100 Replies to “Birds of Prey Opening Weekend Box Office – Flop?

  1. Correction: Obviously The Photograph is a Valentine's Day movie – I missed it as one of the movie's opening when I was doing my notes & filming, but saw the error when editing and made sure to include it in the visuals. Apologies.

  2. Birds of prey fans?
    No one asked or even wanted this film.
    For a "experimental film" it has to be good to excellent for people to take notice…people who's seen it have been spreading the word as to how bad it is (i know it's my reasoning for not seeing it, 7 out of 8 people i know has told me the same story) so….fans? What fans?

  3. I have several problems with the movie but I enjoy as a whole but let me tell you, in Mexico it started playing on Thursdays night, I saw it then, the room was empty only 10 people and I live in second largest city in Mexico so that says something.

  4. Margot Robbie needs to stick to doing what she does best: acting. She’s an incredible actress, but she proved to be a mediocre producer by choosing the Birds of Prey over the Gotham City Sirens simply because she didn’t want anybody to outshine her. This movie had very little potential from the start, and hopefully WB learns to stop letting the movie talent make the executive and creative decisions. This movie should have been Gotham City Sirens, and they could have still done the exact same story beat by beat and it wouldn’t change anything except maybe the quality of the movie. The Sirens saving a mute badass Cassandra Cain from Black Mask and Victor Zaaz, with Batman making a cameo to take Cassandra in, would have been the perfect movie, and the perfect set up for Matt Reeves’ Batman movie. Alas, this is the product we got…

  5. I don’t understand how people can say there’s less action in BoP than in Deadpool. The action and fight scenes in Birds were incredibly well put together in my opinion, not to mention colorful. I just loved this movie I’m so mad that critics and audiences have turned on DC Films… cause it affects what we will get in the future. I want a sequel to this film but now we probably won’t get one.

  6. When I think of Harley Quinn, I see a cute funny colorful crazy (not soulless) woman that people fear, but enjoys reading the headlines of her criminal spree. The film should had been on par with ‘Thor Ragnarok’ PG-14 colorful fun.

  7. For me I was turned off by the over saturation of Harley Quin in all the advertising…..not giving any of the other characters shine. I felt this movie would be 80% Harley and 20% for the rest….especially since she is not really a part of BOP. She should have done Gotham Sirens. So I’ll wait till it comes to streaming.

  8. Grace U really think this movie will make $300M+ like spider verse? If not you are misdirecting ur listeners by just comparing 1st week BO

  9. i am in the 'i loved this movie and don't give a fuck that people are so against it' camp

    i'm a guy and i saw it twice in two days ✨

  10. I saw Birds of Prey today and I gotta say it wasn't bad. It was exactly as expected and made for a fun Sunday. Shouldn't have been rated R though. Still say Grace needs to be hired by WB/DC to be their Kevin Feige.

  11. Spiderverse was a work of art and still the best animated film I’ve ever seen in my life. Birds of prey was a solid fun movie which took some risks and most of them payed off, I feel like word of mouth might save it as it won’t be winning any awards.

  12. So wait, The Photograph, a romantic movie that comes out Valentine's Day weekend, is not a Valentine's Day movie? Does it not count because it's starring actors that are not w…. I mean don't have "universal appeal"?

  13. We are watching sonic the hedgehog because she big fan of sonic and Jim Carrey, bird of prey doesn't catch my eye or hers. So we wait for black widow and wonder woman.

  14. No big time actresses, no popular characters beside Harley Quinn, horrible marketing campaign, no real interest to begin with, this movie never had a chance.

  15. Mainstream audiences don’t know who Black Canary and Huntress are!?!? I have little faith in my fellow man but things cannot be this bad.

  16. People who judge whether movies are good or not based solely on their box office sales, must also hate movies like The Shawshank Redemption and love Transformers and the Twilight movies.

  17. I loved birds of prey and have been excited about it from the start (didn’t bully anyone about it tho just rolled my eyes and kept scrolling) but I have to agree that it should’ve been a GCS movie or have cast more well known talent in the roles of huntress and black canary.

  18. I’m planning to see Sonic the Hedgehog 2, 3, maybe 4 times in it’s opening weekend and Birds of Prey for a second time on Saturday.

  19. I wasn’t able to get a day off to see the movie until the 15th. Like every comic fan I’m mad that they did Birds of Prey instead of Gotham Sirens and that the movie is only advertising Harley Quinn but DC just makes bad choices. Knowing that the DC movies aren’t really connected anymore does make me less interested in them.

  20. Little girls love HARLEY QUINN. I’ll never forget a couple year ago I went to Disneyland and I wore my Harley Quinn jacket from suicide squad 🤣🤟🏼 and a little girl came up to me and asked me if It was the Harley Quinn jacket. She was absolutely star struck 🤩 it was amazing, now I know what the actresses who dress up as Disney princess must feel!

  21. I can relate to the people bummed out about Birds of Prey’s box office. When a movie I loved (Toy Story 4/Rise of Skywalker) underperformed in its opening weekend, I was annoyed too, so I get it.

  22. It should've been "Harley Quinn and The Birds of Prey" – rated PG-13…and with a stronger budget commitment to improve the art direction to make it look less like a screening of a TV show.

  23. I was not interested nor really excited. I feared it wouldn't be that nice to men, which is like half the audience = not a smart move. Also Huntress and Black Canary deserved better. ETA: And it really should have had a PG-13 rating. $$

  24. It bothers me that grace doesn’t seem to get that the movie did bad because of its marketing. Making so many people feel alienated and boasting about men being bad. Those are things that make people not want to go see it.

  25. I loved birds of prey even though It was hating on men which I predicted, hopefully it's not a bomb and makes money but they brought it on themselves as the movie was rated R which was totally unnecessary The movie had some gore and a lot of swearing. I am optimistic about this

  26. If people are willing to buy Valentine candy and cards with cartoon characters on them, why not see a movie featuring one of those characters on Valentine's day?

  27. Doctor Sleep was a HUGE flop too, but I personally LOVED IT! Hopefully Birds of Prey gets more because it’s great!

  28. You know Grace,
    I often disagree with you on movies. But damn it, do I respect your takes and that's why I've watched you for years.

  29. When I went to see Bad Boys for Life, I caught the flu because idiots no longer believe in covering their mouths. With all the fear-mongering about coronavirus, don’t expect the box office to be too strong for a while.

  30. Everyone is going to watch sonic the hedgehog this movie is going to drop even more…the sonic movie makers love all there fans.

  31. I thought the movie was ok, if I didn’t have amc stubs I might have skipped it. I didn’t mind the man bashing, had no idea it was rated R, the movie was marketed as a Harley movie and I feel like that’s what we got. Deadpool style, not as a great but I was never bored but I don’t feel the need to ever revisit it

  32. I saw it and it’s biggest failing was the cheap writing and relatively poor directing. Hire qualified people and don’t virtue signal. Get somebody to make overall decisions for the DCEU. The live action movies are being treated like the animated motion pictures.

  33. Margot wanted to be to Harley what Ryan is to Deadpool, but she clearly lacks the interest, the knowledge and most critically, the judgement to pull that off.

  34. Yeah a flip thats almost made its money back opening weekend pretty much. 81 million worldwide on an 84 mil budget from a character not well known or even establiahed is a win i feel. Also there was some solid inventive action scenes and solid fight choreography. Man…what a flop. 🤣😂

  35. It’s clear DC fans do not care about the DC universe. The fact that WB decide to push this film is ridiculous after Joker.

  36. Dc is slowly rising back up it may take a bit more movies for dc to become equal to marvel cuz marvel ain’t coming out with that much interesting stuff

  37. I’m still sitting here wondering why Gotham City Sirens wasn’t made. Not to mention Oracle wasn’t even in this movie 🙄

  38. The movie in general was okay but I could not forgive them on what they did to Cassandra, killing off victor and black mask they had way more potential than one movie!

  39. Shame BOP isnt making the money. Hopefully Wonder Woman 2 will inject the life back into the DCEU. Im looking foward to Sonic the Hedgehog though. 🙂

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