Building Business Around Town with Steve Groetsema

Associated has been one of our most
active lenders since 2011. And when, you guys may not recall, but 2008-2009-2010 weren’t very fun times for industrial developers there. In 2011, when the market started coming back, Associated was the first one to sidle up alongside us and support us with what we were doing. It’s easy to see these buildings once they’re up and say, “Okay, that’s an obvious industrial site,” or, “That’s an area where there’s going to be a lot of demand.” But on the front end, these aren’t easy deals. And, quite frankly, we’re sending them loan requests that are the most expensive buildings in the market, without a tenant lined up in demand, and a lot of times before we could even
start construction, we’re remediating some environmental condition, or demoing a building, not knowing exactly what’s on the inside of it. So there’s a great amount of trust that needs to go in from our lenders, and Associated has always been the best in the business for trusting us and being right there, supporting us.

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