Box Office – Birds of Prey, Mulan, Black Widow, Wonder Woman 1984

in the wake of birds of praise
box-office implosion there has been a very unfortunate take away from fans and
haters alike and that’s that men don’t want to see
female led action movies and that women alone aren’t a strong enough audience to
support blockbuster movies I think they’re coming from people just being
incredibly disappointed in having an emotional over response to birds of prey
failing and not looking at the obvious reasons that have failed and that also I
think people are trying to scare and guilt people into seeing in its second
weekend I see a lot of shady tactics for trying to get the birds of prey box
office numbers up but again I broke down birds of prey in my box office report
this week there’s a link down below in the video description as to why it
didn’t work out so many reasons but here we’re gonna talk about female led action
movies in general where they’ve you know you know why how they need to be
constructed to work and what’s gonna happen the rest of this year because
it’s a big year for female led blockbusters let’s hope all right so now
first glance you might think right that these statements are correct right
because birds of prey is the latest female action flick to underperform or
downright fail at the box office and it would seem to be part of a disturbing
disappointing trend if you were just looking at it from the surface or not
taking even a few seconds to think about it alright because it’s a very obvious
and honest answers to what the problem is and that’s these films may be all
made the exact same mistake and that they failed to have strong supporting
male characters now I’m sure that many of you are appalled by that statement
and furiously typing down below why should female lead films need to
cater to men well male led films have been doing that since the beginning of
Hollywood because no single demographic can deliver blockbuster sized box-office
women of course can’t deliver on their own a blockbuster because they’re just
simply aren’t enough of them just like only men can’t deliver a buck a strong
box of blockbuster box office either and on that note every
single major franchise has had strong female characters in each movie
even bond has this Vaughn girls yet that is beginning to seem dated to audiences
and has is having an impact on the box office and now as Hollywood tries to
flip the script and have female characters drive these movies you need
to flip the entire formula I don’t see how people don’t understand something
that’s so obvious you need to flip the entire formula and have strong
supporting roles for men so they feel included just as for again not just
decades since Hollywood began female supporting roles in the past
strong female supporting roles have made women feel included now flipping the
whole script the whole formula is why trailblazing female life franchises like
alien and Hunger Games worked they had strong male supporting characters
especially in the first two alien movies which were the most successful and then
more recently Wonder Woman Captain Marvel and even the new Star Wars
trilogy did the same very important there are of course exceptions to
everything and here you have Lord of the Rings which has almost no female
characters it was very successful ah that’s almost like a fantasy war movie
though so I think that kind of works for that reason and then also the recent
Joker film Joker really didn’t have strong female roles either even though
they did try to play up Zazi beats and his mother not really in the movie but I
think Joker transcended that because of the mythology and the mental illness and
its larger message you know in terms of it really resonated with a lot of people
across the globe we saw it multiple times Dobby helped push it into the
billion dollar club and then I’m with all women films right now the first sex
in the city was a pop culture moment so it did particularly well and then you
have Kill Bill which was generally well-received perhaps due to Quentin
Tarantino’s very strong male energy behind the camera even though he well
sometimes he appears on on screen but he has such a strong presence in his movies
no matter what even when he’s not on screen although I have to add Kill Bill
was very low at the box-office very very low like that was like before I think
people pay close attention to box-office as they do now and Kill Bill couldn’t
even get to a hundred million the century mark which is really a mark that
shows a movie has even done moderately well at the box
office domestically now as I said 2020 is supposed to be a big year for women
in front of and behind the camera when it comes to blockbuster films Ana’s
birds-of-prey kicks things off with a big disappointment many are wondering
and are fearful if the whole damn year is going to be that big of a bummer so
let’s take a look and remember this is a business and the best thing in Hollywood
can do for these female led movies is to have them be successes
alright so Mulan like birds of prey Mulan is expected to have a much smaller
debut than other entries in its same franchise and I’d like to point out that
both those films have very strong male and female characters and on that note
Mulan has made many of the same mistakes that birds-of-prey has made and while
the original animated film featured strong supporting male characters and
not just strong supporting male characters but big male energy and I’d
like to point out they did not overshadow Mulan but both li Shang and
wushu have been cut from the live-action movie now to be fair Donnie freakin Yin
is in this new movie he’s fantastic and he’s a huge superstar she still has a
love interest this time a fellow soldier the same level as her not not above her
like Shang was and then yowling and chin Poe also returned but none of them have
been played up in the trailers really only Donnie Yen has made kind of an
appearance the rest of them really not at all
the new love interest did get a poster to his credit he looks super cool but
you know Disney has already released the final trailer for this movie so maybe
they could do some TV spots to play these characters up so they don’t have
the same problems at the box office the birds of prey I had I don’t know why
they would hide these characters they’re so great now next up Black Widow this
film has strong male supporting characters in place creatively it did
the work but marketing wise it’s not doing the work right they have not
really advertised them at all sure Scarlett Johansson Florence Pugh and
Rachel Weitz all look very cool in this new movie but David Harbor is a fan
favorite and he’s been in the trailers but not as much as I think he should be
especially post birds-of-prey he is a fan favorite actor and he’s playing a
very cool and interest character russia’s version of captain
america i can’t believe they’re doing red sun first some degree a taskmaster
isn’t getting nearly the spotlight that he should despite intense interest from
the fan base now some of you think taskmaster is actually rachel whites but
it’s OT fag manly and he hasn’t been shown at the trailers at all even as the
other character he’s playing to kind of I think throw you off right he was a
Comic Con it’s not a secret that he’s in the movie why isn’t even put in the
trailers Ray Winstone and William Hurt are also in the film and they should be
played up as well Black Widow has probably at least one
more trailer left to go and hopefully they fix this marketing mistake it has a
bit of a cushion that it’s part of the MCU but you don’t want to be one of the
ant-man’s of the MCU right it would be an ant-man and the wasp you want sure
that Black Widow needs to be another Captain Marvel which means it needs to
get into a billion dollar club or at least pretty darn close Wonder Woman
1984 this movie is in excellent shape just as the first one was thanks to
Chris Pines Steve Trevor and patty Jenkins and Warner Brothers know how
important it is as they brought him back from the dead for the sequel my dad
loved Wonder Woman not just because of Galka doubt he thought she was wonderful
but he really liked Pines Steve Trevor he could really relate to him and after
that movie he in fact became a huge Chris Pine fan watch I am I am I am the
knight from Jenkins and pine pine starring it’s very very good and my
family watched it because my dad loves Chris Pine so much from that movie and
you know and we were rewarded as they said it’s very good but I do not
underestimate with Chris Pine brought to that first film and I what I believe
he’ll bring to the second as well pines Trevor is truly Wonder Woman’s Lois Lane
but even better as he gets to be in on the action and this dynamic make no
mistake about it is what helps Wonder Woman stay at the front of the pack
success wise Pedro Pascal is also in one room in 1984 but I think you can’t just
it would be very bad if they only up the only strong male character in the movie
was the villain because that’s the mistake birds of prey mate I think birds
of prey felt and had male representation but it wasn’t it made them all the bad
guys now Eternals I’m including this film because it has an indie female
director and many strong female characters
but as you can see from this cast lineup and has the kind of balanced cast that
would make Thanos proud right it’s perfectly balanced dissolve things
should be and we’re talking not just in terms of gender but also ethnicity and
as Feige has promised sexuality well see how the movie does but from a business
perspective it’s beautifully constructed and then finally one division o fans are
chomping at the bit for this Disney Plus series or Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda will
finally get to be front and center and her most iconic comic book story will
finally be adapted for the small screen will also seek Monica Rambeau all grown
up very also very well known Marvel character
well kat dennings returns to the MCU and kathryn hahn is going to be in the cast
and is rumored to be playing Agatha Harkness and immortal which cool
character but again Paul Bettany’s vision is also front and center he’s in
the freaking title well Randall Park also returns we haven’t gotten a full
trailer for that and I’m sure they will play up all of those characters Wanda
envisions twin boys are also set to debut wicked one of the most famous
LGBTQ characters in comics he has powers similar to his mother and that his twin
brother speed who of course takes after Wanda’s dear departed our departed
brother Pietro so it would seem I think that Milan isn’t going to similarly
underperform to birds of prey unless they can fix the optics on that because
it’s shame because it does seem to be in the film itself and of course the
relationship with her father I think that’s all really beautiful but they
they’re not playing up enough I think Black Widow is in some danger we’ll see
but I think wonderful in 1984 eternals and Waterman Wanda vision are all in
very good shape business-wise and I think you’re poised to do much better or
it just do well at all at the box office after birds of prey bombed so what do
you think share your thoughts down below subscribe today and of course as always
you can check out some more videos right now

100 Replies to “Box Office – Birds of Prey, Mulan, Black Widow, Wonder Woman 1984

  1. I think they will do fine. Im going to see it this weekend. I don’t think this film was on many movie goers radars.

  2. Just binge watched the first two seasons of Netflix's "Lost In Space". That show has fantastic female leads in addition to competent male leads.

  3. Or, or maybe.. women just don't like action movies that tell them they have to be on top, maybe women like to be WITH men instead of above them, most women love men, we are cool.

  4. Unpopular opinion: I thought Kill Bill sucked. Not because of the female protagonist. Just because it was a crap story with wafer-thin characters. And I grew up loving martial-arts movies. They were my favourite genre of film at that time. I tried to get into the film multiple times, but I just couldn't.

  5. If disney were smart the would have done a promotion with Mc donolds where you get a card that lets you buy szechuan sauce with every movie ticket.

  6. I think David Harbour's looked good in the Black Widow trailers. His presence definitely appeals to me. He looks like he's going to bring a lot of heart to the film, and he seems to bring a lot of brute masculine physicality to his fight-scenes — which is just fun to watch.

  7. Watch black widow smash the box office as well as wonder woman. Birds of prey did poorly because suicide squad did poorly. Nothing to do with it gender.

  8. I loved Steve Trevor, too. I think he was an excellent male "Lois Lane". And his presence made it clear that Wonder Woman wasn't a man-bashing movie (even though it so easily could have been given the theme of the film).

  9. I think you make some great points Grace. On Mulan tho, I think it will do better than you think as it doesn't have the same 'all men bad' vibe Harley is reported to have

  10. I'm woman of color although the male thing is good argument my issues is the movie is designed to celebrate Margot Robbin she's only one who look good it the movie everybody else look like potato. It just ridiculous that nobody see this as argument. It not even made in subtle way it bluntly done. It tokenism Where is demographic number

  11. I am a man I love seeing female action movies
    In fact I am actually going to see birds of prey sometime this month
    I am also going to see black widow and she is one of my favourite heroes of all time.
    Same as Wonder Woman

  12. We dont care bout being included we just dont like that all female lead movies take down men and try to make us the bad guys. Male lead movies now a days dont bring down females.

  13. Female led movies where men are only the enemy don't represent equality. Movies where men and women work together as equals to achieve common goals do represent this, and will appeal to a greater audience.

  14. Men GET OVER not liking strong female movies. Men have to feel included? Ha. I get Grace's point but respectively disagree. These guys sound so sad staying home if they don't get their way, aren't dominant and saying Birds Of Prey actresses should have been sexier.. Nah shouldn't cater to that.

  15. I think Mulan's going to underperform because it doesn't look like a Disney movie. It looks like an epic, Asian martial-arts movie. But they've never been massively appealing to Western audiences. They should've included the songs at least. People love the songs. lol

  16. I am happy to watch female led (action) movies. But I would have to be a self-hating masochist to want watch ones that are hostile to men.

  17. I literally can't wait to see WW84! and Im a man, although the other ones, not so much, kind of emotionally turned off from Black Widow seeing as they killed her off in Endgame, gutted

  18. We're forgetting that many people go to the movies as couples. If there isn't, something for him and her, neither are going to go.

  19. All those others are going to destroy at the box office, Birds of prey is just a result of a shitty suicide squad wake.

    Has nothing to do with men not wanting to see these movies, I’m gonna watch all those other movies you listed with my son, we love Wonder Woman and Black Widow.

  20. Still, no Storm solo movie. She'll need to be in Black Panther to support her.
    Vixen's mythology needs REVAMPING. She's a street-level hero when she should be a Gods-level character. Give her the Wonder Woman treatment and let her amulet be from the Gods and have her tackling different religions, mythos/ ideology, spirituality because that's the sort of crisis of faith black people are having across the world. Introduce Yoruba Gods and real-life African folklore that Africans will instantly know and support.

  21. In the last fighting scene 4 women fighting against 50 plus men and not ONE of the women got hit…… Actually I think Rosie Perez got slammed up against the Wall 🙄. That was it though.

  22. I don't think black widow have nothing to worry about it doesn't fall in the same category as forgiving Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. They tried to make that into a woman's movie and a woman's only movie which is stupid. All the other movies you're talking about have no problem. Especially Wonder Woman has no problem because I went to watch Wonder Woman not because of Steve Trevor but because of Wonder Woman. Diana is why I went to watch Wonder Woman and going to watch it again. I don't need men in a movie for me to watch the movie. But I will not watch movies. That's just bashing men and treating us like we're some type of animal. and until these That is equality. Most people want to see. And stop trying to be a man and overpower the man. Then these movies are always going to fail.

  23. The WRITING to me is what is killing these movies, pile onto that producers with agendas and you've got a real Sh*t storm. No amount of advertising is gonna save a ship rigged to sink at the start. Love you Grace, cheers

  24. Grace,
    I agree with you on all of your points. However, I would just like to add that until this whole "coronavirus" issue in Asia is resolved…every movie will under perform globally. Every!!

  25. Don’t title it as Birds of prey if it’s 3/4 a Harley Quinn movie. Just call it Harley Quinn from the start. I think Black Widow and WW will be fine.

  26. Guys don't want this pure all women movies, dark fate, ghost busters, but maybe some of these movies are crap. And that's why there doing bad.

  27. absolutely agree grace, men need to be represented well for a strongers box office and not be excluded . Wonder Woman was a great example of men and women being lifted up. Girl power "we dont need no men" translates to ok…men wont go to the movies to watch it…sometimes..

  28. Men don’t want to watch female led films, two things, a majority of the audience who went to see birds of prey was male, and shall I bring up Wonder Woman or captain marvel

  29. Very interesting.. I think this is something that a lot of fans have been saying for years now, but Hollywood still hasn't really learned how to do target and balance properly.

    Grace do you think with the ncov epidemic in Asia particularly in China we could see these slumping even more throughout the year?

  30. You don’t need a gender breakdown. Just have good stories with all sorts of folk in them. It’s not hard and we don’t need to gender obsess.

  31. Female lead movies only fail when they actively shit all over men in their marketing and in the film itself. Just look at Ghostbusters 2018 and Charlie’s Angels

  32. Men don't want to watch movies where we are told we're P.O.S and unfortunately that's the way most of the movies that have bombed hard have been written/marketed that way. The same we It would be expected that women wouldn't want to go watch movies that have the themes they are P.O.S's

  33. I applauded you for this.
    It is the same reason you do not cater to male for a romantic movie. Sadly today, female movie also mean man bashing.
    Secondly bad movie is BAD no matter is play by a male, female or an animals.

  34. The real problem with Birds of Prey is it couldn't make anybody interested and the only ones who got interested and went to the movie, realised instantly it was a bad movie

  35. Not hate for BOP, but I am genuinely interested in Mulan, Black Widow and WW, BOP never held my interest at all. I'm not saying those three movies will not flop, I just believe their targeting a wider audience (very wide in fact).

  36. Joker resonated because it told a story that is agnostic to gender. It’s honestly not about gender. Make a story strong enough that puts gender in the irrelevant background.

  37. The male/female audience is not why Birds of Prey failed. The trailers weren't great, the movie wasn't great and unlike all of these other releases this year, it didn't have a big audience to begin with, unlike Marvel, whose fans will go see anything they make

  38. As a man myself I don’t care about if there’s any male character in BW. If I wanna see strong male characters I just watch endgame. BW is fucking dead, let her have a real solo movie, not something Captain America 4 black widow in the background.

  39. It's simple stop having alternative motives and concentrate on entertainment.
    STOP with the MEN bad and WOMEN good propaganda then maybe "if" the movie is good, people will go watch it.

  40. I am only looking forward to "Wonderwoman1984". The rest "Mulan, Birds of Prey, Black Widow… I am not that excited about.

  41. Always admired grace she is a fantastic YouTuber!! I’ve decided to give it a try. Vlogs and movie reviews coming. Why not subscribe because then you could at least watch me crash and burn 😂😂😊

  42. All this female or male in movies it’s a bunch of nonsense, the real problem with Birds of Prey was the shitty marketing, and those HORRIBLE trailers !!

  43. Black Widow program is all about women killing each other if I remember her background history correctly, and from the trailer not only taskmaster but a group of women are trying to kill her. That’s why I am interested in how this movie will perform.

  44. I only want to watch Mulan because of Donny Yen. The actress playing Mulan is very beautiful and a good actress, but I have already seen Mulan played by a stronger female lead (the Chinese live action of Mulan some years ago).

  45. Strong supporting roles for females in male-led movies were not meant only, nor mainly, for representation. They were there mainly because males likes females, and vice-versa.
    That's why, IE, many successful action videogames, played mainly by males, have a female protagonist (Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Metroid…), or Chun-Li is the most played character in Street Fighter II. And that's why most chick flics sport at least one good-looking male.
    That's why BOP had be seen by a 53% of males so far. For them, the fact that there is at least some good looking women on screen (even if they tried hard to not make them seem good looking) is at least a reedeming quality. Since women are not subject to the same fascination, for them the film sucks more than for men.

  46. Lord of the rings (and def the Hobbit) had some great female characters, it wasn't just men! "i am no man!" and Evangeline Lilly especially

  47. To be honest, I'd watch a Wonder Woman movie even without any supporting male characters like Chris Pine's Steve Trevor. Heck, I watched Xena a lot back in the day and it mostly revolved around two female leads with an episode here and there with Joxer and Bruce Campbell's Autolycus. Somehow that show managed to be empowering, entertaining, fun and awesome.

  48. This "men don't want to watch women" thing is total BS. The only people who DID see BoP were men. If anything it's women letting women down

  49. 1. The R-rating without any actual hard gore or violence meant it wasn’t needed.
    2. This was the Margot Robbie show- the other actresses weren’t given enough screen or trailer time.
    3. Lacklustre trailer & teasers
    4. Poison Ivy

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