’ve arrived at Nuanquan! Passengers for Nuanquan, get off here. Where to? Baile. Okay, get in please. It’s good to have you back. Here, come in, come on in. Hey! Are you shelling peanuts? Hey, Brother Song, you’re back! Sister Li. You’ve been gone for a whole week! Yes, I have. Yes, you have. Here, I’ll help. Here. How are things? Has the state of our brothers and sisters improved? Recently, when I’ve fellowshiped on God’s word at meetings, they’ve understood that the CCP’s persecution of God’s chosen
is out of God’s permission. He is perfecting His chosen people,
helping them grow. That’s wonderful! Now, everyone has faith, and is performing their duties. Thanks be to God! This truly is God’s blessing. Yes. Brother Song, you spend your days laboring, and working for God. – And that’s very risky.
– It absolutely is! It must be difficult. Yes! Thanks be to God! Thanks be to God! We’ll have noodles with soy sauce for dinner … I’ll peel garlic. In the Age of Grace, Amen! God’s word states very clearly
that to sincerely expend for God, we must forsake everything. Yes. Amidst persecution and hardship, if we persist in spreading the gospel, working for God, and fulfilling our duties, this is genuine obedience and loyalty to God. Right. To do this is to share in the tribulation,
kingdom, and patience of Christ… Amen! …which God highly commends, and which will earn us God’s approval and blessings and bring us into His kingdom. – Amen!
– Thanks be to God! – This fellowship is wonderful!
– Brother Song fellowships so well! – He’s completely right!
– Yes. – Hearing this fellowship, we have faith now.
– That’s right. If we forsake everything to work for God, in the end we will certainly
enter the kingdom of heaven. Yes! Thanks be to God! Thanks be to God! Brother Song, your fellowship just now was fantastic. It was very encouraging for us. – Yes, it certainly was.
– Thank God! But, you said that if we forsake everything
for God, and work, this is obedience, and we will enter God’s kingdom. I don’t feel that this view agrees with God’s words. It doesn’t agree with God’s words? If we only work and labor, and don’t pursue the truth or achieve change in our life disposition, is that in accord with God’s will? I don’t know the answer. Neither do I. Brother Zheng, you’re absolutely right. All those years we believed in the Lord, we preached and worked everywhere, we were arrested, we were tormented and tortured,
but we didn’t betray the Lord, and we stood firm and testified. Yes. After we accept God’s work of the last days, we can forsake everything,
and nothing can stand in our way as we spread the gospel of the coming
of the kingdom of heaven. Yes. So, isn’t that doing God’s will? It is. Isn’t that obedience to God? It is. Yes, it is. No matter what else, we achieve at least a little change
in our life disposition. That’s right. – It’s also a testimony of our obedience to God.
– Yes, that’s true. That’s right. I can’t explain the problem clearly, but I can’t escape the feeling that
this view doesn’t accord with the truth. It’s just like the Pharisees, who also labored and worked, and traveled to preach the gospel for God. But were they really obedient to God? They didn’t gain God’s approval. Think about it, Brother Song. Isn’t what I’m saying correct? Is laboring, working, forsaking, and preaching actually doing God’s will? Is it obedience to God? The Lord Jesus also said, Amen! I’ve worked for so many years, and practiced according to God’s word. I should be someone obedient to God. But there’s also wisdom in Brother Zheng’s words. But, when I was arrested and tortured, I didn’t betray the Lord. Talk! Talk! Answer me! Do you still believe in God? Answer! Yes. Damn you! I’m gonna kill you! I stood firm and testified. Isn’t that doing God’s will? It is in accord with God’s will. Alright, let’s end today’s meeting now. OK. Pack up the books. Okay. Brothers and sisters,
let’s all help out with the farm work! OK. Hey, if you’re tired, please take a break. Okay. Hey, Brother Song, your fellowship at today’s meeting was very good. It was very helpful for me. Great. Thanks be to God. But I found one thing you said problematic. Oh? What was it? You said that working and expending
for God is obeying God, and that by doing so we gain God’s approval
and can enter the kingdom of heaven. But I think that’s a one-sided understanding of it, and not quite correct. Oh? Brother Lin, what do you think is wrong with that view? How do you understand the issue? Can you explain it to me? Yes, Brother Lin. Are you saying that suffering for God isn’t obeying God? Hey, a few days ago I raised the same
question with Brother Song. I also felt like that view isn’t right, but I couldn’t explain it. Brother Lin, share your understanding. Yes, Brother Lin, please share with us. Alright, then I’ll tell you my understanding of it. We believe in God, so we forsake, expend, suffer,
and pay a price for God. These appear to be expressions
of obedience from the outside, but do we dare say that what we do isn’t contaminated
with our own intentions? Consider Paul, who expended, labored,
and worked for the Lord his whole life, but did he earn God’s approval? Why did Paul forsake and expend? Was it out of obedience to God? Or was it in exchange for the crown of righteousness? Also, of all the saints throughout history, so many have devoted their lives
to expending and working for the Lord, but how many of them actually gained the Lord’s approval? What kind of person gains the Lord’s approval? If someone believes in God only to gain blessings, or to enter the kingdom of heaven, even if he spends his life
suffering and expending for God, do we dare say he will be able to enter the kingdom of heaven? For those who cast out demons, preach,
and do great works in the Lord’s name, the Lord will not only refuse to know them, but He will say they are workers of iniquity. Why is that? So many people lack understanding
of what the Lord meant here. They haven’t grasped the Lord’s will. If such people work and expend for the Lord, in the end, will they gain the Lord’s approval? No. Then shouldn’t we consider what kind
of people can gain the Lord’s approval and what kind of people
can enter the kingdom of heaven? But doing God’s will isn’t a simple matter. People can appear to be suffering and expending, but if their intentions are to gain blessings and rewards, or to enter the kingdom of heaven, then they aren’t practicing the truth at all, nor are they working to love and satisfy God. In this case, do you think the suffering and expending is obedience to God? Is this doing God’s will? If we believe in God and expend
for God purely to gain blessings, then aren’t our actions contaminated by
our personal intentions and corrupt dispositions? If we aren’t purified of our corrupt dispositions, can we truly become people who do God’s will? Absolutely not. Right. That was the Lord Jesus’ central point
when He said that. Many people don’t understand this, and believe that working and expending
for God is doing God’s will, but isn’t that misunderstanding the Lord’s words? I bet you’re all thirsty! Here, have some water. Okay. – Here, have some water.
– This is for you. Thanks! Brother, take a rest and have some water. Okay. – Sister, please take a rest.
– Brother, here you are. Okay. Here, Brother Song, have some water. Thank you. Actually, we’ve all seen people who can forsake
everything to expend for God, but when they suffer trials and hardship, or when they suffer illness and pain, they complain and blame God for it, they even deny, betray, and leave God. What is the problem here? Hey, what do you all think? Can these people enter the kingdom of heaven? No. Alright. Now I understand. If people’s corrupt dispositions aren’t purified, they can’t become people who do God’s will, and they’re unqualified
to enter the kingdom of heaven. Yes, that’s right. Exactly. We all agree that God’s disposition is righteous and holy, and that God rules in His kingdom. How could He allow filthy,
corrupt people to enter His kingdom? Right. It’s just as Almighty God says, God’s judgment in the last days is to purify the corruption of mankind, and perfect all those who truly believe in God, allowing them to gain the truth and obey God. Only the ones purified by the work
of judgment in the last days and perfected by God are qualified to enter God’s kingdom. That’s entirely right. Actually, we’ve all seen that pastors and elders of the religious world
have worked and preached for years, but when the incarnate God has come in the last days, they don’t understand Him, and still resist and condemn Him, don’t they? Are they really obedient to God? No. How are they any different from the Pharisees
who resisted and condemned the Lord Jesus? Could God ever approve of people
who don’t understand Him and still resist and condemn Him? No. Absolutely not. If we want to become people
who are truly obedient to God, we need to experience God’s judgment, chastisement, pruning, dealing, and refinement, and achieve understanding
of the truth and knowledge of God. That’s the only way our corrupt
dispositions can be purified, our forsaking and expending can gain God’s approval, and we can become qualified to enter God’s kingdom. That fulfills the Lord Jesus’ words, Here. Thanks be to God! After fellowship like this,
my heart is much brighter. With man’s deep corruption and our satanic dispositions, we work and expend for God to gain blessings and for our own interests. Yes. Without experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement, none of us can become people
who genuinely obey God and do God’s will. That’s right. And that’s why the Lord Jesus said, Yes. It seems like, no matter whether we can expend for God, we all need to experience the judgment
and chastisement in God’s words to purify and change our life dispositions… Yes. …and become people who are truly obedient to God. You’re absolutely right. You really are. Brother Lin, Sister Chen, your fellowship is completely
in accord with God’s words. Genuine obedience to God isn’t as simple as I thought. That’s right. Since I accepted Almighty God, I’ve understood some truths, but I still have some mistaken religious notions, and lack true understanding of what it means to do God’s will or to be truly obedient to God. I suppose I’ve experienced too little
of God’s judgment and chastisement. My mistaken notions and satanic dispositions are far from being purified. You’ve pointed that out to me today, and I need to reflect more on this and seek truth in this matter. Thanks be to God! Brother Song, what are you thinking about? I’m thinking that in the years I’ve believed in God, I’ve been able to forsake and suffer,
and pay a price, so I thought I was someone who was genuinely obedient to God, someone who did God’s will, that God would approve of me, and that I would enter the kingdom of heaven. But, after hearing Brother Lin’s
and Sister Chen’s fellowship today, I feel very moved. I realize my dream of entering
the kingdom of heaven is broken. I was thinking, if not to enter the kingdom
of heaven and gain rewards, would I have endured all this suffering
to forsake and expend for God? Yeah. I’m really not sure anymore. Thank you for your cooperation, Secretary Li. It’s the least I can do. Then we’ll be on our way. Alright, goodbye. Let’s go. Miss Yang, show them out. Yes, Mr. Li. To be honest, we don’t want to fire you, but eliminating religious faith is a central policy, and we have no choice but to cooperate. You should go home, find your father, persuade him to cooperate with the government
and confess his belief in God, and then we might be able to reconsider your job. Brother Wang. Brother Song, Brother Lin brought
a letter for you this afternoon. He said it’s from your wife. Okay. It’s getting colder out. You need a thicker blanket. Thank you. Xiaojie’s in the hospital? Huh? What happened? The letter says Xiaojie has myasthenia gravis, and that he can’t move his limbs. Myasthenia gravis? I’ve never heard of this disease before. I saw cases of it where I used to work. It’s a neuromuscular condition. Then do you want to go back and see him? Brother Song, bad news! Something happened! Brother Xu. The brothers and sisters at the Zhaojiatun
meeting place were arrested. What? When was that? This evening, just after 5:00 p.m. We have to notify everyone at risk
to leave town right away! Yeah. So we should get going now. Alright, let’s go! Brother Song, don’t forget your coat! Take an umbrella! Take an umbrella! Yuzhen, how is Xiaojie doing? He must be miserable having this disease, so try to be there for him and talk to him. It’s possible to recover from this disease. I’m busy with church work, so I can’t return for the moment. You keep watch over him by yourself, I’m sure you must feel weak at times. I’ve been thinking, this happened with God’s approval, which means this is God’s trial for us. God is testing our faith. We need to pray more to God, and we can’t blame God. When Job’s trials came, he didn’t blame God. He stood witness and gained
God’s approval and blessings. If we don’t complain and continue
to perform our duties during our trial, Xiaojie’s condition might just improve. We need to have that faith … Brothers and sisters, if you have no other questions, let’s end our meeting here today. Alright. Thanks be to God! It’s really good! – There was a lot of light in the fellowship today.
– Yes. Thanks be to God! Brother Song is really
taking up the church’s burden. He doesn’t interrupt his duties although his son is very sick. If that had happened to me, I can’t imagine how negative and weak I would be. Right. Yeah. He has so much faith. A lot more than us! He certainly does. Yes. Thanks be to God! Mom, let me help you. No need. You need to rest and recover. I’m much better. I’m fine. I’ll take care of everything. I can at least take this out. No, no, hey, someone’s knocking at the door. Go see! – Okay, I’ll go see who it is.
– Come on, go. Who is it? Coming, coming … You again! Move! Is your father back? No! With you showing up like this, do you think he would? What are you doing now? Search thoroughly! Don’t leave a single corner untouched! When will this end? Stay back! You’ve made it impossible
for my husband to come home, you made my son lose his job, and you traumatized him so deeply you made him sick! Every few days you come to harass us! Can’t you just let us live our lives? Quiet! Mom! Mom, are you okay? Mom! Are you alright, mom? I’m fine. Why did you hit her? Shut up! Xiaojie! Xiaojie, where are you hurt? Xiaojie! Where are you hurt, Xiaojie? Listen here, Song Enze is a nationally wanted criminal. He’s a core member of The Church of Almighty God. If we can’t find him… Xiaojie! Xiaojie! …you’ll never know peace in this house! Xiaojie! Xiaojie! Xiaojie! Wake up, Xiaojie! Xiaojie! Xiaojie! Let’s go! Xiaojie! Xiaojie! Wake up! Xiaojie! Xiaojie! Doctor, what’s the matter with my son? The patient was subjected to intense mental shock which induced the onset of myasthenia gravis. That, combined with a lung infection,
means his life is in danger. You should prepare for the worst. We’ll do all we can to save him. Yes, we have eyes on them. If Song Enze shows up here, he won’t get away. God! How could this happen to Xiaojie? Why didn’t You protect him? Was all my forsaking and expending not enough? God … Especially at times like these, we should be more considerate
of God’s will and perform our duties. – Yes. That’s correct.
– You’re right. That’s true. Brother Song. Huh? Brothers and sisters, is there anything else to add? No. I don’t … I don’t think so. Then let’s end our meeting here today. Alright. Hey … Brother Zheng, you’re here? Brother Song. I came to see Brother Wang to get a sickle made. Brother Wang, I didn’t know you had that skill. I haven’t done it for years. Once in a while, when people need it, I use my skill again. It looks like hard work. Well, first you need to make it red-hot, and once it reaches a certain temperature, then you have to hammer it into shape. That’s the secret to creating a good piece. Hey, Brother Wang, watching you work makes me think. Isn’t experiencing trials as we believe in God just the same as tempering the steel? It takes much torment and
hundreds of blows from the hammer to remove all the impurities. Yes, that’s the idea. You see, God judges and chastises people in the last days
to eliminate their satanic dispositions. Without suffering or experiencing trials, we can’t lose our satanic dispositions. Right. If we can’t be purified, we aren’t qualified
to enter the kingdom of heaven. Isn’t that the case? Yes, that really is the case. God’s word is entirely correct. It’s absolutely right. God truly observes people’s hearts and minds! In all my years believing in God, I’ve forsaken, expended, suffered, and paid a price, but why didn’t I feel even the slightest hint that I was entirely controlled
by my desire to gain blessings? It’s just like my son’s sickness
caused me to complain. I’m not obedient to God at all. If I expend like this, how could I possibly ever
practice the truth or obey God? This isn’t obedience to God, it’s bargaining with God, isn’t it? It seems like my intention in expending for God
was actually to gain blessings, not to obey God. I have been selfish and despicable … God! I’m wrong! I’m so selfish and despicable! God … Hey, Brother Song, how is Xiaojie’s condition? Oh, his life is no longer in danger. Thanks be to God! I know Xiaojie falling ill
has been very difficult for you. Are you starting to feel better? A little. Here. Thank you. What happened to Xiaojie has revealed me. All the years I’ve believed, I’ve worked and sacrificed for God. Even when I was arrested,
imprisoned, and tortured by the CCP, I didn’t betray God. Whatever happened to me, I kept performing my duties. I thought I knew … I thought I knew some truth, and showed loyalty and obedience to God, and I believed I’d be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven. I never imagined that my son’s illness would make me blame God. After all I’d sacrificed, I wondered why God didn’t protect my son. I struggled and argued with God in my heart. The more aggrieved I was, the more tormented I felt, and I lost interest in my duties. I knew blaming God was wrong, but I didn’t know that it’s a way to resist Him. That’s right. Here, let’s sit and talk. Brothers and sisters fellowshiped with me
on the significance of God’s trials, and I also read some of God’s word
and reflected on myself. That’s what made me realize that behind my sacrificing,
suffering, and paying a price, I had my own hidden intentions. I did it for blessings. I wanted to exchange my work and suffering for entering the kingdom of heaven. I thought as long as I was able to sacrifice for God, my family would be safe, healthy, and happy. My son’s illness completely
exposed the truth of my belief and my intention to gain blessings. I clearly saw the truth of my own corruption. I wasn’t really performing my duties for God, I wasn’t practicing the truth or obeying God, and much less was I doing God’s will. I expended for God because of my desire to gain blessings. I was trying to bargain with God. Doesn’t that make me someone
who is selfish, despicable? Now I realize that I have no realities of truth, my corrupt dispositions haven’t changed. Even though outwardly I’ve done some good, that doesn’t at all mean
I’m someone genuinely obedient. If I still blame God when trials come, how can I enter God’s kingdom? Brother Song, your experience is genuine, and very moving for me. This is God’s trial for you. Yes, it is. Experiencing trials is good. It’s God’s love. We can’t be revealed without trials. Yes, that’s right. The last few days, I’ve been thinking in my belief in God,
I can labor, work, forsake, and sacrifice, but when trials arrive, I lose my obedience. I show satanic dispositions, I begin to struggle with God. I involuntarily blame and resist God. Where is the root of this problem? Yeah. Only now I see how deeply entrenched people’s sinful natures are. Yes. I wonder how I should pursue becoming someone truly obedient. We have been deeply corrupted by Satan. Our natures are arrogant, self-important, twisted, selfish and despicable. Yes, indeed. Everyone loves and pursues status, we also pursue fleshly pleasure, and wealth. Yes. When God’s work doesn’t satisfy our personal desires, we can’t stop ourselves from rebelling and resisting. Even if we want to obey, we can’t. Mm. Yes. Oh, right. Now that we’re talking about it, Sister Chen experienced something similar. In the past, when she experienced trials,
she blamed God. Later, she sought the truth, grasped God’s will, and was able to emerge from trial. Hey, should we … You go ahead, brother. We had the same idea. Yeah. Why don’t we visit Sister Chen and listen to her. Yes! Hey, Brother Lin, I’d like to go too. OK! Then let’s all go together. Thanks be to God! OK. Thanks be to God! It’s a good chance to seek the truth. Be careful! Okay, be careful! Sister Chen, please continue. Alright. About five years ago, I was spreading the gospel, many people accepted God’s work of the last days, but when the pastor learned
I was preaching, he called the police. The CCP police came to arrest me, but I wasn’t at home, so they arrested my husband instead. They tortured and threatened him to make him talk, but he wouldn’t say where I was. His heart disease acted up, and he passed away. When I heard of this, I was tormented and miserable. I hated the CCP, but in my heart, I also blamed God: Every day, I performed my duties, I worked for God. Why didn’t God protect my husband? He also believed in God! I was depressed during that time, I didn’t want to perform duties. Through self-reflection, I realized that I was trying to bargain with God. When everything went well or to my benefit, I loved performing my duties, but when I personally suffered, I bore a grudge against God. I was a despicable, selfish person. When I saw the ugliness in myself, I felt remorse and self-blame. I said that I loved God, and would obey God, but when a trial came, I complained against Him, blamed Him, and resisted. Afterward, I prayed to God and read God’s word, I gained some understanding
of the root of my resistance. Let’s read a few passages of God’s word together. Alright. Oh, the power is back. It’s better to have light! It certainly is. Hey, why don’t we watch some videos
of readings of God’s word? – Sure.
– Okay. That’s exactly right. God’s words reveal things so clearly! – Amen!
– Yes. God observes people’s minds and hearts. – That’s completely true.
– Yes. Only after reading God’s word did I know Satan corrupts mankind in this way. The CCP promotes atheism every day, advocates the theories of evolution, and promotes struggle against
Heaven, earth, and other people. Right. Every day we lived steeped
in these absurd satanic fallacies, and in our hearts we struggle
with others more and more. – Really.
– Yes. Everyone becomes ever more cunning and ruthless. That’s right. Unwittingly, we begin to worship lies and violence. We all want to hold power,
have authority, and do what we want. Yes. Our corruption grows ever deeper, and we lose all normal humanity. Yes. People rebel against God, they resist God because they
are so corrupted by Satan. Our hearts are filled with all kinds
of satanic poisons, philosophies, and logic. People’s thoughts, views,
principles of survival, conscience, and reason have all been corrupted by Satan, and our natures have become just like Satan’s, natures that resist and betray God. Yes. When people follow satanic nature,
it’s impossible to obey God. That’s definitely the case. People resist God because of their satanic natures. – Right.
– Exactly. I reflected on God’s word. I asked myself which thought or which view
was controlling me when I blamed God. Which satanic rules, philosophies,
and poisons within me led me to so often rebel
against God and not obey God? I wouldn’t have realized without that reflection, but once I did, I found many
satanic toxins inside myself, such as “There has never been any Savior,” “One’s destiny is in his own hand,” “Heaven is unfair,” “The Creator fools man,” “Every man for himself
and the devil take the hindmost,” “One should be given credit for hard work,
if not for merit,” and more. I was harmed by these satanic ideas and logic. They made my dispositions arrogant, self-important, twisted, cunning, and despicable. In all things, I acted
in the better interest of myself, so when I believed in God,
it was to gain blessings and enter God’s kingdom. Right. When God didn’t satisfy my intentions and desires, I blamed God, argued with God. I was incapable of true obedience. Right. When I saw that, I knew how deeply I was corrupted by Satan. My satanic nature and dispositions really were deeply rooted in me. Yes. Absolutely right. That’s completely true. There are too many satanic poisons within us. These satanic, worldly philosophies
and principles are fallacies that turn the facts on their heads, incompatible with the truth. Sure, these are things
we have always lived according to. Yes. Yes, they are. With so many of these satanic poisons within us, how could we not resist God? Indeed. So, Sister Chen. Yes? How can we rid ourselves
of these satanic dispositions? Right. Satan has corrupted mankind, and satanic natures have taken root within all of us. They’re not so easy to escape! Yes. In the last days, God expresses the truth
to purify our satanic dispositions, and how we experience His work is crucial. Yes. After the CCP’s persecution killed my husband, I complained against and blamed God. At the time, I thought I had good reasons, but now I see the matter clearly. Without God’s judgment, trials and refinement, I wouldn’t have seen the intention
to gain blessings which contaminated my faith, nor would I have seen that people can resist
and rebel against God amidst trials. Yes. My husband’s death was clearly caused by the CCP’s persecution, but I complained and blamed God
for not protecting him. I was being so petulant and unreasonable. I had no conscience at all. I truly lacked humanity. When I realized these things, I felt terrible remorse. I owed God so much, and wounded His heart. I thought of how deeply I’d been corrupted by Satan, and that God had saved me. God had given me grace and exaltation. Amen! What right did I have to argue
or ask for conditions with God? Wasn’t I being too arrogant and too unreasonable? Yes. After that, I also read the stories of Job and Abraham. Job was someone who feared God and shunned evil, but God allowed Satan to attack him multiple times… Yes. …to take away his wealth and children,
and to cover him in boils. Abraham worshiped God, and God gave him a son at the age of 100, and later God asked Abraham
to give up his son as an offering. Yes. The work God did upon them
doesn’t accord with human notions, and is difficult for us to accept, but Abraham and Job
were nevertheless able to obey God. Yes. Amen! From their experience, I found some enlightenment. God is the Lord of creation, and Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. Amen! No matter how God judges and tries us, it is always to purify and save us. Yes. Why can’t we understand God’s intentions? What qualifies people to argue reasons with God
or raise extravagant desires with God? God decides what kind of person enters His kingdom, and people must obey God’s wishes and arrangements. – Yes.
– Right. People can’t see their own corrupt natures clearly. They have no way of knowing
themselves or what they are. But God knows people’s hearts and minds. Yes. God is holy and righteous. Amen! And God has His own arrangements regarding who He saves and perfects. Yes. We are all part of corrupt mankind; we should be obedient to God’s work. Amen! There is nothing better we can do
than to satisfy God. No matter whether God’s work
accords with human desires, we should obey and not blame. Amen! Thanks be to God! Once I understood these things, my heart felt especially bright. I saw that God’s trials are meaningful for people… Yes. Thanks be to God! …and found a path to practice obedience to God. Yes. Thanks be to God! After that, I focused on seeking the truth
in all things in my duties, and not living by my notions. I also reflected on corrupt dispositions
and any satanic poisons within, what notions I still have about God, and when I found them, I sought the truth, forsook myself, practiced the truth, lived by God’s words. Thanks be to God! Wonderful! After years of practice, my satanic dispositions of arrogance,
self-importance, selfishness gradually began to change. Great. Many of the satanic toxins, notions,
imaginings, and extravagant desires that controlled me in the past were also eliminated. I had some fear and obedience of God, and I felt much more peaceful and secure. I felt happy. Thanks be to God! Wonderful! Thanks be to God! Sister Chen, hearing about your experience
and understanding has been very beneficial for me. Exactly. Now I finally understand, without understanding our satanic natures
that rebel against God, and without resolving our satanic dispositions, we will never achieve genuine obedience to God. Yes. Right. There is nothing more necessary
for the salvation of mankind than God’s judgment. Yes. Amen. Thank God. Amen. That’s great. Hearing Sister Chen’s experience and testimony was beneficial for me. Now, I finally understand the root cause of why I can’t obey God, and my heart feels much brighter. Thanks be to God! In all the years I’ve believed, I’ve focused solely on laboring,
working and expending. I thought that the more I worked
and the more I suffered, the more God would approve, so I didn’t make efforts to pursue the truth. I didn’t really try to reflect on
or know the satanic poisons, principles of survival, and notions and imaginings within me that are the root of why I resist God, I didn’t seek the truth to resolve them. How could I attain genuine
obedience to God like that? I was too one-sided in my pursuit! Now, I understand finally the most important thing in belief in God is accepting the judgment
and chastisement in God’s words, and that we need to experience a great deal of trials to resolve satanic dispositions. Right. If we merely labor and work for God without pursuing the truth or accepting judgment, everything we do is in vain. That’s entirely correct. God’s work of judgment in the last days is based on the fact that mankind
has been too deeply corrupted by Satan. If people escaped corrupt dispositions by themselves, God wouldn’t need to do the work of judgment. True. Also, I’ve experienced, no matter how long we believe in God, or how much we work and suffer, if we don’t experience God’s judgment
and resolve our satanic natures, we never become genuinely obedient
or compatible with God, we can only do things that cause us to resist God, offend God’s disposition, be punished by Him, and we’ll never be able
to enter the kingdom of heaven. That’s really the truth. The satanic dispositions, notions, and imaginings are a lethal cancer, we urgently need to pursue truth to resolve them. That’s right. Only after experiencing judgment,
chastisement, trials, and refinement did I clearly see that to become
someone truly obedient to God, we had to resolve our satanic nature. This is our most urgent matter,
and there’s no time to delay it. Yes. God’s work of judgment in the last days is to resolve the satanic natures
within people that resist God, allow them to grasp the truth and know God, and allow them to become truly obedient and be gained by God. Thanks be to God! Let’s read some passages of God’s word. – Sure.
– Alright. – Okay.
– Yeah. Amen! Yes. Amen! Right. God’s word puts it very clearly. God expresses the truth and does the judgment work to express God’s righteous disposition
and all that God has and is, and to reveal the essence and truth
of mankind’s corruption by Satan. God also arranges trials and tribulations
to reveal people’s corruption, and to make people reflect on themselves, and pursue truth to shed their corrupt dispositions, and attain salvation. Yes. Thanks be to God! Yes. In the past, we all lived by our satanic natures. We were arrogant, self-righteous, often rebelled against God without realizing it, and still felt that we were good people. Yes. Only after God’s judgment, chastisement, and trials do we clearly see the truth of our own corruption. We have no conscience or reason at all, our minds are full of notions and imaginings, all of our words and deeds
carry satanic dispositions, all we say and do is contaminated
with the intent to bargain, lies, and deceit… Yes. …and we live out nothing of a human likeness. We are more like devils than we are humans! Yes, that’s completely true. Yes, that’s the truth. It’s only now that I have the courage to admit my own filth, corruption,
and pitiable state in front of others. I am nothing, and I am unworthy to live in God’s presence. Thanks be to God! We all see that God’s disposition
is righteous and holy, and that God’s words and
all that God has and is are the truth. Amen! We see that the knowledge, notions,
and imaginings of man are not the truth, and that the sayings of famous people
and great men are not the truth. – Yeah.
– That’s right. When we see those things,
we no longer trust ourselves, we begin to deny and subdue ourselves. When things we can’t understand happen, we no longer carelessly comment on them, and we are capable of praying to God
and obeying God’s arrangements. Yes. Then, we feel secure and at peace. If we always do that, we’ll achieve more change in our life disposition, we’ll achieve some genuine obedience, and we’ll live out a human likeness. Thanks be to God! These are the results achieved by experiencing
God’s judgment and chastisement! Thanks be to God! – That’s wonderful.
– That’s great. After your fellowship, I can grasp the path forward. Belief in God without trials never works, nor does it work without pruning and dealing. Accepting the judgment and chastisement
of God’s word is so crucial. Yes, it is. Right. That’s entirely correct. If we want to become people who are truly
obedient to God and who do God’s will, we need to experience God’s judgment,
chastisement, trials, and refinement. When we understand the truth, and when we
have knowledge of the truth of our corruption, we are able to genuinely repent and rely on God… Yes. …we are able to sincerely pray and commune with God, and we receive the work of the Holy Spirit. Yes. Only then, are we able to rid ourselves of
our satanic dispositions and attain salvation. – Amen!
– Thanks be to God! – Your fellowship is very practical.
– Thanks be to God! I hope I can experience more of God’s judgment— – The police are coming our way!
– Oh, no! Hurry! Quick! Hurry! This way! This way! – Sister, keep up!
– The police are coming! Run, Brother Song! Hurry! That way! They’re over there! Don’t you dare run! Get them! Hold them! Get back here! Get them! – Stop running!
– Come on. Get them! Hey, be careful! Stop right there! Hold them two! Here! Hurry up! Come on. After them! Get up! – Stop!
– Come on. Hold it. Hey, let’s use this! Stop! Hold it. Get them! Stop running! Don’t take another step. – Stop! You not running anymore.
– Hold it. Let’s go, let’s go. Come on. Hurry! Hurry! Let’s go. Don’t try to run! – Hold them!
– Stop them! Stop! Stop right there! Stop! Dammit! I can’t run anymore. They got away again! Careful! Brother Song, are you okay? I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine. Let’s go! That way! OK. That way! It’s alright. We’re safe. Thanks be to God! Brother Cheng. Yes? You’re very resourceful. Thanks be to God! Hey, Brother Song, it looks like the path to the kingdom of heaven isn’t an easy one. So now you’ve experienced it too! Yeah. We have to experience a lot of torment
to gain the truth as life. I used to be just like you …

100 Replies to “Best Full Christian Movie “The Price We Must Pay” | The True Story of a Christian

  1. I was very touched when l saw this movie.l saw that every step they took was God' s leadership and conservativeness, and they were separated from Satan' s clutches again and again.See more clearly how Satan resists God.

  2. His grace is sufficient, our western democraticies are easily lead by economic considerations, but the kingdom of God is not a easy place to flourish.

  3. 26:30 nooo it just if u truly believe in God n his salvation n accept him as our Lord n regard him no. 1 in our life we will enter the kingdom. of God…. i did not fully xplain

  4. we r purified by the blood of Jesus on the cross this is above all laboring n hardworking or suffering for God which will not lead u to God's kingdom…. it basically means believe in his salvation n accpt it.

  5. Do we really need to suffer to enter God's kingdom? Then why Jesus died on the cross, carrying all our punishments on Him

  6. This movie has truly shown what is expected of us as children of God.lord help me to kn u more n to do ur Jesus name amen

  7. We in the..U.S. have no idea what percucution really is..i was made fin of lost a few jobs…not severe..things like this..losing a job being termineted..even at the threat of death..One day we in the U.S. n others will be like the other counties that are being persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ..My husband n I and many believe it to be soon..We should emphasize Jesus.always. Thank Him everyday..appreciate what He did for us on the crod's and thank our heavenly Father for loving us enough to send His one n only Son earth in the form of a babe..and grow into a man..a man that was n is..without sin yet became sin for be the loving bridge to get to our heavenly Father and to get heaven… JESUS's name.amen LivnluvinCHRIRST ur sisinCHRIST paula

  8. Thank you Heavenly Father that we don't need to earn our salvation..That Jesus your only Son paid the price with His blood..understanding that a holy sinless sacrifice was what was required by a Holy sinless God..made to be man

  9. This is a calling for all Christians, to pray for our fellow brethren who are being persecuted because of Christ gospel

  10. They are depending too much on their own strength. He said that we can do nothing of our own it's only thru Christ can we do all things because it is he who strengthen us. Trust in Him with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding. It is by His Grace only. It's not our righteousness that we put on its Jesus Christ HE IS OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. We have no thing of our own. All is thru Christ Jesus. We cannot keep ourselves, only Christ can do that, what He desires is obedience. Don't worry just put your all on the alter. My dear brothers it's your heart that the Lord looks at. Bless Him and Love Him and remember what He did for us on the cross. Love the Lord and trust in Him. You need to pray and consult Holy Spirit. Speak to the Lord don't try to do it on your own. You can't. Do not blame yourselves the Lord knows our weakness. Did not Paul say the things he should not do, he did and the things he should do he did not, and was, like you blamed himself. He said O wrecthed man that I am.???. Trust in our Lord.

  11. Its My Honest opinion that the Movie sensitizes Salvation by Works and Not By Faith….Romans 4:9 Emphasizes Justification By Faith ALONE and not by Works. However I agree God equips us and strengthen our faith through Trials…..I wish this Movie could put Jesus at the Centre of It All.

  12. Oh wow this was such an eye opening experience. I will remember to check my motives with all i do. To God be the glory has a whole new meaning for me.

  13. Ask God. He will let you know. If it violates your consience then its probably not of his. God will not put you in a situation, the situation you are in if it is not God's will will put you into something that you will doubt. Paul when he told the Captain of the ship not to go, the Captain went sailing; they didn't listen to Paul. They had a ship wreck. The Ship wreck lead them to Malta, not planned but God worked it all out for his glory, People in Malta seen God's miracle and all got saved (believed in God) and they got their ship fixed and sailed to their destination so Paul will be persecuted. Those who save their lives will lose it, those who lose their lives for his name sake will gain eternal life. Is this God's will, all is God's will and He will make our paths straight even if we missed.

  14. They work labor while fellowshipping (in secret) God was with them. this is his will. Like Rahab when she hid the hebrew boys; she did what is ribht in the eyes of God.

  15. Jeremiah 33:3 call unto the main Physician. God is Ropha the hearler. Like what the centurion did. But it depends of the person's emotions. Respecting the film.

  16. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and life. Yes life will not be peachy, or smooth because He (Jesus Christ)said there will be troubles at the end times.If He suffer we will as well. We will be tested, we will be sifted.

  17. Entering the Kingdom is not work or being obedient. Entering the Kingdom of God is throught the LORD Jesus Christ not works or deeds. After believing accepting Jesus as Savior all things will follow. Listen to God's words, He closes doors that is not meant for your assignment, he will open doors (might be rough tough) that is meant for you to do for serving him. Some doors of services might be different from what you chose to do.

  18. John 3:16 For God so loved the world (People of the earth) that God gave (sent) his onely son that who so ever believe in Him will be saved (Go to His forever and ever Kingdom). No man can go to the Father God but only through Jesus Christ. Not works or deeds although this is good, all goodness comes from God.

  19. This movie was for me, I always tend to blame God when I'm trialed without wanting to because I truly love God and want to be obedient to Him but did not understand why I always blamed God when something went wrong. This movie is truly eye opening. Thank you Jesus, I know understand more clearly

  20. If we believe in God and seek salvation from the Lord through the death of Jesus Christ we are then the children of God from this come working for Him. salvation gets us to heaven works get us rewards,salvation is free we don’t work for it we work for blessing,in the kingdom ,Jesus has done it all, we just trust Him salvation is not of works less any man should boast Ephesians 2:9

  21. Heroes of faith. God truly lives in our hearts. This movie is truly inspiring. Thank you for your work. God reigns.

  22. Yes, Jesus Christ paid the price once and for all.
    The question now is: whether the cross of Jesus Christ is bigger or your sins, motives, selfish desires, etc.
    Which is more important determines which God you worship. Cheers, this is truly a gospel message.

  23. This is a great movie with deep message. Most of us christians stock in belief of obeying God to gain his approval. There is nothing wrong in obeying, but the question is are you really doing God's will for you. Remember that obedient is the result and fruit of our relationship with God, not a way to gain God's approval.

  24. Only the blood of Jesus purify us from all unrighteousness. His sacrifice on the cross is more than enough to pay for our wickedness. If we surrender, repent, and give ourselves to the Lord, he is faithful and just to forgive us all our sins. No amount of work on our part will justify us in his sight, only the blood of the Lamb.

  25. The Country where I Lives is not far from this, but may He above help us stronger in faith to deal any circumstances ahead.

  26. I'm heart broken to watch them struggle to meet with each other yet here I have the freedom but still stay away from church
    Oh lord have mercy on me

  27. A very inspiring message. Just when I needed to hear it. May the Lord work within me. May I obey and not blame. Thank you Father!!!

  28. "For by grace you are saved and that not of works lest any man should boast." Our works are the fruit of our faith. We are saved by the blood of the Lamb. We count ourselves to be crucified with Christ (by faith).

  29. One thing I noticed, he did everything right fellowship, study, but there were no group prayers & getting angry at the Lord is called your own personal relationship, how can you grow if you don't tell Jesus how we feel, because he already knows what we're gonna say before we say it, Christians need encouragement, uplifting & empowered from one another, edifying one another, prayer can be be prayer & partion, command & demand, Jesus demanded we rebuke Satan & his demon & pray for protection, pray warfaring angel travelling mercy angels to protect us & give thanks always to Jesus & repent forgive always.

  30. Do you know that this is exactly what Christians are passing through in China even presently? Pray for them and for yourself that has been having it all easy to braze up and be more pragmatic in this Christian journey. Heaven is at stake here and God helping us, we will make it.

  31. I have viewed many Christian movies in my entire life, but this was only the Christian movie which contained a PLAIN AND CLEAR BIBLICAL TRUTHS opened my eyes and realization that being OBEDIENT to GOD and SERVING HIM is not as shallow and superficial as we know. I was raised Christian by my Parents since childhood, and eventually became a church evangelist and worker, but honestly, this movie flavors more my wisdom and understanding in me this night, and calls for a greater and higher and more genuine act of serving God – that is to be willing to obey GOD WHATEVER THE COST or OUTCOME, regardless of how long you work in the service for the LORD. I RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE TO ALL OF VIEWERS, and surely you'll be pretty moved and will change spiritual perspective into a more deep way of serving God.. God bless to the creator of this movie.

  32. God bless and protect His children in China. Thank you Jesus that You have come into the lives, of those who hungered for you, even in the darkest places. Grant them strength and courage, with knowledge, wisdom and discernment, to spread Your Word. May Your Mercy, love, grace and comfort rest upon them, each day. Bring the peace and knowledge of their salvation, that they will stand strong, in these days of fear and persecution. May Your church and love grow.
    I ask You, Lord to extend this prayer, to all countries and people who are struggling against Satan. That they and Your workers will spread Your Word. I pray that You see their plight, the pain, torment, the tears and fear. I cannot imagine the horrors they live through, because of their love for You.
    I ask that You comfort them, remove their heartache, the fear, ease their pain.
    Send Your angels to guide Your workers to those who are crying. Grant these workers, through our contributions, to bring shelter, clothing, warmth and food, as well as Your Word.
    Open our hearts to the many ways we can help, and the desire to help.
    In the name of our Holy Lord, Jesus,

  33. For those who do not understand this movie:
    The main character goes through personal tragedy. Arguing with God. He studies deeper into the Bible and mediates on what he's spent his his time as a Christian doing. He thinks if he is doing everything for himself, or God. Finally, he realizes his sin of pride and rebellion. When he does he discovers God's grace. He repents and accepts the grace if God. Then, he knows he is truly free, in God, and works are nothing without faith.

  34. This movie open my eyes.. my nature.. how shallow my faith is. I cried.. there's a lot of realization. Help me oh God. Forgive me.

  35. Our thoughts are Satan's battleground. We need to fill it with God's truth. Im s0 blessed by this movie.. Glory be to God.

  36. God's love is unconditional and unfinite and indescribable. But God's love is eternal only if you loves Him through gospel and obedience.

  37. Many Christians are persecuted in China. Many are death and gone to be with the Lord and yet many are tortured, kept in jail for life in mainland China. Please pray for those devils advocate to be learning about Saviour and His visions of the world of peace and meekness. God bless and please pray for China.

  38. Whoever put thumb down on this movie there is no true conversion in their heart. If you share the same Spirit than your heart should go out for those persecution Christians in China.

  39. Thank you for this awesome movie . Is the footage done in China? Did they encounter more problem when doing the movie ?

  40. It has been thought to us and inculcated in our mind thru western colonizers, pastors, priests, and etc. about their belief about God and yet they are not genuine believers of God, they created churches, schools run by religious leaders just to hide their true intention, the notion, and the likes. In fact, in the Philippines more churches, domination was built by foreign missionary they have their own interpretation and understanding about the bible and they successfully divided the nation piece by piece, they argue about Christ and yet there is only one savior was born. This nation will not be great again if they will not rise up and enlighten their minds and change their mindset to stand firm on what God has promised to them.

  41. I thought that I know it all but after watching this movie now I can see that there is lot to learn about God.Jesus show me the way👍👍💖

  42. God is good God is love God is everything for us God bless all you guys lady's and gentleman I love you God with all my heart and soul thank you thank you thank you 💓❤💘💝💟💞💜💗💖💕💙💚💛🎇✨🎆🙏

  43. Lovely. Thank you. Really enjoy Chinese movies, (and the music) and this being a Christian film which makes it even better! Ace! God bless.

  44. Glory be to God, in fact this movie has enlightened my understanding on how to stand for God in season and out of season. I will therefore encourage others to watch this movie. It is really helpful.

  45. Jim Elliott, martyred missionary to Ecuador said, "HE IS NO FOOL WHO GIVES UP WHAT HE CANNOT KEEP TO GAIN THAT WHICH HE CANNOT LOSE."
    TO LIVE IS CHRIST, TO DIE IS GAIN, the Bible says. I agree! Lord, I believe!

  46. One of the best movies I've seen in quite a while, with quite a message for all of us. In your bible, read 2 Corinthians 15:1-5. That is the gospel for the Gentiles, according to the apostle Paul, given to you who were chosen by God Himself before time began, because of your belief and faith in His word. This was done by His Grace, just as your are; your works are not needed to help Him accomplish Grace. It is afterwards that your works should begin because of your love for Him. Grace is by no means under the requirements of Mosaic Law that was given to the Jews, who ultimately rejected Him. Study all of the epistles of Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles, not just read them. You'll come away with a better understanding of the true Grace of God and just how wonderful it truly is.

  47. Becoming A Christ a Believer in China Is Tough Decision,
    It’s Dangerous Same with Muslim Countries.
    Take Care and GOD BLESS Chinese Believers of Christ.

  48. We can’t change ourselves only Jesus can and The Holy Spirit works in us to bring us the desire to obey.. Hard to fully explain.. we can reflect and try to be moral but by grace are ye saved through faith and not of yourself it is the gift of God lest any man boast. When your faith is true the works naturally follow.

  49. Excellent movie. Best I've ever seen. From actor, to directing, to camera man, to the cinematography, everyone who had a part in this did a great job. We should all learn to have the faith of this man and his family. All praise and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  50. Thought I was doing the right thing whenever I fall under temptation and trail but I wasn’t , this is more than a eye opener for me how to be still in Jesus don’t matter what circumstances Hit us jus know that God is with us .🙏🏻 I always love you Jesus

  51. Xi’s China Ends 2019 With The Worst Religious Persecution In The Country’s History

    ANY CONNECTION WITH #CoronavirusOutbreak

  52. What a great movie!! Wow! What a revelation especially where they talk about bargaining with God. Amazing! Thank you guys! So heartbreaking to see what people go through jus to be able to worship God!

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