Black Parents Explain | How to Deal with the Police: Brianna and Roshunda | Cut

– I’m Brianna, this is my mother. – Hi, I’m Roshunda. (sighs) – See now I’m getting emotional. – Why are you getting emotional, mom? Are you worried about me? – I would hate for
anything to happen to you. There’s a lot going on the world. And there’s a lot of bad police officers. – I know. – There’s good police officers. There’s good police officers. And my fear is that you run
across one of those bad ones. If you run across a police officer, please do everything that
you’re supposed to do, everything that he requests. If he tells you to stop, stop. If he tells you to be quiet, be quiet, do everything that you can to get back to me. And also, remember though, there’s good cops out there too, Brianna. So don’t always assume
that all of them are bad. – But all you see on the news and in newspapers and people
saying that all of them are bad but they’re trying to protect us. – Right, and they assume that you’re bad, they assume that you’ve
just robbed a bank, they assume that the worst of you but don’t always think
that they’re all bad. They’re not all bad. Don’t be scared to call
them or get help from them. – I’m not afraid to ask them for help. – But if anybody, any
officer comes up to you baby, please put your hands up,
just follow instructions. I was driving to work I had my hood on ’cause it was cold and I was pulled over by a police officer. – Oh, it was the black hood, right? – I can’t, I don’t
remember, it was a hoodie. And he pulled me over and I was so scared. And I asked him, I was so scared, why did you pull me over? I’m going the speed limit. He asked me, why are you in this area? Why are you in this neighborhood? I’m a pastry chef, I start work early. Okay, so he got my information and he went to the back of his vehicle. He sat in his vehicle for
about like, five, 10 minutes. I’m getting late to work, I open my door, he started yelling at me. “Get back in the car.” so I closed the door. He looked, and saw I was clean, I had no tickets, so I had nothing on me but he still kept sitting in his car. Finally he came in his car, tossed me my stuff and told
me to go to work and left. And I remember sitting
there, just, I was so scared. I’ve been pulled over for no reason. – You were innocent. – I was innocent. But again, baby, I stayed calm. Don’t get upset, don’t get sassy, why did you pull me over, just follow instructions and stay calm. – Okay. – Why would a police officer assume that you did something bad? – Maybe because of my skin color. – Is there anything wrong
with your skin color? – No, people make
assumptions about people. Some people are bad. – Just because of their skin color? – Maybe there are racist people out here, out in the world. – There is. – Make assumptions about
you that aren’t even true. – Yeah. It’s about teaching our children again, what to do and what not to do when a police officer stops you. – I do. She’s coming at the age where
she wants to go to the mall and she wants to go to
the movies with friends. That scares me. You’re supposed to celebrate this time in your child’s life. Sometimes I’m scared
when she’s not with me because when she’s with
me, I can protect her. Because of the world that we live in now, there’s some things that you’re supposed to be excited about, I’m not excited about. I’m scared. – I didn’t know that. – If you’re at the mall and
you see a police officer, hitting someone, they’re handcuffed. What would you do? – Honestly, not to be mean or anything, I would walk away. – You would walk away? – Mmhm, to make sure that
I Was protected and safe and they wouldn’t handcuff
me and put me on the ground and beat me up. – It is difficult to say not do anything but I hear your point as well. Just get out of the way and get home safe. Ooh, that’s a tough one. Wow. I was surprised by her response. And there’s a part of me, good job! And then there’s another part, wow that person needs help though. – I’m sorry, I’m looking
on the bright side, hoping that it will get better. – And I love that, I’ve
always loved that about you. – I didn’t realize it
was gonna be hard for me, but (snaps) I just realized
how hard it would be. – One day, it could get better one day. But now, no. The police aren’t being policed. So, no, they get off easy constantly. Why is it so easy for them to get off? – I don’t understand why. – Um, I don’t know.

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  1. I hear stories about black people and my family telling me how to deal with a police officer and i have never experienced it and I can’t imagine experiencing it would literally scare me wether the police is good or bad. But the thing is that needs to stop because targeting certain type of people is not right period. We as one world need to put our differences aside and work together to make this a better world for people.

  2. It’s so sad how people STILL judge others by the color of their skin, I just don’t understand, it’s really racist. Bless these people in the video.

  3. Ok so in school I’m doing this paper about a famous person from the past and I was reading this book about her and it made me so mad I hate that people judge other people for there skin color 😡😡😡
    Edit: I forgot to say the papers about Rosa parks

  4. I’m Mexican an dark skinned and there was so many times that adults thought that I was a lazy Mexican and judged me

  5. I know this was made a year ago but I want everyone to think of people as potatoes. Every potatoes have different skin colors, but we are all the same on the inside.

  6. I wanna hug the mum so bad😭💞 we should always love and respect everyone no matter what their race, skin color, sexuality is. We are all one thing, humans❤️

  7. I remember a police officer was punching my Mexican grandma because my grandma wasn’t driving right and my mom was crying

  8. Girl don't be sad about your skin color I love everyone for How thay are I have a black uncle but I'm not recast

  9. bruh police aren't biased towards whites the media makes it seem as if they are maybe check out donutoperator

  10. I cried soo much because my family is black and it's just me and my mum that live together and she told not to worry about anything but told me to be careful. God bless everyone. No one should judge us by our skin colour and just because some people with black skin make bad mistakes it doesn't mean white people are perfect because white people have made just as bad mistakes as us so I don't know why we get judged for our skin.😢😘not to be mean but it's true and it's reality

  11. Its sad that this is something we have to actually sit down and have a conversation with our children about. Its so sad. 😢

  12. OMG ITS SKIN I DEAL WITH THE SAME THING IM BLACK AND WHITE my dad was almost tazed BC his skin tone I understand STAY SAFE GIRLL

  13. You should shoot at that fucking police. I hate those racist people. I cant undrestand why did they gave up fight. Shoot those mother fuckers just like 2pac did.

  14. I hate that people say blacks are gangsters or there this and that we should never ever say anything cruel or rude or just something that’s not okay about people’s skin color because it’s not good and it’s just so freakin cruel. Sorry if I don’t make sense lol but still we should never do this it’s really rude. MAKE THE WORLD BETTER

  15. This is so over reacted. Most police officers are good. But the mother demonises them makin then look like they are always thinking to shoot a black person! I don’t think that police officers can see the color of your skin when they pull you over so why does it matter? The only reason the mother says stuff like that is because that’s all she heard on the news… they don’t Tell you about the Black People getting their lives saved on the daily.

  16. That breaks my heart when she said because if her skin color I don’t like how this world think darker skin color people are bad when they are boy they are just like everyone else I love them how that are 💕❤️

  17. Here’s the problem: Police training is too short and ineffective, some police stations purposely hire people with low IQs, and some police officers are not disciplined enough. Like the mom said, cops get away with things way too easily.😭🥺

  18. Why do we judge people by there colour? They are people to and you dont judge anyone just because they dont look like you. If you have ever have gone through something bad remember there are people who care about you.

  19. It makes me sad we live in a society where this needs to be a discussion. I think it’s important to outline that good cops do exist though like the mother talked a bit about here. If people are made to think that every cop out there is bad, will wrong you, and are racist then guess what..? That’s a self fulfilling prophecy. If the public views all cops as evil racists then the good cops aren’t going to sign up for that job, they aren’t going to sign up for a job where people assume they are out to get them and want to cause them harm..the only people who will be willing to do the job then is the people who match the description and are proud of it.

  20. This made me cry people who treat people like that are 😤😡 like treat people how you want to be treated and don’t be racist

  21. It does not matter about the skin colour EVERYONE is the same in our country EVERYONE is treated the SAME

  22. My question if she had her hood on and it had something to do skin color why would the police officer pull her over

  23. It's a free state we all should should be treated equally even if it's good or bad since when does a simple colors get treated worse then others.

  24. Lables, look I am just gonna day it YOUR BLACK and IM WHITE okay?! That’s is our Label… I’m also known as a “bitch, ugly, slut, disgusting little dork” those are the lables I have been giving, but not all of 5hem are true like a label for apple juice “no suger” pffff natural sugars? Look what I am trying to say is yeah we are different on the ourside and in the inside but we are the same in a spiritual way so racists go fuck yourselves and get a life

  25. Roshunda is a wise lady and Brianna is an understanding girl both i appreciate coming our here to talk about it.

  26. Don't want to ruin the moment, but how do police see a black person in a car? (Especially in THE HATE U GIVE when it was NIGHT OUT)

  27. In the situation where someone is getting beaten and they're handcuffed where you have to ask yourself is it worth it, are the truly in trouble and could I even help them.

  28. That’s a really good point the mom made at the end about the police not being policed themselves. There’s a lack of accountability still. Body cams were added, but I look forward to how the police continue to develop more ways officers can be held accountable for their decisions.

  29. 3:20 Heart breaking 💔It's not fair 😔 As a black person myself I wish Racism would stop 🤚🏾 She raised her daughter well

  30. Holy shit everyone kept saying how sad this is and said they were crying at 3:20 and I’m dead inside so that I didn’t think I’d be as sad as I am now like damn

  31. They act like there is 1% percent of officers are good and the rest would just shoot u clean in the face

  32. Omg 3:20 is so haert breaking and when she said that "My skin color"that just broke my heart and now Im crying just because your a different skin color and Im mixed and I have never actually had that happen to me and this is the worst that adults and children have to go through this Im heart broken and this is somthing that people actually think define you from people with a different race than you and Its sad to see a child cry when they say that there skin color is what can get you killed people creat suiced just from this and its crazy and needs to stop because people are peopke and not animals and everyone knows that they justdont use it in there words like that will not make someone mad or sad and I want to say that you need to treat people how you want to be treated and.if you dont want to do that then walk away from the situation that is going on and thats what I want everyone to know that your skin color dose not define you from other people and dont let the people that belive that bring you down

  33. you just don't know what it's like to live in a country where the police are really not very good. There is nothing wrong with being selected for a search, the police have a reason you may not know. Why racism, the reason may be different. It may not be very pleasant, but instead you have a safe country! A search is the price you pay for a safe country. This is a very low price! I think you are very ungrateful because you do not know how to live in a country where the police are different and cannot always really protect you. You have a good police guys, believe me

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