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  1. Black actors not being popular in China is a myth. https://www.metro.us/entertainment/movies/chadwick-boseman-african-american-actors-overseas

  2. I go to the movies typically every Monday night. Couldn't go tonight because there is absolutely nothing on!! Everyone is afraid to release a film two weeks ahead of freakin' Star Wars. 🙁 No money from me today.

  3. Grace, I believe Coco and all other Disney movies have been banned from awards contention from many critics groups due to Disney’s decision to blacklist LA times. Participating groups in the ban include LAFC and NYFCC. So essentially no movie “beat” Coco. I can see this hurting it’s Oscar chances. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  4. Sure, $567 million is low for a team movie like JL, but come on, Grace: $500+ million is nothing to shake one's head over.
    You mentioned the clickbait nature of the DCEU headlines; since you posted videos days before the wide release of JL, shouldn't you be counting your own content as clickbait? Sure, certain scenes and movie info had leaked, but that doesn't mean you have to report on those things right away. Also, talking about those scenes involving WW were also in spoiler/clickbait territory.
    I'm looking forward to Black Panther, especially after seeing that last trailer and rewatching Cap America: Civil War.

  5. So audiences reject Universals monster universe and its a sign that their movies are bad (they were mummy and dracula were bad) but if its dceu thing its not a sign of bad movies its a sign of a large conspiracy at hand

  6. Nice video Grace! As always 😉
    I went to watch JL again last weekend, bringing my niece this time. And also I watched Murder on the Orient Express. I think would just wait for Star Wars after this. And I hope Shape of Water would be released in my country, been excited to watch it since I watched the trailer.

  7. You really don't get why people aren't too keen to see Coco, Grace? Small children are spooked by skeletons- or at least their parents worry that they'll be freaked out. And then constantly being reminded of death…in a kids movie? That's effete up- you save the death for the climax of a Disney movie, like Snow White

  8. Coco is yet to open in Japan, Korea, UK…so don't count the chickens yet. Also I don't see how an animated movie that out competed one of the biggest blockbusters of the year in Justice League can be called a disappointment?

  9. I was wondering how did the Blade series did in China, maybe that can tell a little about how Black Panther can do?

  10. I get the doubt, but Black Panther will do great in the domestic and foreign box office; especially that it's a Marvel movie

  11. Grace, you mentioned Shape of Water was the 2nd highest theater avg in the specialty market after CMBYN. Didn’t Lady Bird get $91k/theater avg, making SoW 3rd highest?

  12. Why do you always feel the need to bring race in every single video Grace? 🤔
    I for example enjoy an actor's performance without even thinking about their skin colour.

  13. Riding hot on the wave of the Infinity War trailer, Black Panther will do fine. I expect it to come in with figures slightly better than Doctor Strange with better domestic numbers than international.

  14. Black Panther is going to over perform simply because it is the last film leading into Infinity War. Just think how many people are going to go see it just to see the tie-in let alone the plethora of Black Panther fans.

  15. Coco was a great movie. I feeling that movie from the beginning. I was only annoyed by the frozen 30 minute movie thing. I was ready to.throw.my shoe.at the screen. Like damn is it coco or frozen

  16. I work at a school and a lot of schools around the country have been doing field trips to see wonder and that might have impacted the high box office

  17. What about the case of Wolf Worrior 2 that is about chineses in Africa? It maybe changes some diversity issue in China, or maybe not. I hope Black Panther does well everywhere, but is a brave bet for Marvel.

  18. I think one of the ways in which the JL movie failed is that it completely failed to bring in the Wonder Woman audience. Indeed, it was worse than that – the movie went out of its way to humiliate and depower Wonder Woman, letting her get smashed into the ground (literally) by Superman. One of the stories that the mainstream media just has not caught onto here is how much the DCEU has depowered Wonder Woman from what she is in the comics, an apparent case of blatant sexism. But if you were a woman or child who felt empowered by the Wonder Woman movie, there is nothing that JL offers you of the character that would restore or appeal to that good feeling. Instead, we get a WW who is humiliated, depowered, constantly objectified and attacked for, apparently, sulking for the past 100 years by a guy in a bat costume with a serious case of arrested development. Yes, that is DC playing to its strengths.

  19. I don't understand this logic of everyone wanting to be represented by Hollywood. Maybe it's just a thing in United States. I'm chilean and I never even thougth about having a chilean in a movie being a reason to watch it. I just don't give a shit. I just want to watch good movies.

    In the case of China I think they just like a light plot, tons of explosions, action and humor. Basically a popcorn movie. That's why Fast and Furious movies do so well there… no for the "asian factor".

    Hell if anything when I watch a blockbuster movie from US I like to watch something completely different from my own culture. For "representation" I already have chilean movies.

  20. It's sad because the DCEU has some good ideas, they just execute them poorly TT^TT Case in point Justice Legue, so much potential, yet badly put together.

  21. I think Coco is an excellent idea for a movie. I love the fact that the movie revolves around the Day of the Dead. And I'm not Hispanic I just think it's an excellent idea for a children's movie from what I've seen of it. But I would have been much more motivated to see Coco with my children around Halloween time. Because in late November all through December my kids want to see Christmas movies I don't want to see how they want to see Halloween movies in the month of October and we usually do Pixar and Disney really missed the mark on when to release cocoa in the United States

  22. The films premise could come accross as lacking in novelty. Some people might be put off, as a first superficial glance at Coco might suggest a Tim Burton rehash. Also the whole happy corpse Day of the Dead topic has become very much clicheed in itself, which might prevent interest in the film for some… Just trying to point out that latino-centricity might not be the main reason for Coco underperforming.

  23. When my hispanic/white dad is saying that Black Panther looks to be the best MCU movie yet, and he didn't even know who he was before Civil War, it makes me not so worried for Black Panther's box office.

  24. Y does Americans expect China to embrace diverse movies when America doesn’t even embrace Asians in movies. Even though it seems like China is embracing more diverse movies then America.

  25. All this representation stuff is just an American thing. Imagine if America had as many countries as the EU. HEY France! Your movies don't represent the UK, or the Spanish! Represent everyone on everything! Creating a cultural mush yaaaaaaaaay progress…………………

  26. As a chinese,I think the point is the movies must be easy to understand,but also have some connotations.If black panther can tell a good story,and be HAPPY same time,it will be success in China.
    P.S:sry for my poor english…

  27. Zootopia is one of the best Pixar movies out there. They could've done something different for the Mexican Pixar movie in order to appeal to more people. Maybe something Aztec related.

  28. Coco was released in Mexico a month before it was in US theaters. It's very possible that most of the potential audience already saw a pirated DVD of the movie ripped off from the premier in Mexico.

  29. Its not like Latinos havent been represented in films for while now. Same with black films. Black Panther is hardly the first black lead film to crossover and be popular with white audiences. The hyperbole here is killing me.

  30. I want to see Coco because the reviews say its good, but the trailer did nothing for me. It just looked bland and soppy.

  31. If it doesn't do well in China, it still has the other 6(england, brazil, japan, south korea, australia & mexico) Markets to make its money.

  32. Watched Justice League… Was not good at all. Not funny and the plot line is full of whole (since one hour of film is missing) and the bad guy was forgettable…

  33. It'll be interesting to see how well Black Panther is going to do in South Korea. Given how the South Korean community was terrorized in the 1992 L.A. Riots by the Black community.

  34. So Grace is there something wrong with the light in this video or what, since your eyes looks like the eyes from the host (2013 sci-fi rom movie)

  35. Wow, Zootopia almost made as much money in China as Frozen did in Japan (obviously Japan can be a major market if it wants to be), quite some numbers there.

    When it comes to Black Superheroes, only counting Marvel properties, I'd be more likely to watch a Falcon, War Machine, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Storm, Blade or Luke Cage movie than a Black Panther movie, just because I never thought him to be particularly interesting or cool.

  36. One of the reasons I have not been excited to see coco is that the advertising in Canada towards me has almost been non existent and the one or two previews I've seen have been very short clips that made it look very very similar to Book of Life.

  37. Let's be honest… CoCo did not do so well because of the Frozen short haha. I love Frozen but a 30 min short before seeing the movie I payed for was a turn off.

  38. Black Panther isn't a diverse film. It's a black film. Overwhelmingly so. That's what makes it way more interesting to see how it does in China. Diverse films, like The Fast & Furious films, are already smash hits in China.

  39. Audio needs improvement. Sudden loud bursts aren't pleasant. Also, DCEU deserves all the anger it is getting. Snyder and Warner did not respect the fans or the original material

  40. I m Chinese. I think why Coco do well in China is that the movie is about its view on family, which is very similar to Chinese traditional value about family. And we do have national festival especially for family members who are gone, visiting the graves and do some memorial thinks.

  41. Star Wars won't be released in China until Jan. 5th. SAD. Like every other country is releasing it in December. I'm living in China so I care haha. However I saw Coco last night and everyone loved it. Girls were singing the songs afterward. My student I went with even preferred Coco to Beauty and the Beast, which was also popular in China.

    My student I saw Coco with said that she heard about it from a friend. Her friend saw both Justice League and Coco and said that Coco was better.

  42. For anyone who revisit this video, Coco just passed the total take for Justice League ($!03 mil) and Thor: Ragnarok ($112 mil) with $129 mil in China.

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