Business of Craft Beer

What’s the most interesting thing about this program? Well I think the answer is rather self-evident. We’ve always been interested in beer
and we already make our own beer, but we want to delve into it a little bit further and possibly, at some point, have our own brewery. And this being The Business of Brewing,
starting with this class is the perfect place for us to start. I’m looking forward to Dr. Bill in the first one.
I met him a couple times out at Stone. I know the guy is just super sharp. So much fun!
She was star-struck when she first saw Bill. I was, because we already knew about him a little bit, but knowing that we were going to have him
as a teacher and learn from him directly was very exciting!
It is very exciting to really be around him and get his knowledge and get his enthusiasm for the class. If they have been a beer aficionado for a long time I want to see, a new flame lit.
I want to see them even more passionate, and reinvigorated. If they are coming in not knowing much about craft beer,
I want us to have people that will help spread the word and the love of craft beer across not only San Diego, but across the country. Dr. Bill is obviously a beer genius he knows everything there is to know. I’m kind of in awe when I listen to him talk. He’s great. He knows it all. He gives us the tools to you know take what we are learning here in this three-hour class really out to San Diego and beyond. The beer tasting is really awesome because it gets us into outside of just drinking a beer really thinking about the beer where it comes from, how it’s made, how should be drank, and the feeling that you should have when you are drinking the beer. The people who are best suited to benefit from this program are those who have decided that craft beer is for them. I really like the size of the class. I think that it perfect, it is intimate, but yet there’s a lot of people in there that are from
the home brewers’ background people that don’t home brew,
but would like to get into it, but also people that are even in the industry and so I think learning those people as well as learning Dr. Sysak is giving us a really good rounded view of the industry itself.
And it is nice to interact with other brewers so you can bounce some ideas off each other,
find out what they are brewing, what they’ve done, and learn form each other. so just having the ability to not only go through these different courses and meeting professionals that are in the local area will help them with future job considerations, and it’ll help them build the tools that they need whether they want to move to another area or not because they’re gonna have the certificate under their belt. I’m looking forward to seeing who the other instructors are down the road and developing a rapport with them.
Hopefully, it will last for some time to come after the classes are over. I really that about the program.
To break into the industry and learn from industry insiders. I haven’t met one person that has a frown on their face that’s in the industry. I have not meet one person that doesn’t enjoy their job,
or their career, or their path that they’ve even stumbled upon. We’ve been home for like for like five years, so we’ve always wondered going on, OK so how can we upscale this? How can we actually maybe make some money off of this hobby? So we saw the program and said,
oh we definitely have to sign up for that. I’m an analyst now and I would love to do something, kind of of in operations or marketing
in the craft beer industry once I graduate. San Diego’s craft brewing scene is now now renowned across the world. People are looking to us of for inspiration, for direction, and for great beer of course! Absolutely, I mean a see the industry growing,
and I would love to be part of a growing industry. Some of the new trends in the industry that I’m seeing
is that a lot of home brewers are starting to open up breweries. When you get to know other people in the industry, other people who are rising in the industry,
that gives you a chance to be connected and find opportunities that you might not have found otherwise. There’s real hands-on experience that goes beyond just reading about it and they’re gonna be out there really experiencing and seeing it in-depth. Going behind the scenes and learning a lot about what it is to run a brewery or to work at one. Where as some of us just started out cold turkey
and jumped in with no experience at all. And I think if we had known what we know know would we do it? I think it gives them that extra depth of knowledge start with. You’ve got to get your education. You’ve got to get that foundation, then we get this. You get to do this.
You get to share it with other people who are as passionate about your work as you are.
It’s a great reward! And now I’m enlightened you know. So, I hope to see you guys there.
Cheers! Cheers!

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  1. Looking forward to teaching Brewery Startup 2: The Business Plan:

  2. I would absolutely love to join this program, unfortunately financial aid doesn't cover the classes. I'll find some way to save up though and enroll asap.

  3. definitely on my bucket (study) list, don't have the time and money for now. I'll enroll next summer for sure. 🙂

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