100 Replies to “Biden’s heated exchange with Iowa voter over Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine

  1. He talks like 80s hulk hogan. Well let me tell ya something jack! I'm running for president man! Watcha gonna do when quid pro joe runs wild on you with his twenty inch pythons from pushups.

  2. You know what the dems are up to by what they accuse others of….you're the liar! What a joke. They are all running just for the donor money…that's it, they won't win and they don't want to win.

  3. hay creepy uncle joe i have said that your son got his job at barisma to collect your bribe lots of people are saying that you are a crock hop a a plane to the uae as there is no extradition there hillary already has her place enjoy that dirty money but stay there do not come back here because before long we will charge you for your crimes if you stay here it will be either a lifetime prison sentence or shot for treason:-)

  4. Joe Biden is a doddering old fool. A pathetic sad sad sad old fool. "I l like children sitting on my lap"!! Creepy Joe. There are hundreds of devastating video clips of a bumbling, babbling near senile Joe that can and will appear nightly on TV across the nation if Creepy Joe is the Dem nominee.

  5. Biden's solution to corruption is push-ups. OK then. The back challenge will be on the record court sworn answers to Ukraine manipulation and corruption questions. Everybody get's their way and all will be better. eh, Joe?

  6. The Fox News guy is right. When you have a famous parent. No matter what or where you go, they will be there with you. People will hire you because of who you are.

  7. The people of Iowa, that supported Joe and clapped as he insulted the farmer for asking a question that many of us want to know, what were you clapping about? Joe is too old too CORRPUT .he is the liar and he will have to answer.

  8. Easy there, Joe. Threatening a voter is not a very good look. People might get the impression that guy hit a raw nerve.

  9. Biden threateniing him verbally and physically. Called him a liar while walking agressively toward him, then wanting a 'dual' of sorts of push ups, deameaning the voter.

  10. I heard Joe Biden was angry after this exchange was caught on camera……kicking over chairs & slamming doors, in the green room, after this meeting was over.

  11. And yet he just said, "it's never been proven"…
    Wasn't Trump trying to prove it? Isn't that why they're impeaching him?
    The absence of evidence is not the evidence if absence Joe. Let them investigate it if you have nothing to hide. Why are you telling the media they're not allowed to interview Guilliani?
    He's guilty of bribery and he knows it. He should be in prison, not campaigning for President…

  12. SOME of you people are a democratic jokers…..go away before you are out away. Haven't you all learned YOUR lesson yet ??

  13. Biden comes right out and calls the guy a liar??? Oh my gosh, Joe is embarrassing and a total jerk. Tried to intimidate the guy and failed. What a shame of a human being.

  14. CREEPY JOE BIDEN IS BAD NEWS!! IT IS ABSOLUTELY SO OBVIOUS THAT HE AND HIS DROP OUT SON WERE UP TO NO GOOD. Joe Biden were "FOR SALE". . Joe Got shady a long time ago! I don't feel sorry for him. Fess up to it & move on Joe!!

  15. Fox news took out the part where the voter said Biden nor Trump has a backbone. What ever happen to context and fact news?
    Also, Biden enriching himself. Yeah, I agree. But that same logic should be used on Trump, he is another example of using the office to enrich oneself.
    Are you people seriously this stupid not to see the hypocrisy and irony?

  16. Bidens just mad the he got his son a job in ukraine and in china. And bloomberg is doing the same thing in china. That's why bloomberg says china is our friend because his entire company is in china and that's where all his billions come from.

  17. Soooo the trumps are not enriching them selves from daddy trump? Let's see the trump campaign bought little trump books that's how it hit thee best seller mark, little girl trump is banking from business in China and other countries soooooo what if little biden did money of his daddy I mean all do it I'm sure, so quit your hypocrisy and freaking lies

  18. Me and my son did nothing wrong, I can prove it let’s do push-ups together. LMFAO….
    And THIS is the Democratic front runner?

  19. The difference between Democrats and Republicans is, Democrats will always allow those idiots checkers to state their opinions no matter how insulting it is! Meanwhile, Republicans will escort them out ASAP and yell at them and chant USA USA USA.

  20. Besides not wanting to answer a very good question the people working the floor try to take the microphone away from this person asking the question. The other questions that Biden had been given more like softball questions questions like what was the color of the chandelier in the vice president's office? Joe Biden if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

  21. Biden is Transforming into Alex Baldwin before our Very Eyes. Naked Agression.

    I thot he was going to take a swing at the guy. "You Talking to Me?" "Huh? Are You?!"

  22. I wonder of "Smokin' Joe" is gonna get invited to brawl, er, I mean Town Hall anywhere, anymore? Really, Grampaw.

  23. Quid Pro Quo Joe! So defensive and deflective because he’s so guilty! Investigate the Biden’s!

  24. I am from Iowa and NOW want to go to a Bidens trip into our State!!! He grabbed a young girl at our State Fair by grabbing her by the arm and saying don't mess with me missy because she questioned something and now the disrespect towards an elderly gentleman because he questioned him….I want Mr. BIDEN to grab me like that and see how far he gets with that…that man needs a foot up his rear end!!! IOWANS needs to tell him that is NOT who we are and let him know he is NO longer welcome here…

  25. Poor old Joe he really is a little off. First he is talking about his leg hair yuck and the he wants a push-up challenge 😂😂

  26. That guy at the end still said that he would vote for Biden if he happens to be nominated. This basically is like last election, people voted for Trump so that Hilary would not be president.

  27. He even came forward toward the man…tried to intimidate the man..even mentioned measuring his strength against him. Biden …i see you.

  28. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi would make a great couple..Each would complement each other with their stupidity and ignorance.

  29. Biden lives in a bubble. Like Hillary that bubble will burst soon and he can go on his "I didn't lose it was stolen" book tour… DNC BREEDS WHINERS!

  30. The slow witted Dem loyalists are finally figuring out that old Joey Biden really is the stumble bum that he has always seemed to be. The more microphone time Biden gets the lower he drops in the polls.

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