Building An Amazon Business

I’m just off to Australia to speak to a bunch of
200 Amazon entrepreneurs, and I’m going to talk to them about being everywhere online, and why it’s so important for them to build a personal brand. A lot of people who
are attracted to Amazon entrepreneurship are
quite mechanicky types, I think is the best way to describe them. People who are very good at detail because you have to be, to be successful on Amazon. And so, the problem with
those kind of people is they’re generally speaking, not very keen to get
in front of the camera. And so, they’ll be a good
proportion of the 200 audience who won’t want to do the be
everywhere online system, and who won’t want to get
in front of the camera. So what would I give them
as advise for if they think they’ve got a
face for radio instead? I would say for them to
start a podcast instead because if you don’t want to
sit in front of the camera and talk to the cameras,
as if it’s one person, your best friend, like I can, then the best way to go
is to have a podcast. Now if you’ve got a
product or service that’s quite boring, some people come up to me and tell me their product or service is quite boring, then how can you make
a podcast out of that? Well, you can interview people who your ideal customer or client would be interested in hearing from, and it doesn’t have to be all
about you and your product and service at all. I know someone who is an accountant, who has accounting software, and who works with people online on their accounts bookkeeping. And they run a very successful podcast by interviewing the kind of people that their ideal client would be interested in. So if you don’t have a face for TV, but you might have a face for radio, then that’s the way to go. Start a podcast. (slow instrumental music)

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