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  1. Is it bad that I jumped in excitement for national treasure 3? I gotta be honest those movies where a fun popcorn watch

  2. Hope RDJ doesn't come back any time soon to the MCU, either in AI or multiverse version form, Tony Stark's death should be significant at least 3 years.

  3. Grace you talk about movies making money on streaming, any chance you'd do a video about streaming and breaking it down for us?

  4. So studios get only half the box office (in US only, far less foreign) and you still have to take into account marketing- according to Grace.., I'd be willing to talk about that Grace in reference to RiseOfSkywalker, so we can have a real discussion of Kennedy's "accomplishment"…, just don't forget to mention the 4billion purchase price for LucasFilm that Disney must justify

  5. I wanted to take my dad to go see 1917 this weekend but I was shocked and disappointed to find there were no imax or dolby vision showings available. I think the should have pushed to hold on to those larger screens for another week because that film really deserves that format.

  6. I actually had to refund my tickets for Dolittle after watching your review in exchange for 1917. Which I heard was fantastic.

  7. So I would like somebody to name one actor that doesn't have box office flop and their career name one who has a solid career of straight winners and every one of her videos she always talks about how Will Smith isn't a sure bet who is to you ?

  8. Not one word on how Jumanji that came out a week before Star Wars has now overtaken it this week. She can spin it until she's blue in the face but the simple fact is that this is mess. The lowest box office of the trilogy whose only shown a drastic decline in sales for each installment. Or how it was just dopped by 1200 theatres cause of disney horribly bully tactics and it's undeniable controversial reception by both fans and credits. Grace really is only hesitate to jump on the hate band wagon when its Disney huh. If anyone else have half as many of these problems and grace would be singing its funeral song

  9. I knew bad boys was gonna be a hit the moment it was announced. People wondering why it's doing so good obviously haven't seen the first two 🤟

  10. I am usually a horror fan, but I will wait for The Turning, on blu-ray/dvd or cable!!! So, my 1st choice will be The Gentlemen, because I enjoy the British/American action, drama, comedies so much more!!!

  11. Heard so much bad about Dolittle. Poor thing. Glad Bad Boys 3 is soaring high. Thanks for another Movie Math, Grace.

  12. Yeah the end of a series dont worse than a spin off (Rogue One) and TheJunk movie TLJ.. yeah it got 1 billion but did end on a bang.

  13. Just wanna say that just because a movie makes a billion doesn't make it a good movie. Plenty of bad movies make it to a billion or close to it.

  14. "Gone Quiet"? You don't watch Clownfish TV; Geeks + Gamers; Odin's Movie Blog; The Quartering;  That Star Wars Girl; Nerdrotic.. at al. do you, Grace?!

  15. YouTubers stopped speaking negatively about Star Wars and Kathleen Kennedy after TROS hit $1B? They went silent? Grace, you must be living in another YouTube universe.

  16. I rewatched Bad Boys 1 & 2 on Netflix since I haven’t seen them in like 15 years to prepare for part 3. Bad boys for life was really good. Sony did a good job

  17. Best movie this weekend was Weathering With you… saw it during its fan event and we saw it again during its opening weekend.

  18. @3:42 – American Sniper shouldn't count as a January opening. It opened in 2014 in order to qualify for the 2015 Oscars, it only went wide in January. You wouldn't count Just Mercy or 1917 this year as January openings, neither should you count American Sniper.

    Just my thoughts. What do you think?

  19. Star Wars doing a billion is still good but diminishing returns is new for this franchise . If they do not pick up quality quick Star Wars will just do Star Trek numbers soon.

  20. I think the fact grace is looking at actors as being a draw is no longer the way to look at things. Fans do not go to movies cause of the actor any more. The movie is to spark our interest.

  21. The weirdest thing happened here in Chile with Star Wars. A cinema company it’s offering 2×1 tickets in IMAX screens.

  22. Disgusted with moviegoers for pushing nuStar Wars past a billion yet not really surprised. Expect more Disney garbage in the multiplex in a few years. Oh well, at least they didn't get my cash.

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