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  2. Can’t watch the whole video. I knew that in some middle age country women are still treated like a possession and have no rights. Women need to fight for their rights. It’s just a matter of time. In western world, our grand-grand-grand-mother did the feminist revolution so all the next generation of women can live freely. It’s just unbelievable that women can accept to be treated that way. We always have the choice to refuse. I can understand they don’t have a lot of options as they keep woman under educated and has probably no civil rights. In those conditions, i rather kill myself than hopping i will marry a good man because my entire life happiness and wealthyness are depending on that man. I’m canadian and i was teach by my parents and by school that our country and society believe in gender equality. Women has rights and they contribute to our society. Women are just another human being and should have the same rights than men. I only have a son and this what, my husband and i, teaching him.

  3. People i've been to Bulgaria and the locals are not like this , in fact i really liked them .The Roma are some sort of a minority and have their own separate community.

  4. Not bad if she is saving her virginity and waiting orders of her parent, but the bad thing is bride to sale and take to market like animal, wait at home until the groom come home and ask the parent to marry their daughter.

  5. Maria is a teenager girl isn't she ?
    She has to go to school rather than marriage.
    Life is too long. Because Roma girls need education.

  6. Just saying this isn’t an ethnic ‘Bulgarian’ tradition (Bulgarians don’t actually do this,) this is coming from a person who was born in Bulgaria

  7. I come from Poland where for 30 years of my life I did not see working Roma gipsy, they used to steal and lately moved on to western Europe where they get good benefits, thank you Youtube for this opportunity.

  8. What a bunch of unwashed gypsies….Fascinating how they get away with their human trafficking.
    Just the most despicable people in Europe.
    I feel sorry for the few among them who arent lazy stealing crooks.


  10. #ADOS: All the dresses in here are too small, you are as wide as a house!! LMAO!! An American woman would have punched the hell out of him the moment he said that!! ROTFL!!

  11. Yes preserve your culuture and tradition.There is nothing wrong with this culture. The girls are more happier and respectful. The kind of dowry is still prevelant and practiced in every tribal villages or republics. Some bride's family accept such gifts while some don't necessarily accept them depending on mutual understanding between the two families involved. Don't ruin it with western lifestyles. Preserve it though some are of course needed to be restructured but not entirely to bring the idea of a western family that would have a sad impact in the long run.

  12. They gave up communism to sell of women to the highest bidder!

    What a disaster.

    But if a BMW makes up for selling your daughter then you are lost to capitalism.

  13. I Really. Really Love This Video.!!! Check Out Dr Ben Jochanna. Dr.Kwesi. IAM SAI. Young Pharaoh. The General Sara Suten Seti 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  14. These American girls got it made over here. Too bad many here lose their virginity at 13-16. Wish they would hold it here for longer polluted here. Makes me wanna drive to pick up a clean girl.shed have it completely made if all she was just loyal. I have more to say on this but dont wanna make it to long here.

  15. Thanks very much more than this so good idea but you so much more than this to Bulgaria so sweet 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  16. human trafficking and racism…why did EU let this country in? shouldn´t memberstates get their shit together before joining?

  17. I watched…I love this…I love the Kalachi community culture and their traditions…love you Kalachi community again love from Hyderabad ( Telangana State,India)

  18. The so called "royals" have done the same crap forever, then the so called "higher" and "middle classes" try to adopt the same slavery. The things people do for money

  19. "Modern"?
    Definetly not modern enough for the girls to say "f*ck no, I'm not cattle for anyone to buy or sell"

    It's sad that some people is stucked in these "traditions"….

    And only one son, wonder how many daughters he sold to afford his Mercedes…..

  20. It's unemployment and poverty which keeps us locked in such traditions. In India you will find this very common , although there are not markets like this but grooms are still sold. Dowry is to be paid by bride's father to groom.

  21. These are the type of people who will be left further, and further behind in the modern world. Frankly, they deserve it with such stupid customs.

  22. Gypsies have roots in india. Look how women lives here. It is basicaly the same. They have to obey their husband/father/brother no matter what. This is a normal life for them, at least until the internet came to take place. Now they see that woman can have a rights too, so time will show if they will be able to step up and change their lives

  23. "Rightwing biker gang." How does one measure rightwing besides the belief in owning private property, like their Mercedes? So the Kalachi are communists? Not sure what to make of your comments. RW usually follows tradition also, and these folks have a beautiful tradition and should keep it no matter what the gang is all about.

  24. Using he term "Roma" for these Gypsy people is not right. They are Gypsies and this is the way they must be called. Roma? No, absolutely not because there is only one Roma and is the capital of Italy.

  25. I remember when i had to go ask for a girl in my country lol. Her dad was like i want you to provide me 13 cows for my dauther, so i bought a one way ticket to America.

  26. I thought this documentary was about the women in a marriage Market it seems like that's only a part of this show

  27. Can I return it back if I don't like it no what am I gonna do with a popped item don't worry you'll resale it nooo that is out of our book kemal sunal film Turkish loooool

  28. He has to pay for the bride? How much does he have to pay for them to take her back? It's his family has that much money he may want to check out some girls from around the world. Just take a look at her mother and you'll know exactly what his future holds in store for him.

  29. I do not care if he is a grown man or not! I am not sitting I'm the back seat while my son sits I'm the front, no ma'am!

  30. What is the root meaning of kalaidhzi…if it's of Indian the nearest I can think of is " kalai" is tinning of brass done by tin Smiths

  31. I hate to admit it, but I have thought about bringing a girl to the USA, just because American women expect too much out of men here, it is really hard these days to meet an American woman and be happy with her!
    So I guess that's sort of 'shopping for a bride' itself, but I am good to women, have always respected them and never mistreated them, and I see how bad some women have it elsewhere in the world, and realize they'd probably be grateful to have someone like me.
    Say what you want, but what I say is true. I've asked a lot of foreign-born guys about this, and they say that's exactly the 'problem', American women aren't really worth all the bs.
    So working on that plan, just so I can have some happiness in my life, and maybe she also 🙂

  32. I want bride from bolivia.They look nice. They are not too white like inner european girls nor brown like south Americans. They are beautiful. I am 40 and single. I am an Indian living in thailand.

  33. It is easy to find cultural differences and critic those, which are not modernized. But as long as they are happy with their traditional, it's cruel to judge them and try to eencourage them to a modern costumes and behaviour.

    Are we, as a modern society, happy with our current situation?!

  34. I have 3 children and I am as much of a virgin as thin chick is. what a dumb belief that women are judged by their virginity.

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