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– Hi. I’m Abby McEnany. Uh-oh, walking mess. OK. Hi, I’m Abby McEnany. I’m a long-time Chicago
improviser, first-time show creator, writer and actor. “Work in Progress” is a
very autobiographical show. I’m pretty hypocritical, because
I’m a really private person. And then I created this
show that’s basically a wide-open thing about me. You did not kill
your therapist. I’m pretty sure I did. Are you fucking kidding me? Oh, slat it. 4A, take one. I’m a total novice
at all of this stuff. You’re going to untuck just
the very front of your shirt. Let me just– not to be here, OK? Down the–
– No, we’re not doing all that. – Oh, we’re not.
– Just an interview. We’re just going to clip it on. Wow, so this is really
inappropriate, though. It’s my first time
on any set at all. That’s a boom,
and sometimes they have these different things
on ’em and I’m not sure why. That’s the puffy one. So far, this is going great. I know that you’re
supposed to say copy when people say stuff to you. Copy, instead of OK. RADIO VOICE: Copy. I’ll bet that, that’s what
copy means. l learned that. You know what
10-1 means, Abby? Call the cops? He’s my assistant. I have an assistant. What? He’s a teamster
and I love unions. Let me go tell her. All right. Am I supposed to
look in that again? MAN: Your flashlight’s on. Oh, it is? Classic. Technology is hard. Not because I’m a woman,
it’s because I’m an idiot. Peace. Behind the scenes, in
front of the scenes, we’re really, really
trying to do it right. Everything makes me
anxious and afraid. I’ve just always been terrified
about what’s wrong with me. This is really brave. Yeah, I’m fucking learning,
like I still am learning, you know? Thank you guys so
much, and we can’t wait for you to see “Work in
Progress,” debuting December 8. Buckle up, assholes.
Oh, I’m sorry. That’s a term of endearment. You’re not assholes.

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